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How do i re-fill my car radiator without getting any ait locks?

can anyone help? i have a 1998 ford escort 1.6 16v zetec and i need to change my thermostat, i have no problem doing that its just i know im going to get an air lock as soon as i loose water from the thermostat when i change it, i just need to find out how to re-fill my radiator without getting an air lock, can you please help???

thanksHow do i re-fill my car radiator without getting any ait locks?
after fitting thermostat fill radiator turn your heater to hot dont need blower on leave top off expansion tank and let the engine idle you will see the water rising as air is escaping keep topping water up until no more air comes out the main reason for air locks is because people forget to turn heater up to hot this stops the small radiator inside the car from filling.How do i re-fill my car radiator without getting any ait locks?
Run it up to Temperature with the water cap off

When its up there ';squeeze'; the water pipe below the rad so that the air bubbles come out in the opening of the water cap

When the bubbles stop and its just water coming to the surface then you've got rid of the air lock

Good luck
Fill it up, run it a while, and it should blow any air up to the top of the system, CAREFULLY..release the air by CAREFULLY removing the cap on the header tank, and then top up when it has cooled down a little.

Wiring a!?

I have a heat pump heating system and I decided to change my thermostat. My old thermostat had the yellow wire connected to both the yellow and white terminal. However, the new thermostat i bought only allows me to connect one wire to one terminal at a time, you can't wrap the wires around the terminals. So I could only connect the yellow wire to the yellow terminal but not the white terminal. Will I encounter any problems by doing this? How could I fix this? Is this dangerous?

Btw, The heating system is working fine.

Thanks for your help!Wiring a!?
You did good, the new thermostat is also of a newer design. It may look the same physically, but internally it's a little different.The yellow and white terminals are connected together in a manner that is not visible to the naked eye.Therefore eliminating the need to connect a wire to both terminals. The proper terminology is they are connected by a jumper.Wiring a!?
Yes, the directions should have several diagrams. If you're saying there's not a way to wrap the wire at all, you need to make a ';jumper wire';, which is a short piece that will connect your white and yellow terminals together. Just take a short piece of that wire and expose the metal on both ends by about 1/4 inch. And no, this is not dangerous. The controls operate at a relatively low voltage (24v), so you shouldn't be able to electrocute yourself. Good luck!

Question about my thermostat?

Ok I've have an engine light on for quite some time. Now the last time I checked it was telling me the problem was possibly the evap canister, or hose, purge or vent solenoid, or vacuum leak at engine. I was aware of that. Now I just did a coolant change and I accidentally got the green antifreeze for my car. Now it is able to use that kind as well even though the '; dex cool '; type is better. Now we didn't drain the engine antifreeze. And I'm getting a trouble code that my antifreeze is always cold. My question is could it be that because I didn't drain the coolant left in the engine, I have too much coolant in the system? I added 8 quarts and their is a 10 quart capacity. The question is how much of that goes into the engine? Because if a lot of it does, I know my system has too much coolant. Or could it be the slight mixing of the coolant is causing the coolant to stay cool? Or the last thing is a faulty coolant sensor. But I think it strange that it pops up right after screwing with the fluid. Now I don't know if this trouble code was here before because my engine light has been on for awhile now. So that complicates things. If it wasn't reading that before I did my coolant change I'd know there is the problem. But my car seems to be operating normal and at operating temperatures. But a trouble code is telling me my coolant is always cool. Can someone help me with this complex matter before I just change everything for no reason? Because my first instinct is to just drain the fluid again this time from the radiator and the engine, then have them reset the trouble code and see if it pops up again in a week. I know the engine light will come back on, but if the coolant trouble code doesn't come up then I'll know that was the problem. Now if it comes up again I'll have to change the thermostat and maybe the temp gauge sensor. But both seem to be working fine to me.Question about my thermostat?
my brother had put the wrong antifreeze in his car. a mechanic told him there would be problems, such as it started leaking thru the heater core. i am guessing that you cant mix the two. i would flush the system and put in the correct fluid, and get your engine light problem checked againQuestion about my thermostat?
Hello, if you mixed dex-cool and regular green coolant you may have cause the problem sometimes when you mix the two coolants you can cause the fluid to become thick which will cause the thermostat to stick open. A few other possible causes are: bad sensor or bad thermostat. I would recommend flushing the entire system with clean water including the heater core, block, and radiator. Then add any kind of coolant you need, and if this doesn't fix the problem you may need to go the a repair shop. Good Luck

Bolt on thermostat housing broke?

We need some desperate advice on how to get a bolt out of the thermostats intake manifold. The head broke off while trying to change the thermostat and all that's left is a flat surface with nothing to grip onto. My husband HAS tried drill bits but it won't budge and bits keep breaking. He has been using the high dollar bits. It is like the darn thing has been welded in or something. A simple job of changing a thermostat has turned into a nightmare. This is our daughters truck (94 Chevy s10 ) and she doesn't have the money for a mechanic and we can't help on the cost either. So we are here to get suggestions from anyone who can help. Thanks so much.Bolt on thermostat housing broke?
Myself I would center a nut over the broken bolt and weld in the center and let cool then remove it with a wrench. The heat helps brake it loos and works better then welding a bolt. the bolts tend to break to easily. With the nut you get the chance to try try again. Good luckBolt on thermostat housing broke?
tell him to get his self a good bit, drill straight down into the broken bolt and use a easy out but don,t break that off or you will be in a mess. if it won,t come out that way then you probably will have to drill it clean out and tap the hole and use a bigger bolt.
What i would do.. is weld another smaller bolt to it..then back it out. weld it good... you only get one shot.
Sounds like he made need to start with a very small bit then step it up to a bit that will allow him to use an EASY OUT bit. Should be able to find at auto parts store or local hardware store. The easy out bit will turn in reverse and grab the broken bolt. Also he may want to get drill bits that drill in reverse. Good luck.
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  • How to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?

    I changed the thermostat-it didnt make a difference-still blowing only warm air-not hot air. when i turn temp setting to cold there is a temp changeHow to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?
    heater core could be plugged enough to limit hot coolant through it to give out good heat,or the ducting could be opening ,closing wrong also.what does the engine temp Gage say.if it reads normal its not the engine,its in the heater system itself.How to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?
    change the thermostat
    Sounds like your heater core needs to be flushed or changed.
    move to california then you won't need the heat!
    get a new heater core, you'll be toasty
    u just need to get a new car, b/c my sister has one of those, but don't make it too hot cuz then the car will over heat. or buy a condenser fan, they cosst around 90 bucks.
    the flapper may not be working properly probably something fell down your defroster
    Could be a blend door problem in the ductwork or water valve problem if so equipped to regulate hot water flow to the heater core. Make sure the a/c is not turned on and check the hoses going to the heater core under the hood...they should be hot when engine is fully warmed up. If they are hot, something inside the car ductwork is not letting fully hot air get to the vents....blend door problem maybe. If the hoses aren't hot, check for a bad water control valve..if the car has one...or a flow problem...possible plugged heater core. Covering the radiator front with a section of cardboard helps warm up....cover no more than a third of the radiator and remove in spring.

    How do I drain/flush the radiator of a '96 mitsu. eclipse. I've never done this, how much coolant do I need ?

