Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change thermostat on 2001 chevy malibu?

i got a fault code that said my thermostat was bad, plus my temp gauge is resting flat on cold and doesn't move. i already bought a new thermostat and was wondering if its worth putting it in on my own or taking it to a mechanic? how much would they charge?How to change thermostat on 2001 chevy malibu?
there is a large hose coming from the top of your Radiator it leads to the top of your engine. that is connected to the water neck should be two bolts holding it on take them off and should be right their. remember to drain about half of you Radiator fluid before you do. the petcock should be in the bottom of the radiator looks like a bow tie that's the drain. remember to get gasket too after your done fill the radiator then start car with cap off it will bubble and the Fluid level will drop top it off put cap on then done.How to change thermostat on 2001 chevy malibu?
Hi! The thermostat is located at the driver's seat. If you are going to change it, you have to follow the hose from the radiator until you see a tube with two bolts, inside of that is the thermostat.
Before replacing the thermostat, you should check to verify that the electrical connection is intact and that the heat sensor is working! Since you say that the guage never moves, the wiring should be checked. Even with a defective thermostat the engine will usually heat up enough to show some reading! Unless you are in a very cold climate!

The computer checks the engine temp before starting and after a few minutes. If no change is registered, the computer sets the code.

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