Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change thermostat on my 89 C1500?

i two bolts off and there is a piece going from where the belt is to the bolt am i doing this right? and there are a couple of wires i dunno what they are for can some one help pleaseHow to change thermostat on my 89 C1500?
simple, esp. with this truck. it's right on top of intake manifold, just undo the bolts and put the new one in. drain the antifreeze out of the top hose first,How to change thermostat on my 89 C1500?
Do yourself a favour %26amp; buy a Haynes Repair manual for the year of your vehicle.Chevys are easy to fix %26amp; the parts are cheap.You can by a manual at almost any popular parts store. I buy one for every vehicle I own %26amp; have saved a lot of money. When you look up how to fix things you will know if you can do it or if you need a mechanic. Thermostat? No problem! Get the manual.
Yeah dude buy a repair manual, it will save you a lot of time and trouble. For the time being, to replace the thermostat on a chevy small-block (I am assuming yours is a 5.7, but they are all the same) you will need to locate a large hose coming out of the top of the radiator and curving towards the center of the engine (called the upper radiator hose). It ends at about the middle of the front part of the intake manifold. Remove the hose at the engine (manifold) end. The fitting that you just removed the hose from is called the thermostat housing. There are two bolts holding it down. One of them will have a stud on the opposite end with a nut on it. Remove the nut and the wires underneath it (they are actually ground wires for the alternator, etc.) and then remove the bolts. The housing should then come off (it may be stuck so you may have to pull hard to get it off). Underneath the housing is the thermostat (which may also be stuck and can be removed with pliers because it does not have to be saved). There might be some fragments of the old gasket stuck on to the bottom of the thermostat housing or on the intake manifold where the housing bolts on. This should be removed with a putty knife. Replace the thermostat and put on the new gasket and reassemble everything.

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