    Please give step-by-step details. I have to drain, flush, add a sealant and change the thermostat to seal a leaking head gasket.How do I drain/flush the radiator of a '96 mitsu. eclipse. I've never done this, how much coolant do I need ?
    there is no way for you do do this properly in your driveway. change the t-stat first, then get it flushedHow do I drain/flush the radiator of a '96 mitsu. eclipse. I've never done this, how much coolant do I need ?
    the easiest way if you dont no how to do it is take it to someone who does, because if you do something wrong you will @!%%26amp; up your engine then your in for a big bill
    Get a repair manual (they arent a bad idea to have around anyways) or go on Pretty much you open the radiator and engine drain valves (the repair manual will show the locations). Worse can you can just pull the lower radiator hose, but it wont really drain the engine. Generally the sealant stuff will have directions in what order to do everything, and they generally have you run the motor without the trhemostat, and stuff like that. Then you probably need around three gallons of water/coolant mixture. Any autoparts store (or that pesky manual) will have the capacities.
    check your owner's manual for how -to and amounts and dispose of the old anti-freeze at a chemical re-cycling center or a gas station.
    Take it to shop and they'll do a radiator flush for you. Drain and fills suck cause they're not getting the majority of old coolant out of the system. Flushing it is the way to go as far as any fluid exchanges go on your car (tranny, power steering, coolant). They're probably gonna charge around $80 but its worth it.

    What is wrong with our heating system, it starts only at high temperatures.?

    We live in a condominium which is 11 years old. Our heating starts only when we raise the thermostat to 25 degree celsius. It really gets hot then. When we put the thermostat ( manual, not digital ) at lower temperatures, the heating sytem won't operate. What is the problem, do we need to get heating service done or should we just change the thermostat ? How often should one get heating service done ?What is wrong with our heating system, it starts only at high temperatures.?
    either a bad thermostat or possibly a bad heating yur furnace electric or gas ??? if it is gas chech the regulator inside...usually in the front where the gas lines come in or out..if itis electric you might have a problem with the heating coils or the voltage regulator..either way the regulators pretty much controls the actual heat coming on or off at certain temps..a bad thermo could also give yur reulators a false temp reading...another this forced air furnace (blower) or is it a gravity type furnace ???? should haveyur furnace checked annualy...good luck...beam me up scottieWhat is wrong with our heating system, it starts only at high temperatures.?
    Yes get a heating service done you will be glad you did.

    Suzuki Forenza Thermostat?

    Can anyone tell me how to change the thermostat in a 2005 suzuki forenza?Suzuki Forenza Thermostat?
    The whole housing that the upper radiator hose connects to is changed.

    Remove the radiator hose, remove the 2 Torx bolts, remove the housing, reverse to install and top off coolant.

    How do I replace the thermostate on a 1993 Toyota Camry?

    My '93 Camry is overheating. I'm not exactly sure what is causing it to overheat. I was told it was the water outlet cap. Changed it yesterday and it's still overheating. I wanted to change the thermostat myself that way I don't have to pay a mechanic for something that may not be the problem. I don't know if it's the thermostat, the water pump or the head gasket. If anyone can supply any info i.e. links, photos, whatever, I'd appreciate it. By the way it's a V6 if that makes any difference. Thanks.How do I replace the thermostate on a 1993 Toyota Camry?
    i own a repair shop,,in Tennessee,and i repair a lot of Honda,s and from what you have described to me,,it could be the water pump,or the thermostat,,to find and change the thermostat you just follow the top radiator hose down to the motor,and there you.ll see a housing that it is attached to,and two or three bolts that hold it to the engine,remove them,and the thermostat is under the housing,,be sure and drain some of the coolant from it or it will run out when you remove the housing,also be sure and clean all the old gasket off,and put a new one one with the new thermostat and make sure you replace the thermostat in like the old one was,and don't over tighten the bolts that hold the housing on,,and re-fill the system,and your done,,good luck,i hope this help,s.How do I replace the thermostate on a 1993 Toyota Camry?
    take it to a shop they are the pro,you could spend a lot of time and money replacing part you do not need,
    just follow the upper radiator hose to the block the piece that the hose goes to is the thermostat housing. Should just be a couple screws and that piece pops off and there is the thermostat. Make sure you get a new gasket with the new thermostat. GOOD LUCK!!!
    I agree you should actually take it in and find out and solve the problem rather than keep replacing parts. It could be a number of things that a good mechanic could find quickly and easily.

    If you still want to change the thermostat, put a catch basin under the radiator and let out some of the antifreeze. Don't let it dump on the ground, it's toxic. Follow the top hose to the thermostat housing, remove the hose clamp and hose. Remove the two bolts, take out the old thermostat and clean off any gasket material. Put a new thermostat and gasket in place, put the bolts back in, put the hose on, refill and test for leaks.
    the thermostat is fairly easy to replace. trace your top radiator hose to your motor , its connected to the housing where the thermostat is located, usually only two bolts hold this. make sure u put the new one in the right way and replace the gasket. also make sure u scrape off all the old gasket too. also make sure your fan or fans are coming on, these do go out, and usually when one quits, the other isnt enough to keep it cooled.hope this helps.
    If your not sure of what you are doing you might be better off taking it to professional. What you trying to do is to solve your problem piece by piece and that would probably cost more in the long run that taking it to the mechanic in the first place. There are many more reasons as to why a vehicle would overheat other than the thermostat or water pump. A mechanic has a number of options and tools available to him to quickly diagnose an overhating problem. It can be as simple as replacing the thermostat to the cooling passages in your motor being blocked. One is a $10.00 self repair, the other is a repair that will cost you more than you car is worth. Good luck. If you insist on going the self help route buy a Clymers repair manual for your specific car. It is pretty detailed in the how to field.

    98' Oldsmobile Cutless Thermostat Help?

    I'm not very good with cars, so if anyone could give me step-by-step instructions of how to change the thermostat on this car it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.98' Oldsmobile Cutless Thermostat Help?
    Make sure to buy a new gasket or O ring and make sure the thermostat is the right one for your car. Also, make positively sure you know how to insert the new thermostat so it's not backwards. It's labeled for the direction of coolant flow. Remember how the old thermostat was installed.' Oldsmobile Cutless Thermostat Help?
    Easy. Go to the auto parts store in your town and get an 8 dollar chilton's repair manual for your car. It has many repairs in everyday language and lots of photos.
    its easy to change rember to geta gasket or O ring, have the spring on the thermostat facing outward and MOST of all when you tighting it up trun it a few times on one side then the other other wise it will break were the hose connects to... any questions e-mail me at yahoo
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  • How would my trucks thermostat get riped into two pieces?

    I was driving the truck when it started to over heat. Just as I pulled into a parking lot to shut it down it the temp. dropped quickly. At this point I thought I would try and make it home. The truck never came back up to temp.

    I thought maybe the thermostat stuck shut then stuck open. the next day when I change it...the thermostat was in two pieces. It actually looks as if it was ripped in two. Is it possible the pressure behind a shut thermostat could do this?How would my trucks thermostat get riped into two pieces?
    pressure yes, also rust, age, and poor construction at the factoryHow would my trucks thermostat get riped into two pieces?
    No. Thermostats undertake extreme temperature changes. From cold to hot and vise verse. Your thermostat just failed and came apart. Most car and truck PSI rating are around 16 psi. That is just pressure that is on both sides of the component.
    parts break
    i never heard of that happening before but the facts tell the story.must have been the combination of extreme pressure and a thermostat with a weak spot if it came apart.

    How cost effective is a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner for a small bedroom?

