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How to change a thermostat of 1994 pontiac grand am

Well, if it's the 3.1 V6, and it's anything like the 95' Grand AM i had (yeah, i said HAD, LOL!), you got your work cut out for you. The thermostat housing just may be located in the area underneath the throttle body housing, so you'd need to remove all the rubber air intake junk (not hard to do). But after that, it's going to take a lot of patience and some nimble fingers to get the housing off to expose the actual thermostat. You will NOT get a socket in there - i remember i think i used the correct size small closed loop box wrench to get the 2 small bolts out, and it was like 1/4 turn at a time - this job took me about one full afternoon - but i never factored in the time i spent cussing , throwing stuff, and kicking things, and the couple brewskis i had to ingest to chill me out. Good luck

How to change a thermostat of 1994 pontiac grand am
Follow the top rad hose from the rad and you'll find the thermostat housing , basically you must disconnect the hose clamp , then unbolt the thermostat housing and then the thermostat will be sitting inside of it.Pop the thermostat out , shove a soft clean cloth into the hole the thermostat came out of.

Scrape the surface of the housing where the hose is attached to and I recommend taking the hose right off of it so you can clean it better easiar.Scrape the other part of the housing and be sure all the old thermostat gasket is removed.

Make sure all the surfaces are clean and dry and use the factory recommended thermostat , install the thermostat right way up and apply a small beed of a high temperature gasket maker along the thermostat housing , then pop back the top housing into place , rebolt the housing , attache house and tighten clamp, add some anti freeze to over flow or rad, start up vehicle check the coolant level and watch for any leaks.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way the gasket maker is excellent to use bec it prevents most leaks and seals excellently.Plus get a service manual on your vehicle or go to the right parts outlet and you can get the free instructions and diagrams printed out to do this job too.

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