Sunday, November 21, 2010

Changing a thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?

Can anyone comment on how difficult is it to change the thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?? Parts run $25 bucks, but I would like to save labor if possible. Thanks.Changing a thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?
its pretty easy find the radiator the big silver thing in the frontthen find the upper hose and find where it meets the engine there there will be a couple of studs take those out lift it off and pull out the thermostat out of the hose and then put in the new one THE RIGHT WAY and put the hose back on and make sure the temp of the new thermostat is the sameChanging a thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?
follow the top radiator hose to the motor. unscrew the tobolts and take off the hose clamps. lift the metal spout the two bolt were holding down and theres the thermostat. You'll lose a little antifreeze, so you need to add back. I recomend the pre-mixed stuff.
it not something you can do, if you aint familar with car and tools

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