    I want to cool off a small bedroom. The home has central air but thermostat is set higher than I'd like. I want to cool my western-facing bedroom more that what the thermostat is set at and not sure which way to go. A tower fan or small 5,000 BTU window air conditioner. If I get the tower fan, I'd have to change the thermostat from 78 degrees to 74 degrees. If I get a widnow unit, I can keep the central air thermostat at 78 and just cool my room off. Which is more cost effective?How cost effective is a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner for a small bedroom?
    I ';had'; exactly the same situation. I wanted to cool the bedroom where I sleep without cooling the rest of the house. I set the thermostat for the house on 80. I bought a 6000 BTU unit for my bedroom and it works great. My dog and two cats also think it's great. I have only had it about a month. The paper, work with the ';energy efficient'; unit, said it would cost $49 a year to run. I'll believe that when I see it. Haven't gotten my first bill yet. Hope it's not too high. Oh Yea....I got my unit at Sam's for $136.38.How cost effective is a 5,000 BTU window air conditioner for a small bedroom?
    likely the latter
    Just keep your house at 74 degrees and do not change it during the day. It costs more to cool the place then to keep it at the temperature you want it at. The problem with window units is they take more energy then the normal ac.
    Of course the fan is better (for cost) yet climate does change somewhat and may seem dryer. A 5000 btu seems a little much to conflict with the purpose of having central air and does bump the cost up considerably (unless this is just for night time and therefor may meet your need. But I would first try the vent adjustments. Wide open where you want it cooler and closed where you don't. That's the best approach.
    If it is just for a room get the 5,000 BTU. It won't run long just to cool one room and make sure there is a socket for the plug/ 115/120V

    How to Add a Duty cycle to a Fan in a Central A/C System ?

    My central air conditioning system fan is wired so that when the thermostat is in the ';on'; position the fan runs, whether or not the compressor runs. The thermostat is a line voltage 220 Volt unit (honeywell DT70 model) . I would like to change the thermostat so as to have the fan only run when there is a need for cooling. Can anyone make a suggestion as to the type of thermostat that I should use ? thanks.How to Add a Duty cycle to a Fan in a Central A/C System ?
    You need to rewire the fan in series with the A/C compressor adding a time delay so both do'nt come on at the same time %26amp; draw too many amps on startup. A one minute delay would be fine on the fan side, giving the compressor enough time to ';level out'; to it's running amperage, but not enough time to freeze the evaporator coil. Basically what will happen in that configuration is that when the t-stat calls, the compressor will be energized %26amp; start running. In turn the time delay to the fan will be energized at the same time, %26amp; complete the circut to the fan a minute later, when the t-stat is satisfied, both will shut off at the same time.

    Hope this helped you, good luck!!

    Yugie 29???? / Ironhand????

    I chose either one because you both seem to know your cars. I have an 85 buick somerset regal ltd. I can drive it for one or two trips and it will run fine on the freeway, but not around town. After that, it acts as if its overheating. It stumbles, sputters and stalls out all the time. I have replaced fuel filter, egr valve, cleaned TB, tune up, even repaired faulty ground conn to battery, TPS. Car has a 3.0 w/ elec ign, so timing isn't adjbl. Also if I can get on the freeway and get some air to it, runs fine. Hesitation when throttle is applied. doesn't overheat (digital gauges) and fan is working properly. Coolant recently changed. Thermostat not changed. Possibly reset min idle speed and how? Can't seem to figure this one out any help is greatly appreciatedYugie 29???? / Ironhand????
    GOOD choice, POWDER!Yugie 29???? / Ironhand????
    You say it acts like it is overheating, but it DOESN'T actually overheat?

    The symptoms you describe for the performance sounds to me like a MAF sensor intermittent failure or un-metered air somewhere.

    Have you retrieved any codes after it acts up? you can do this without a scanner.

    Go here--------%26gt;

    ...and scroll down below the descriptions of the trouble codes for the procedure. Follow it closely and remember that the codes will display three times each in order, then repeat. When you get the second ';12';, you have them all.

    Then refer to the descriptions for the circuit to address.

    REMEMBER-----%26gt; You are addressing a circuit or system, not necessarily a specific component. Diagnose the whole circuit.

    If you need more info I will be in and out most of the day. Try e-mail at either or

    Good Luck

    Help! Antifreeze going somewhere?

    My antifreeze is disappearing. I don't see any visible leaks anywhere. The car heater hasnt been heating right but havent got to changing thermostat. Was told it might be the head gasket. how do i know? There was a smell of antifreeze today after shutting the car off from outside.. Help! Antifreeze going somewhere?
    Check your coolant overflow bottle. It may be leaking. That would explain your antifreeze ';disappearing';. When the engine heats up to normal, coolant expands and is vented into the overflow tank. It is the drawn back into the radiator when the engine cools. However, if the tank is leaking, it won't be there when the engine cools, and the system will allow air to be drawn into the radiator. The smell of antifreeze could be from even a very small leak in the tank, draining onto the suspension members of the car, and maybe not even reaching the ground. Hope this helps.Help! Antifreeze going somewhere?
    It sound like you got a blown head gaskit.If it is not going into the oil it could be blowing out your can let go different ways either your oil goes into the radiater or the water goes into the block or out the exhaust,either that you got a leak but if you are not leaving puddles were you park most likely its the headgaskit.good luck
    It could be head gasket but to know for sure check to see if there is any oil in the coolant reservoir. More like it is a coolant hose with a pinhole leek or a poorly fitted joint at a coolant hose fitting. Check to see if the fittings are tight and if there is any sign of leakage at those joints.
    I think that the head gasket is the problem. Check the oil to see if you

    can smell antifreeze in it. if so, it is a head gasket. Your coolant and the oil mixes.

    From past experience.
    Have a shop pressure test the system and do a block test. We charge 20 bucks for this and it will pinpoint your problem(s).

    How do i change a manual existing thermostat to a electric thermostat?

    Check out this link below, it explains a lot about thermostats and wiring. Some thermostats use 110 volts and yes you can get zapped. If it is residental most likely not.

    Hope it helps.How do i change a manual existing thermostat to a electric thermostat?
    It is really easy. The manual thermostat has 2 wires connected to the back. You unhook them and hook them to the electric thermostat. The electric thermostat should have directions as to which wire goes where. I did it in less than 15 minutes and I love it!How do i change a manual existing thermostat to a electric thermostat?
    One of the best things I've done to my house (and I've done a lot).

    Take the thermostat off the wall, disconnect the wires, and connect the wires to the new thermostat.

    Thermostats use low voltage wiring. Don't worry about turning anything off. You won't get zapped.
    This is a very simple switch. Remove old unit and unscrew the two wires. The new unit will tell you where to hook up the new wires. You might need to drill new mounting holes for you new unit. I recommend a digital thermostat with indiglo lighting.
    The instructions come with the thermostat. It's easier to install the thing than to program it!
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  • 1984 Toyota... No heat into cab.?

    Flushed Radiator, Burped system, Changed thermostat, changed hoses. Back Flushed heater core. Heater control switch on firewall opens/closes. Hoses coming into/out of heater core are hot. Yet I get very little heat if any. Radiator is full, all air is our of system.

    How should the flow in the radiator be with the thermostat open?

    Just asking for other places to look, -15F here tonight and I have 140mile drive to go :(1984 Toyota... No heat into cab.?
    check the inside control unit it sounds like its not opening up all the blend doors the right way and that will stop you from getting good warm heat,that one should have a real good heater in it with all you have done to it,it has to be a blend door not working right,that will cause it not to give off good heat,you may have a cable or a hose gone bad that helps control all of this,i did own one of those a few years ago and it had a real good heater in it,good luck with it.1984 Toyota... No heat into cab.?
    something is blocking the air tube that takes the hot air from the heater coil and blows it thru the car/truck, it could be full ov anything from paper to leafs, you will have to take it apart
    If your front window fogs up when you turn the heater on, its your heater core those are real fun to replace,whether it fogs or not it sounds like the core .good luck
    just a ?

    is the blower working?

    cause if its not coming on then it could be the blower motor, the switch, fuses, or wiring.

    Replacing a thermostat?

    I have to change the thermostat on my 2000 pontiac sunfire. I have absolutely no idea how to do this. Where is the thermostat located? I have the new thermostat to put in I just have to figure out how. It's kind of an emergency so any help would be very, very appreciated.Replacing a thermostat?
    the thermostat is located right on the surface of the engine block where the upper radiator hose goes into the engine block. You can't see the thermostat because it's located inside the thermostat housing, which is the metal tubing that the upper radiator hose clamps onto on the engine.

