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How do I change the antifreeze on my car?

How do I change the antifreeze on my car? I had to put in water over the summer when the car overheated and I changes the thermostat. But now, with the cold weather, I need to empty the water and put in 50-50 antifreeze.

How do I accomplish this?How do I change the antifreeze on my car?
drain it and refill with 50/50 making sure you dont get any trapped air bubbles, look for a bleed plug at the highest location.

and remember not to drain it into a storm drain, it is a biohazard :(How do I change the antifreeze on my car?
There's a drain on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the radiator, and then pour in the antifreeze.
probably go pay to have it drained, flushed, and filled. If you want to do it yourself, find the drain plug, put a container under it, drain, flush with a garden hose a couple times, put plug back in, refill. If your have an older car, I suggest you do it yourself, if you really dont know much and it is an expensive one, put out the 100 bucks or whatever to have it done by professionals.
you drain out enough water so that you can replace it with anti freeze. I think you remove the bottom radiator hose to allow the water to flow out. there may be a plug somewhere but I don't think so
turn the stopcock under the radiator to drain and the cap atop the radiator is usually for filling unless you have an extended hose to offset the infill cap
At the bottom of the radiator should be a nut which, when loosened will let the radiator empty. Alternatively, you can disconnect the bottom hose and empty it that way.

As a quick point, it is not a good idea to run plain water for too long - as anti-freeze is used not only to prevent freeze-ups but ALSO contains a corrosion inhibitor.

You might well find your water is a little rusty looking when you drain down, don't panic unduly, but you might then want to put the garden hose i the top of the radiator and keep it running until the water is running clean. THEN drain down. put pipe back on (or tighten up the bolt) and then refill.
start your engin. open the peacock valve on the bottom of your radiator, let all the water run out including the water in the block. watch you temp. guage. do not over heat to a boiling point. shut off engin, let cool, install anti freeze depending on the size of your raditor. then top off with half water.
what you need to do it to take off the bottom hose on the radiator to drain it %26amp; aslo remove bottom hose on radiator reservoir ot drain it if you can. once all drained reconect %26amp; fill her up. Guy.
dont flush it if it is an old car. sediment builds up and actually plugs holes in your radiator. flushing it will flush that out and give you leaks.
There should be a plug at the bottom of your radiator. You should be able to flush out the system that way.
Unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of your radiator and let the liquid come out them flush the radiator out with a water hose or special flush liquid from the cap on top of the radiator put the plug back in and fill the radiator back up with 50/50 put the cap back on and there you go!
there should be a drain on the bottom of your radiator that would be the quickest way
on the bottom of the radiator theres a relise mechanism that looks similar to a wing nut turn it till the old antifreeze starts coming out then let it all drain out and then tighten it back up and add the new antifreeze till its full then start you car let it warm up then cool off and check it you will prolly have to add some more antifreeze and thats it nothing to it good luck catcha later bro
Simply lay on your back, shimmy under the front of the car where the radiator is(pull a nice size flat pan under with you to catch the fliud you are going to let out) search for a butterfly shape valve(adjustable wench needed) to open the radiator drain valve and let the water drain into the pan untill the radiator is empty. Close the valve and, come from under the car and refill your new concoction through the top of the radiator after taking the pressure cap of. Note; use eye goggles when working underneath and check for any leak at the drain valve and you don't have to remain under the car while it is draining.

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