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Can anyone give detailed instuctions on how to chage a thermostat or give a link?

I have a 2003 chevrolet impala 3.4L V6 and I am having a problem with the engine temp right now and need to change the thermostat.I heard it is pretty simple to where I do not need to go to a mechanic. If someone could please post the instuctions or post a link to where I can find (free) repair instuctions I would greatly appreciate it.Can anyone give detailed instuctions on how to chage a thermostat or give a link?
Buy either a Chilton or a Haynes repair book for your vehicle and it tells how to do it.

1. Raise the hood.

2. Look at your engine.

3. Underneath the intake manifold there is a triangular piece of metal that has 3 bolts that connects it to the other piece of metal and it has a black hose coming out of it.

4. Remove the hose and tuck it out of the way before you do anything.

5. Take the 3 bolts out of this triangular piece of metal.

6. When you remove this piece the thermostat should just fall right out of the whole that was behind the triangular piece of metal.

7. Insert the new thermostat where the old one was.

8. Hold the triangular piece with one hand while starting the first bolt with your hand.

9. Once the first bolt is started start the other 2 bolts.

10. Now tighten all the bolts.

11. Put the hose back on.

12. Crank the vehicle to make sure everthing is running ok.Can anyone give detailed instuctions on how to chage a thermostat or give a link?

It is very simple job!!
get a book about your car at the auto part store and it will tell you step by step good luck
if you r gona b working on your car get a shop manual from advance/autozone/o'reilly parts store...u will learn a lot abt ur car...even if u don't do the work urself u can keep the mechanic honest...
See if Haynes or Chilton has any info online. Both are reputable sources for car repair info. Also, your local library might have these in stock.
just follow the top hose line from your radiator to your engine. it will lead you to the thermostat housing.. undo the hose from the housing and then take the 3 boltz out of the housing unit. and lift it off. inside you will find your thermostat.

To check to see if it is working properly or not before replacing it. you can stick in in a pan of boiling water and see if it opens like it should. if it doesnt then replace. if it opens. then that is not your problem. Also make sure that you are using the right kiind of antifreeze. some cars take a different type and if you use the regular antifreeze that is green, you can ruin your engine. That too will cause your overheating problems if you use the wrongkind. then you will have to burp it and all kinds of fun stuff to fix it. check your owners manual or it should tell ya on the radiator.

If you find that it is your thermostat. replace it where the other one was at in the same direction. and then you have to have some sealant that you put around the housing along with the gasket that comes with it. make sure that you have a real tight seal when you put the housing back on the motor and then tighten down the housing and then put back on the radioator hose and tighten. That simple. Good luck!

And just because I am female, don't mean I dont know how to do mechanics. I repaired my 78 chevy truck myself for 5 years. I miss my truck
1. Thoroughly clean the thermostat housing.

2. Remove the bolts holding the top cover.

3. Remove the old thermostat.

4. Clean the housing of any residual gasket pieces or sealant.

5. Replace the new thermostat. Use the correct gasket and approved sealing compound.

6. Replace and tighten the bolts.

7. Start engine and check for leaks.

Good luck

As a general rule, if you follow the top hose from the radiator you will find the thermostat housing at the other end. It will be dome shaped and held down by three bolts.

Before you do anything, turn the heater control FULLY ONTO HOT, to minimise the chance of an airlock, remembering that if it is electrically controlled, you may need to switch on the ignition to power the heater control, and then switch it back off after the adjustment.

Before you undo the bolts, pull the bottom hose from the radiator and drain the cooling system down by about half in order that the level falls lower than the thermostat, then refit the bottom hose.

Remove the three bolts, remove the old thermostat, clean the mating surfaces, fit the new thermostat with the supplied new seal, and refit the thermostat housing with a new gasket.

Next you must top up the cooling system again with a mixture of antifreeze and water (preferably de-ionised water) as follows:-

Top up the coolant to the max level, and with the coolant cap still removed, run the engine until the fan comes on.

Whilst the engine is running, keep a close eye on the coolant level as it may go down slightly, if so, top it back up. Look for leaks around the thermostat housing and hose, and around the radiator bottom hose.

Once the cooling fan has been on once or twice, switch off the engine and replace the coolant cap.

Job done!

Very best regards

well i dont know of any free instructions but i would buy a repair manual from hanyes or something like that it teaches you alot about your car and performing repairs on it but remember GM recommends a fluid flush and fill when replacing the thermostat

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