    First locate your upper radiator hose. This is literally the hose that comes from the top of your radiator. You'll see a second hose on the radiator, but it will be at the bottom. Follow the upper hose to where it meets the engine block. That is the thermostat housing and it will have to be removed. However, you have to drain the radiator fluid a bit otherwise it will leak all over when you remove the housing.

    Before going any farther, back in the 60's and 70's when engines were basic and uncluttered, changing the thermostat was an hour's job, tops. On todays' vehicles it can be a daunting task if only because there is so much clutter in the way. If you have no idea how to do this, you may be better off with the assistance of someone who knows. If you don't install it correctly you risk severely damaging your engine by overheating it.

    I'm not familiar with the motor in the 2000 sunfires, in that I don't know what obstacles will be in your way, but the basic premise will still be the same.

    1. Only do this while the engine is COOL.

    2. Jack up front of car and secure car on some jackstands

    3. remove radiator cap and locate radiator drain plug (this will be at the bottom of the radiator somewhere.

    4. Place a large clean oil pan or the like under the drain plug. Open the drain plug and drain out 1-2 gallons of radiator fluid.

    5. Follow the upper radiator hose to where it attaches to the engine body. You may have air intake apparati in the way that you'll have to remove first.

    6. Remove or loosen the clamp on the upper radiator hose that connects it to the thermostat housing and pull the hose off the housing. Be ready here as some antifreeze may leak out that was trapped in the hose. If it looks like a lot is still coming out, reattach it and drain more fluid.

    7. The housing will be connect to the engine block by two bolts, usually. Remove these two bolts. As you loosen them, if coolant starts leaking out around the housing, you need to drain more out.

    8. With the bolts removed, you can remove the housing.

    9. Now you should be able to see the thermostat. Take special note of how it sits and is installed in the body. Note that the spring will sit INSIDE the engine block.

    10. Lift out the old thermostat. Carefully scrape the gasket mating surface to remove traces of the old gasket. If the surface isn't clean, you won't get a good seal and it will leak. Be careful not to knock any material into the block.

    11. If it calls for it, rub some non-hardening gasket sealer on the new gasket and put it in place.

    12. Set the new thermostat in the engine block in the same orientation as the old one (spring side goes down)

    13. Bolt the thermostat housing back on, getting it tight but not so tight that you crack it.

    14. Reconnect upper radiator hose.

    15. Make sure your radiator drain plug is tight.

    16. Rather than use the coolant you drained, it's best to put in some new coolant mixed 50/50 with distilled water. Add almost as much coolant as you removed.

    17. Keep your radiator cap off and start the car. There will be air in your coolant system so now you'll have to purge the air. As the car runs, it will work the air out. You'll see the coolant bubble and foam like it's almost going to overflow (and it might a little bit) but this is just air getting worked out. After this happens you'll see the level drop down a bit, so add more coolant. Do this until all the air is out of the system. When the car is cool you should have coolant run over into your overflow reservoir, although rarely do I ever see cars with anything in the reservoir.

    18. Replace the radiator cap (use a rag to hold it so you don't burn yourself.

    19. Watch your temp gauge to make sure your car isn't running too hot for the next several times you drive it (well, theoretically you should always do this).

    20. If you want to check your old thermostat to see if it was faulty, this can easily be done by putting the thermostat in a pan of water and heating it up on the stove. Put a cooking thermometer in the water and observe what temperature the water is at when you see the thermostat open up (if it even does). Most open up around 195 F. If your thermostat is faulty it won't open up, will just barely open up, or might require much higher temp before it opens up.

    The engineering behind a thermostat is very simple as there is a wax plug inside that melts at a certain temperature. As it melts the spring moves which opens the valve, allowing the hot coolant that was only circulating in your engine to now run into the radiator and cool down and THEN cycle back into the engine.Replacing a thermostat?
    follow the top radiator hose and you should run into the thermostat housing. drain the anti-freeze, take out 2 bolts out of the housing and lift it up, clean both the housing and the intake of any old gasket, put the thermostat in with the spring into the intake, put some sealer on the housing and the intake, put the gasket on the housing, put the housing on and tighten the 2 bolts, fill the radiator and you good to go.
    I don't know where you got the info from on a bad thermostat.

    The guy above me described how to find it.

    The basic malfunction of a thermostat is this... The temp starts climbing after startup, then finally goes down after it reaches a hot temp. It works fine after that.

    Overheating 2000 dodge Neon changed the thermostat what else could be the problem?

    I already had the thermostat changed and now all I need is a new coolant reservoir tank, how long can I go without a new coolant reservoir tank, the one that's is in the car now has a very small hole in it, I was told that I have to get one soon and keep checking the fluid level and I should be fine. I also want to know when the coolant reservoir tank is replaced should there be anything else that I should worry about? ThanksOverheating 2000 dodge Neon changed the thermostat what else could be the problem?
    you,ll have to get it replaced pretty soon because when it heats up the coolant wont have a storage tank an this will make it run low on coolant real fast,you might make it a few days or so but keep a close watch on the coolant level on this you really don't want to do is run that car hot,after you replace the tank on it be sure the coolant mixture is right on it and you should be alright with it,good luck with it.Overheating 2000 dodge Neon changed the thermostat what else could be the problem?
    i do know you can go to your local autozone or advance auto parts or orillys they usually have replacement ones if they dont have it then they can order it
    watch out you dont blow the head gasket they are bad for that i just done one

    Fiesta zetec s overheating.?

    changed thermostat and heater control valve. Heaters now stuck on cold?? (go hot now and again)Think i have an airlock any ideas how to get rid of it?Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
    Try parking the car facing up a steep slope,leave the filler cap loose so it don't build up pressure and run it for a while,keep an eye on the temp and water level and add it as its needed. If it is air locked it more than likley in the heater matrix so facing it up hill should help.Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
    Undo the pipe going to the rad, let water escape as you pour more into the reservoir, make sure it has anti freeze in it.
    Dont buy a ford (Fixed Or Repaired Daily) is what ford stands for :)
    Start the car from cold with the filler cap off, leave the car run for a while, eventually the thermostat will open, pour warm water in as the all the water in the header tank disappears. Then leave the car run for a while until all the bubbles stop appearing, keep an eye on the temperature gauge so your car doesn't cook, then quick road test, job done.

    Fiesta zetec s overheating.?

    changed thermostat and heater control valve. Heaters now stuck on cold?? (go hot now and again)Think i have an airlock any ideas how to get rid of it?Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
    if both top and bottom rad hose gets warm your theromsats working fine.

    drain again and........

    fill very slowly, i mean really slowly.

    once you think youve got it run the engine for 10 mins.

    the coolant should drop as it circulates.

    fill again slowly.

    now comes the fun part.

    remove the header tank cap and have the engine hot. don a pair of thick gloves and start by squeezing the the bottom rad hose gently, then move to the top rad hose.

    the top rad hose tends to be where fiestas get the air locks as the pipe is curved and not exactly horizontal.

    you should notice air coming up through the header tank.

    the other air lock is where the hot and cold water enters the car through the bulkhead, this is a vertical climb then drop for the water. on the bulkhaed should be a valve with some jubilee clips and multipug. loosen these jubilees off and start working the pipes until air then water comes out, retighten.

    incidently your symtoms dscribe the problem i had with my zetec-s, as i said in my other answer (top answer, thank you) the problem for me was with this valve on the bulkhead and the wiring.

    it is a common fault, i spent ages in the scrap yard looking for one and most had been taken, says a lot doesnt it.

    the problem is the valve gets stuck open or closed. mine was blowing hot contantly. but my fault lay in the multiplug on the valve, not the vlave itself.

    easy to change, try it. common to any fiesta N - 02 plate.

    trick with coolant is to take your time.Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
    Sorry dont know try asking here:
    Top up water , remove rad cap run car untill all the overflowing stops and water sundenly diserpears then top up to high mark
    there is air lock valve near matrex or on the water hoses in the engine compartment that come from bulk head or near the thermostart whitch you unscrew off and let all the air out.
    Engine not running remove rad cap .Then remove one of your hoses going to your hot and cold mixer valve on the bulkhead.

