Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Volkswagen jetta 97 overheats how to change thermostat?

My volkswagen Jetta 1997 overheats and fan does not come on. I want to change the thermostat. Is it hard. Where do find it under the hood? Is it hard to do this? Can I get a manual on the internet that shows me how? ThanksVolkswagen jetta 97 overheats how to change thermostat?
I would suggest that before you start looking ar replacing the thermostat, that you try and isolate the problem.

a. You mention the fan does not come on. - Have you checked the fuse for the fan.

b. Have you checked if the fan motor is functional. - This is easily done by applying 12 v from the battery directly onto the fan motor leads. (you do not have to worry about which is positive or negative for this test.)

c. Are you sure that the sensor unit to switch on the fans is working. Generally found at bottom of radiator. I while back I was puzzled with exactly the same problem. Changed thermostat, checked if fans worked by supplying power directly to them, only to discover it was the sensor unit not working. Did not switch on as temperature rose.

After checking the above three items I would then do the following checks

1. Is V- belt driving pump not loose and slipping.

2. Check in vicinity of pump if there are a few drips of coolant dripping under the pump it is likely the pump but remember the coolant may not make it to the ground.

for following tests engine must be warm - so make sure the top radiator hose gets warm after 5 minutes

3. Pump impeller that may have sheared. To check if pump is operating, take of radiator cap and run car for a while, you should be able to see water circulating (movement of water (will not occur while engine is cold as thermostat stops flow). - if you can move the throttle with you hand under the hood, cables running to a connector on springs when you hit the throttle is should suck the fluid down with the radiator cap off.

4. Thermostat not opening - as above, but no indication of water movement even when engine is hot


Note sometimes difficult to distinguish between last two.

..Volkswagen jetta 97 overheats how to change thermostat?
There is hose that goes from top of radiator on front driver side ,follow that hose ,its about foot long,and connects to plastic housing,that has2 screws on it connected on engine,you will have to take the clamp of the hose and unscrew those 2 screws ,under plastic/thermostat housing is thermostat,and same way you take thermostat off put new one in and clamp the hoses.and your done.

And yes look on e-bay for vw manuel/repair book
yeah, we need to know what motor you have. if its the two liter, its a real total bee-otch. if its a vr its a little easier.
What engine? You may have a water pump issue. Try giving us as much info as you can.
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