Friday, November 19, 2010

What to change my thermostat from manual to digital?

new thermostat has for 6 wire as follows: G, RC, RH, Y, W and my old one has 7 wires as follows: W2 white, Y yellow, G Green, E brown, R red, O yellow and C blue. How can i know which one goes whereWhat to change my thermostat from manual to digital?
Green is fan inside, white is heat w and w2, rc and c are the same they are common, y is air conditioning turns on the compressor for a/c mode, E is emergency heat Red is the hot wire 24 volts it won't hurt if you touch it, O is orange for reversing valve in the heat pump is the valve it you set for heat it slides one way if you set for a/c it goes the other way, you need a thermostat that has that or you heat pump won't work properly. Let me know if you need more help.What to change my thermostat from manual to digital?
your old is a heat pump stat, new is not you can not use if you a heat pump
To start off does your new thermostat have more wires other than G, RC, RH, Y, W ? Cause the old thermostat sounds like you have a heat pump? If so and the new thermostat has the O on it which is for the reversing vavle then just put the wires back color for color to the letter that you wrote and configure the thermostat for a heat pump, but i need more info to do you have heat pump or just electric heat or gas furnace to help with wires and configuration.
better off leaving the old manual one on

if the power goes out or fluctuates it will not work and will have to be reset
Go down to the furnace and find the wires they will be lettered at the furnace, Connect them on the new thermostat the same way.

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