    Then fill up the header tank with coolant as this is the highest point all the air will come out .

    Please do this with the engine cold i would not want you to burn yourself

    Ok how do i get to the valve in the heater line to see if something is stuck off?

    95 mercury sable

    no heat


    i am a icicle

    need details in finding heater line for valve and how can i tell if something is stuck!!( because I am female haha ) no heat no leaking inside have coolant thermostat changed the hose by the firewall is hot. Just blows cool air.Ok how do i get to the valve in the heater line to see if something is stuck off?
    the valve is located on the under the hood,if you can see where the heater hoses are ,you should be able to see the valve ,it is spliced in between the heater hoses,,first you need to run the vehicle,,and see if it get both hose hot before you rule out the valve on it,,this is not a real easy thing to find if your not real familiar with cars,,and know what to look for..,and some heater control valves are located in the heater box its self,and the box has to be took apart ,to repair them,ans this is no easy job to do,,,id suggest that you get some help with locating some of this stuff,it will make it go a lot faster,,good luck i hope this help,s.,,,have a good x-masOk how do i get to the valve in the heater line to see if something is stuck off?
    First have someone make sure there is enough coolant in the system. Check to see if its on heat not ac/vent or any thing involving the ac system. Check all vacuum lines from the temp. controls. If it has a valve on the heater line ( I don't think it does) see if you can move it (on the firewall behind the engine). Most of the problems occur with the blend door. This you have to take in to a shop to fix.
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  • How easy / difficult is it to change out a Radiator Thermostat on a 97 Toyota Camry?

    Should I change it out myself or let someone else do it for me? Do you know any resources to where I may find detailed instructions?How easy / difficult is it to change out a Radiator Thermostat on a 97 Toyota Camry?
    T-stat is NOT part of the cap!! Its in the block. Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine, the t-stat is in the housing the hose clamps to. Two 12mm bolts remove the housing. Its very easy and you can do it yourself...... Make sure you do it when the engine is cold.How easy / difficult is it to change out a Radiator Thermostat on a 97 Toyota Camry?
    The radiator thermostat is part of the cap and is probably the single easiest part to replace. Wait until the engine is cold.

    F150 engine cooling problem?

    '97 Ford V6 4.2 F150, closed cooling system.

    Began over heating, changed thermostat. still over heating...found and cleaned *strained bird* on the radiator. still overheating, changed water pump. Still over heating.

    unsure if a hose is collapsing. have yet to flush motor and radiator.

    What gives? is there air in this system, and how does one remove it? is there a bleeder valve?

    Thank you in advance!F150 engine cooling problem?
    check and see if there is anything stuck between the radiator and your a/c condenser. are the heater hoses getting hot? if not you are air locked and have to bleed the system=i usually use one of the heater core hoses to bleed by taking one off when it is running and purging the air out. but i would check a shop manual also because im not that familiar with the 4.2--dont see many with the v6F150 engine cooling problem?
    Check the cap,you didn't change that it could be the problem and fill it with the engine running so you see whats going on with the pump to make sure it's pulling in the water or if you get air bubbles,you could have a leak in the head gasket were oil and water are not mixing,that's the good news.I have the v8 and it still runs.You have any leaks?
    try the fan cluth on the fan if u spin it if it spins more then a few times thats ur problem

    How do I change my 800 Beutler Thermostat back to Fahrenheit from Celsius?

    A friend tried to change the temperature and hit the wrong button.How do I change my 800 Beutler Thermostat back to Fahrenheit from Celsius?
    Here is the manufacturers website, I dont see that model but there is another , might be similar ?How do I change my 800 Beutler Thermostat back to Fahrenheit from Celsius?
    How can this be an answer? Here is the CORRECT answer;

    Your friend was playing with the Dip Switches on the back of the Thermostat, which had to be removed from the wall to do this.

    1) Gently pull on bottom to pop Thermostat off the wall.

    2) Slide Dip Switch #3 to ';ON'; for (掳F) and ';OFF'; for (掳C)

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    Changing the thermostat on a 95 accord lx (4 cylinder)?

    My 95 Honda Accord LX is acting up, heater and air condition doesn't work, and when i get high speeds on high-way on a chilly night, engine temp drops to bottom...

    Many people telling me it's the thermostat so I bought one, now i just need to know how to change it.... thanks =)Changing the thermostat on a 95 accord lx (4 cylinder)?
    Follow the top radiator hose down to the engine, where it connects is the thermostat housing. there should be 2 bolts holding it on. Take the bolts out, pry off the cover, remove the old thermostat, put the new one in, bolt the cover back on and your done. Get a thermostat gasket, you will need to put the gasket on where the cover goes.Changing the thermostat on a 95 accord lx (4 cylinder)?
    See if you can find any help on this website:

    How hard is it to change a cracked thermostat housing on a 2000 vw jetta?

    2.8 liter v-6 glxHow hard is it to change a cracked thermostat housing on a 2000 vw jetta? DIY page will have just what your looking for with steps and pictures. You will be able to do it in your driveway in no time.How hard is it to change a cracked thermostat housing on a 2000 vw jetta?
    its kinda tricky. its under the intake towards the back of the engine. its a black plastic piece and has 2 coolant sensors in it. its held on with 5mm allen bolts. make sure you have all the pieces for the housing. i think there are 2 separate pieces. get coolant sensor o-rings, sensor clips, and a thermostat. it should take you about 2 hrs to do. you might have to remove the coil to get at part of it
    Not hard. Messy. I am guessing here. But with most VW's most work seems to be done from the underside. Thermostat housing is probably on the bottom rad house. Just going by the 4 cylinders I have run into. Some things never change.

    Changed the what?

    I just bought a used car and am wondering what I can do to warm it up. MI is cold in the winter (right now it's 6 degrees). We replaced the thermostat yesterday, but it didn't change very much. My dad said there may be a leak in the radiator because there was some steam-very little-coming out. Is there anything I can do to make it work properly? Eventually it did get warmer and the gauge went up, but how long should it take? Can this be repaired without going broke?Changed the what?
    Believe it or not, some auto's are built for the area they are sold in.

    Where is the auto from?

    First, where was the steam coming from? If the housing of the thermostat was not seated properly, the gasket may be leaking.

    Or it could be as simple as tightening a hose clamp.

    Try it.

    Radiator leaks are pretty easy to spot. If you don't see water coming out once the auto's been warm and you've turned the car off, there probably isn't a leak there.

    Keep an eye on your overflow reservoir.

    As for the thermostat, when the car is cool. Remove the radiator cap, crank the auto, turn the heater and fan on high. Watch to see if the water is circulating. It may take a few moments

    (5-10 minutes) if or when the water starts moving the thermostat is working properly. You're OK there.

    Another thought. Is it the original radiator? Sometimes if the radiator is larger than the engines requirements, it seems to take forever for the auto to become warm. If the radiator is to big, warm is all you'll get.

    Try allowing the car to warm up before you actually plan to drive.

    10-15 minutes should do the trick.

    Unless you need to change the radiator, I see little or no cost here. Just patients.

    I hope this helps you.Changed the what?
    Um see a mechanic and keep blankets and coats in your car
    Hi, the first thing that comes to mind is to use commercially available radiator sealant. This is inexpensive and can get the radiator sealed until more permanent repairs can be made. It will last quite a while in some cases depending on how serious the leak is. It's basically a liquid that you add to the radiator. You have to follow the directions very closely as it only works when the water in the radiator is at a certain temperature.

