Friday, November 19, 2010

How hard is it to change the thermostat on your car?

All of my fluids are topped off, and the defrost works and the a/c works.. but the heat doesn't work. Is that the thermostat?How hard is it to change the thermostat on your car?
seems to me like you have an in-line valve to your heater core that is closed. look under the hood, find the lines that go to the heater core and see if there is a valve, the cable from inside may have come loose. there also might be a cable to the duct that has come loose under the dash area, good luckHow hard is it to change the thermostat on your car?
Depends what kind of car...generally they are very easy to replace.
It's easy in mine
Could be, but could be a number of other things too. If your car is overheating then it is most likely the thermostat. It's very easy to replace. Takes about 10 minutes depending on where it's located.
depends on the car if its easily acsesable a piece of cake. unless you do like i did once and used the wrong bolt and broke it part way down. then you need a drill and tap(ps where the world did spell check go?)
It is very basic, and yes, even you can do it ! Wait until after the engine has cooled. Toward the front of the engine,right on top,( in most cases) there is a big hose. It goes from the radiator to a metal thing that looks like a small softball. There are 2 bolts that hold it down. Unbolt them and the thermostat is right there for you to pull out and replace. Make sure it goes in right-side-up. Take carefull notice as to how it looks before you remove it. Make sure, also, that the gasket is still complete. Good Luck !
Probably not if the defrosters work. Sounds more like the cable that switches between heat,A/C,etc.Or possibly a vaccuum line is off,(change your radio lately?).
your thermostat allows the engine to maintain it's operating temperature.

If the thermostat is locked open (broken) the engine would have a hard time heating up. Your temperature gauge would stay in the ';blue zone'; and the heater/defroster would blow out cool to warm air.

If the thermostat is locked closed (broken) the engine would overheat. Your termperature gauge would be in the red zone soon after getting on the highway. Your Heater would be producing lots of hot air.

So if both your defrost and heater settings are producing just warm air and your temperature gauge stays in the cold/warm zone, it's probably your thermostat.

If the defrost pours out hot air, but the heater does not (they use the same source for heat, the heater core) then you have a broken or damaged flap in the dash that is not allowing the hot air to go through the heater ducts.

To replace your thermostat, go to your local automotive store and pick up a repair manual. It will walk you thru the steps to replace the thermostat. It is usually located in the top front of the engine, held on with two bolts. You may have to drain your radiator to make this repair. The antifreeze is resuable, so don't throw it away unless it's really cloudy, then recyle it.
your thermostat has nothing to do with heated ventalation it mearly controls the flow of coolent from the radiotor to the block the problem you are stating is a heater core and its most probably blocked or just jacked up so to fix this you will have to take it out and either flush a stream of water or get a new one which might be cheap or most likely cost you an arm and a leg
It's not hard, but the thermostat controls the temperature of the engine not the operation of the heater? Good Luck!!~:)=

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