Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to change a thermostat on a 98 honda passport?

digram of a thermostat on honda 98 passportHow to change a thermostat on a 98 honda passport?
Some quotes from

';...thermostat is right in front, under the coil packs and connected to the lower radiator hose by a ';chevy style'; water neck.

I know because I replaced it about 2 weeks ago during a cooling system service. The part was about $23.00 at the dealer. I get a discount there, so my cost was a few dollars less.

The coolant gauge was indicating halfway or better on the scale, now it goes up to about a third and stays there. The radiator hoses aren't nearly as hard with pressure as they used to be and the engine is much happier with adequate cooling.

When I was flushing the system, I couldn't run the engine with the radiator cap removed, the water would gush out like an erupting volcano. This was before I replaced the thermostat.

Another thing- the radiator's drain plug is located in a terrible position and is virtually useless. I ended up pulling the lower radiator hose to drain the water / flushing solution, this worked much better.';

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