    You should not use this product more than once as it can, in the long run, cause the radiator to not be as efficient (especially in summer).

    The leak could be in a hose and the repair could be as simple as tightening the hose connectors or replacing the hoses. If the radiator itself is leaking, then the best solution is to replace the radiator. There are some shops that can repair leaking radiators but sometimes simply replacing the radiator is not much different in price than repairing it (but this depends on the shop you go to).
    Replace the radiaditor cap and make sure it a pressure cap.. If you have a drop light you can throw it under the vehicle engine at night to keep some warmth on it. Bout a 10 minute warm up without some kind of heat.If you find out the radiator has a leak get some stop leak and add it to your radiator until you can replace it. And solid antifreeze. Im a diesel mechanic for the government.
    Your coolant level could be a little bit too low add some antifreeze to it. Low coolant level will starve the heater core especially at an idle.
    A properly working cooling system should keep the car warm when in operation. I would have the cooling system checked out by a reliable mechanic or garage.

    I would not put any sealer in the raditator. I have replaced to many radiators, and heater cores from people that have.
    make sure coolant level is ok and watch for leak if everything ok then get yourself a piece of cardboard and put in fr5ont of grill that will warm your car quicker and keep it running warmer but keep an eye on temp guage if it it gets too hot take out cardboard
    If there is a little steam coming out that means that the coolant is heating up just fine. Does the heater blower work ok? That blows air through a real small radiator called the heater core. There are two small radiator hoses that go into the firewall under the hood on the passenger side and from there to the heater core. They are about an inch thick. When the car does warm up feel those two hoses. They should be hot. If not it means that the coolant is not circulating through the heater core properly. If the radiator is leaking you really need to have it repaired. Putting any kind of sealant into the radiator is not a good idea.
    If the engine is not getting warm enough for you pay close attention to the degree thermostat you have installed. The higher the degree thermostat, such as a 195 degree, the warmer the engine will stay, allowing better heat. As far as a radiator leak, this would not cause the engine to run colder. If the radiator was leaking, this would allow the coolant to leave the system, and the engine to eventually overheat. In the cold, such as 6 degrees, if the car is outside, it will take a good 15 minutes for the engine to start warming up. I would say in 15-25 minutes from a cold start the engine should be a noraml operating tempature.
    Try replacing the temprature switch, and also sometimes there is an aditional thermostat somewhere on the side of the radiator.

    Make sure your fan hasn,t been wired to come on constant.
    Could be a lot of things. Does it heat up when sitting but not heat up when driving? This is a common problem on older cars when it is VERY cold out. Cold air flowing over the radiator when driving (think 6 degrees with a 55MPH wind) can keep it from heating up properly. What type of car is it? You could also have a blocked/cracked radiator or heater core. Have the radiator pressure tested. Many reputable shops will do this for free or a small fee. Have the coolant tested while you are there.

    I let my car warm up for 10-15 minutes before driving it if it is really cold. This not only helps with the heat but allows the oil to ';thin'; a little before straining the engine.
    Check your heater valve, it is in-line with your heater hoses under the hood, make sure the vacuum line is hooked upto it and the valve moves, isn't frozen.
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  • F150 engine cooling problem?

    '97 Ford V6 4.2 F150, closed cooling system.

    Began over heating, changed thermostat. still over heating...found and cleaned *strained bird* on the radiator. still overheating, changed water pump. Still over heating.

    unsure if a hose is collapsing. have yet to flush motor and radiator.

    What gives? is there air in this system, and how does one remove it? is there a bleeder valve?

    Thank you in advance!F150 engine cooling problem?
    When do you notice it overheating?It is during anytime?During idle?If you want to bleed the system most vechicles have a bleeder screw right on top of the thermostat housing.Just start the truck up,open the vavle untill you have antifreeze coming out.If there is no bleeder than you will have to open the radiator cap and let the car warm up to operating temp and keep an eye on the fluid level it might need to be topped off once it burps out the air in the system.GLF150 engine cooling problem?
    Are you losing coolant? You might have a blown head gasket.

    My 2000 lincoln continental is overheating again and i have had the thermostat changed and the radiator and?

    the cap where the coolant goes and no one knows what the problem is because they say everything is ok except that my serpentine belt needs to be change. Can some one please give advice to what the problem may be and about how much am i looking at to fix it.My 2000 lincoln continental is overheating again and i have had the thermostat changed and the radiator and?
    what is the symptoms when it over heats is it running over or is it just your gage saying its over heating if not that then even thou you think the cap and pump and thermostat are good and actually one of them are not. And one last thing is did it get properly burped and is it full of coolant.My 2000 lincoln continental is overheating again and i have had the thermostat changed and the radiator and?
    You have air in your coolant system.What you do is unscrew your cold fill cap and the coolant reservoir.You can use a 1/4 socket drive to unscrew the cold fill cap.Once you do that pour in your coolant through the cold fill valve until your reservoir is full.You'll then start to see all the air bubbles being forced out.Those 4.6 dohc really put out heat so those air pockets can be a real headache but trust me thats exactly what it is.
    overheats, what speed, idling, when engine gets hot, electric fan should turn on, driving 50mph or more down highway and overheats, radiator needs to be changed, not cleaned. Have to keep in mind with engine overheating, ALWAYS check for water leaks first
    does this car have a electric fan on it ? is it running .also check and make sure your lower raditor hose is not collasping at speed to check look at hose have someone slowly rev the engine to say about 3000 rpm and see if it collaspes if it does theres your problem
    try a new belt: about $300 with labor and a water pump. only $100 more if you do them at the same time because you have to remove the belt to change the water pump.

    How do i change out the thermostat in an 03 dodge neon??? anyone got a free online manuals???

    my wife's car is over heating and it only does it from time to time... i know it's not the water pump, because if it was, it would overheat the whole time... i need to know where the thermostat is and how to replace it... does anyone have a free repair manual or know a site that has one??? i need to replace this piece ASAP...How do i change out the thermostat in an 03 dodge neon??? anyone got a free online manuals???
    The thermostat is not the problem it is the radiator. If the thermostat was bad the vehicle would overheat all the time. Take your radiator out and take it in to be cleaned, for about $60. It overheats at high speeds and usually with the air on. Thar's a sure sign that it's not your thermostat. Also there's a thermo switch connected to your radiator. Look for an electrical wire running to a switch connected to your radiator.How do i change out the thermostat in an 03 dodge neon??? anyone got a free online manuals???
    take off the upper radiator hose.

    remove the housing on the engine block.

    the thermostat is inside the housing

    Make sure you put in a new seal and tighten to the recommended torque setting.
    there are 2 10mm bolts that hold the housing behind the upper hose to the head. the new thermostat will come with an integral seal that has a locator tab so you cannot get it in wrong. start to finish it is a 10 minute job.

    How much to maintenance a steam boiler and change it to digital thermostat?

    I need to bleed my system from dirty water and oil build up. Also, change the thermastat to a digital thermostat. I got quoted $240 + tax to do the work. They are including in the quote adding a cleaner to system and informational tips on how to maintenance the system in the future. Only weird thing, is he is quoting this price over the phone before he even comes in to look at the type of system and work assessment. Is that normal for this kind of maintenance? Is this a fair quote?How much to maintenance a steam boiler and change it to digital thermostat?
    A plain jane digital thermostat costs 40 dollars. A programmable stat can cost up to 100 dollars and up. If you have an oil fired steam boiler, that is a very good deal. If it's gas, then that number is right in the ballpark. Steam heat is alot different than ordinary radiant heat. Companies pay top dollar for qualified techs that can service steam boilers because they are so scarce. If the company you are hiring to service your heater is reputable, then I would go with them. You may find a contractor to do it for less, but either way, you're looking at paying a solid $200. My best suggestion, don't go with the big name company. They will charge the most. Ask around, see who else has steam heat, and see who they use. The ';little guy'; will often give you more bang for less buck.How much to maintenance a steam boiler and change it to digital thermostat?
    stats are easy to price. as for maintaining and cleaning a boiler, its a pretty much set price for a residential application. the quote seems quite fair and dont be afraid to ask questions. no question is too dumb, especially when you re paying for his knowledge.
    I live in Delaware and our labor rates where I work are 75.00 per hour. If they are supplying the programmable thermostat , then there is another75 to 100.oo. To me it sounds like a fair price if the work done is suitable

    What would cause a 1998 chevy venture to still be overheating after i changed the thermostat? i ned help!!!!!!

    The other day when i was driving it and I got on the brakes it went straight over to hot. Then when I took off it went back to about half way mark. Then once again when I slowed down or got on the brake it would immediately go back to all the way hot. I have already changed the thermostat because I was thinking that may have been the trouble, but it is still getting hot when I stop or slow down. But when I take off or give it a little gas it will go back to hot....can anyone give me some advice on what to maybe check next or how I can possible fix this? Thank you in advance for all your help.What would cause a 1998 chevy venture to still be overheating after i changed the thermostat? i ned help!!!!!!
    1. check radiator fluid level first - low fluid levels will give you crazy readings if not touching sensor with low coolant flow. 2. stop vehicle turn on a/c and go see if your cooling fans are coming on. 3 check for debri in front of the radiator and between the condensor.. To me what your are stating sounds like no are flowWhat would cause a 1998 chevy venture to still be overheating after i changed the thermostat? i ned help!!!!!!
    the water pump is bad
    Well, when's the last time you had the coolant system flushed?

    Youre most likey low on coolant, or your radiator and expansion tank and all of the hoses in the system are full of rust and junk. A good indicator is an expansion tank full of nastly looking rust and sediments.

    You definately need to have the system flushed and fresh new coolant put in. After that, then replace the thermostat, and then check for a leaking water pump. Alot of the time if the water pump is the problem, you may just need a new gasket, and not a new pump.

    Anyway, most folks agree you should flush the cooling system once per year to avoid this kind of problem.

    I had a crown victoria that I neglected the cooling flush one year - I kept putting off flushing it. The next year the radiator became cloged with rust, the expansion tank was clogged with rust. And I ended up paying $400 or so to have the radiator services and the system flushed.

    Anyway, good luck.

    By the way, you can buy a bottle of radiator/cooling system flush at Walmart for about 5 dollars. Follow the easy instructions on the bottle, and you can save about 30-50 bucks by not bringing it into your local Jify Lube.
    HEAD GASKET! Just had the same problem with mine. We tried the thermostat still nothing. Finally we took it to a reputable mechanic. Costed us $1300.00. However make sure you have both gaskets changed or the other will go bad soon. My husband changed the front one then the back one went out a week later so they had to replace both. GOOD LUCK
    Check out this site
    I'm no mechanic, but you could suspect it would be a radiator fan not functioning properly. This same identical thing happened on my friend's Oldsmobile.

    Who changed my thermostat?

    I went to bed one night and the temp. was set to around 66 or 68. Then the next morning when I woke up, it was really hot, and the temp was set to 80. I would never have set it to 80, because I like it cool when I sleep.

    How could this have happened? Did someone come into my apartment in the middle of the night? What should I do? I live alone and I have the only key to the apartment.Who changed my thermostat?
    Is this a programmable thermostat ? If so then the program has to be reset. If not I would take a piece of masking tape and stick it across the inside door and door jamb. This way if the tape (seal) is broken then you know you have visitors at night. I love it cold at night also. The radiator in my room is off and the window is open.
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  • My 99 Grand Am needs a new thermostat, how hard is it to change?

    I am relatively mechanically inclined, I think my 99 Pontiac Grand Am (3.4L V6 Auto) is in need of a new thermostat. I have changed them in the past on (even) older cars, but I want to know if they are hard to change on this car. Does anyone have any experience with this particular car?My 99 Grand Am needs a new thermostat, how hard is it to change?
    Find a shop manual for your car and look it up. Either check one out from a library, or look it up in your local auto part store.

    I don't have specific experience with your car model, and sometimes front-wheel-drive packaging is a little tight and my put things in odd places, but usually it will be in the vicinity of where the radiator hoses meet the block so probably toward the front of the engine.

    How easy is it to get to the thermostat and change it on a 1995 mondeo 2.5 V6?

    any diagrams and information would be a great help, cheersHow easy is it to get to the thermostat and change it on a 1995 mondeo 2.5 V6?
    changing it wont be hard at all, its finding it thats the hard part and possibly having to remove the alternator and any other wiring that will be in the way. The best step by step guide that you can get is by Chilton, which is used in a lot of garages and shops. You can buy it at your local Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, and some Napa locations will also carry it. if you cant find the one that you need you can order it online at

    good luck.

    I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?

    OBD2 scan tool and it gave me a error code P0118 i checked the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor wire to check the voltage and it was pushing out 5 volts as it has to. do i need to change it? and another thing how many coolant sensors does a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L V6 have?I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?
    Do you have a temp guage? Is it running hot? You may need to bleed air out of the system. On or near the thermostat should be a bleeder screw. With engine off and cool, remove the screw and pour water into your radiator till it runs out of the bleeder hole. Then put the screw back in. Hope this helps. Good Luck.I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?
    I would let it cycle through the heating %26amp; cooling cycle a few times,[ the error ] could correct itself and may have been triggered by your maintenance . Just be sure you got all the air out of the system and you should be fine.
    What year Cherokee. 4.0 is a straight or inline 6. Did you leave something unplugged.

    I was going to look it up in Mitchell but I need the year. I think theres 2 temp sensors, one in the head and one in the jug or radiator but I need the year!!!

    Good Luck, get the Year and I'll help more!!!!

    1987 Ford Bronco II 2.9 Liter V6 overheats?

    I have a 1987 Ford Bronco II 2.9 Liter that had 100,000 mile on it. The Truck runs hot and sometimes over heats. I have flushed the Radiator,changed thermostat from 195 degree to 180 degree not much help. How can I tell if it is head gasket,water pump or radiator.1987 Ford Bronco II 2.9 Liter V6 overheats?
    Check your fan clutch first. with engine off, spin the fan with gentle pressure. the blade should move no more than a quarter ways. if it moves freely with no resistance, there's probably your problem. if it doesn't rotate at all, fan clutch is bad also. if head gasket is bad, you will see water on the oil dipstick and oil floating in the radiator.

    With engine on and running, get engine hot. turn engine off and feel around radiator. you're looking for cold spots. any cold spot is potentially a plug in the core.

    your water pump will squeal if it's going out, OR it'll start dripping from the bottom portion, which means the seals are giving out. I doubt its any of these. My vote is for the fan clutch.1987 Ford Bronco II 2.9 Liter V6 overheats?
    A leaking head gasket will make the car miss, and water will be in the Oil-and you will be using water, Gray looking-oil Water pump should have a drip if its worn out-bearing- is there an A/C coil in front of the Radiator-

    How do you know when you need to change your car thermostat?

    i just bought a 95 camaro and i want to really take care of it, it recently overheated and that was because the radiator was full of rusty water which wouldn't let the water flow smoothly, i was also told that maybe the thermostat wasn't working properly, i already flushed the whole radiator and now it runs fine but in case it is the thermostat how would i know when i need to change it??How do you know when you need to change your car thermostat?
    you need to change it anyway, the part is cheap and its easy to do , to answer your question if it runs hot again its the thermostat ps get rid of the water and use coolant but be careful if you have any pets it tastes good to them but is very deadly don't spill any of itHow do you know when you need to change your car thermostat?
    I would have changed it along with the coolant flush but that's water under the bridge now.

    Like many components on a vehicle, a thermostat really doesn't have a specific maintenance schedule - it's replaced when it fails - no or low heat in the winter or overheating in any season.
    Before it overheats again.
    Most people don't replace it as a maintenance item unless they actually fail but they are so cheap that it really isn't a bad idea to do it while your working on getting your cooling system in shape. You will know it has failed if your car either takes much longer than usual to get up to normal operating temperature (thermostat stuck open) or it starts overheating right away when you are doing city driving (thermostat stuck closed).
    If your thermostat was bad, then it would still be overheating. If it's fine now and running at normal operating temperature, then you don't need to replace it. However, if it's running even slightly warm, I'd replace it now. It's an easy job, inexpensive and won't take you long at all. Heck, you may not even get your hands dirty. ;)
    Unlike every one believes you should change thermostat every two years,on regular coolant cars,and every three to five years on dexcool cars.

    I am changing the thermostat in my 88 chevy Van ?

    the support rod for the serpentine belt tensioner covers the nut to the rh side of the thermostat cover.How to i remove the rod?

    I have drained the coolent.I am changing the thermostat in my 88 chevy Van ?
    take the rod off by the thermostat and where it connects to the tensionerI am changing the thermostat in my 88 chevy Van ?
    ok... i changed the thermostat,in a 87 conversion van bout 4 months have you taken the cowl hood off inside?... if you have,nt you wont be able to do it unlessyou should see the bolt on the inside after you take the cowl off....its fun!have patienceyou should see the rod from there
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  • 98 dodge intreped thermostat problems?

    am trying to change the thermostat in my 98 intrepid 2.7. The housing unit on top of the motor where I am told the thermostat is in, seems to have a metal pipe that runs down and around the bottom of the housing unit and in between the middle of the motor. Anyone know how to change a thermostat in this vehicle? And how to get that housing unit up and out of the motor?98 dodge intreped thermostat problems?
    when you remove the bolts from the housing you should be able to move the line aside enough to remove the housing ,it will come strait off,and the thermostat is in under the housing ,take your time with it,and don't get in a hurry ,you,ll do ok,good luck.98 dodge intreped thermostat problems?
    The thermostat is not under the water outlet housing on the top of the engine, Even though the upper housing is bad to leak. The thermostat has its own housing, on the drivers side of the engine block and its really hard to get to .

    To remove the upper housing, you need to remove the upper intake manifold , disconnect the heater hose at the back and remove the screw from the support bracket. The upper radiator support needs to come off so you can slide the long tube out from under the intake.

    How would a thermostat only be changed on a 2005 chevy aveo ... I can't get the housing kit apart?

    I bought a thermostat for my 2005 Chevy aveo... but my housing kit won't come apart for me to change the thermostat... any suggestions, without breaking it, it's made of PLASTIC!! GRRRR...


    Dani~How would a thermostat only be changed on a 2005 chevy aveo ... I can't get the housing kit apart?
    The thermostat and housing are one unit, and are not serviced separately. If you have a t-stat that does not have the housing with it, you have the incorrect t-stat.

    Can you change the thermostat on an electric water heater without turning the breaker off?

    Also, if not, how can you tell that the electric to the water heater is off? I am not sure which breaker goes to what.Can you change the thermostat on an electric water heater without turning the breaker off?
    If you mean by CHANGE the thermostat, that you want to replace the entire thermostat with a new one, then NO. If you mean can you change the temp. on a water heater thermostat without shutting off the breaker, YES you can. However, most newer heaters have a non-adjustable, factory set top thermo, so the only one you could change would be the bottom one. If you're changing the entire thermostat, look for double breakers of at least 30 amps in the box. There shouldn't be that many of them, shut them all off. Most generally, the only four appliances in a home that would run on 220 volts would be an electric range, which would require a 50 amp double breaker, or a dryer, the water heater, or a water pump. It shouldn't be terribly inconvenient to have all of these shut down for the 10 - 15 min.'s it takes to change out the thermostats. When you're done, just turn them all back on.Can you change the thermostat on an electric water heater without turning the breaker off?
    you can if you like to get electrocuted. ALWAYS turn the power off when changing anything on a water heater
    never do anything to electrical equipment or appliances without first disconnecting the power supply. failure to follow this instruction may result in injury or death!!!
    You should not need to ajust your temp, however, if you must never put above 125 on the dial, now with the cover off and flashlite in hand kill the main breaker and the whole house is dark no power to anything flat screwdriver for the ajusting screw. Turn power on main back on after done. To find out which breaker is which, turn off all and one at a time look and listen for power in house. To be sure you find which is water heater, after you turn off all switches drain hot water, if your pump needs to run you will have to find that breaker first. When heater is full of cold and you turn one at a time on then listen for hissing heater boiling sound may be heard also.
    Get a 12 year old an a power drill and have him or her run to every plug in the house and start flickin 4 hours later you should be done with the plugs next do the same with the oven and dryer and keep goin till they are all done good luck
    Yes, you can. There is probably a plastic shield over the whole thing that must be moved and there may be insulation between the cover and the terminals and thermostat. You might want to use rubber gloves which will insulate your hands from the electricity.

    The breaker will most likely be a double. Turn all double-handled breakers off if you wish.

    If the water temperature seems to have reduced lately or you don't have enough hot water, it may be that one of the heating units is no longer working.
    You can, but it's dangerous. You can buy small 110 testers that will tell you if the powers on. It sounds as if you should take a basic couse first. It could save you both a shock and burning out equipment.
    I wouldn't.

    you get a voltage tester to test for power.
    Call an Electrician.
    Yes you just turn the thermostat knob slightly to the left..
    If you don't know what you are doing call an electrician, messing around with electricity is very dangerous
    Safely no. If you have some experience using an volt meter to check if you have power to the electric water heater, you can verify that your power is off. use a volt meter first, and verify your power is off before proceeding.
    You need a voltage meter to check it to be safe.

    How to change the thermostat in a 2000 Ford Explorer?

    I see the housing where the t-stat is but how do I get to it? I can only get to 1 of the 4 bolts holding it on.How to change the thermostat in a 2000 Ford Explorer?
    Use a rachet type wrench and you should be able to access the 4 bolts on the plastic housing. I'm assuming you are referring to one that's equipped with the 4.0L SOHC V6.How to change the thermostat in a 2000 Ford Explorer?
    Buy a Haynes or Chilton repair manual it will tell you everything and you can use it all the time or even try there web site at least you know your getting the right information

    How to change a thermostat on a 2005 Grand AM?

    here you go, step by step instructions.

    good luckHow to change a thermostat on a 2005 Grand AM?
    Goodluck. I just learned how to pump gas.

    Our Central heating wont stay on we changed the fuses in it and changed the thermostat and the air conditioner

    works and if we flip the breaker on it , it will work but it eventually stops does anyone have any ideas what can be wronge?can we fix it? or how much it might cost to call repair man? we live in modesto, CA. area thanks!Our Central heating wont stay on we changed the fuses in it and changed the thermostat and the air conditioner
    I'm asuming you have a electric furnace.

    Check for restrictions in the duct work which might reduce the volumn of air circulating through the unit. Check the filter first, then the A/C coil. If the coil is stopped up you may want to call a service man to clean it (you can do it yourself but may require removing some ductwork to get to it, and the coil cleaner solution is caustic).

    As a safety feature furnaces have a high heat limit switch that opens when things get too hot. It works like the one in your blow dryer; if you block the air flow, the blow dryer will overheat and stop, until it cools down.Our Central heating wont stay on we changed the fuses in it and changed the thermostat and the air conditioner
    More information, such as the type of system and what exactly is happening is required. For more info including a step by step troubleshooting guide, check out the furnace page at my source.
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