Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?

I NEED HELP TO CHANGE THE THERMOSTAT, HI LIMIT IN A MAYTAG DRYERHow do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?
GIVE US THE MO NO AND SER NO TO GET THE RIGHT ANSWER. ALSO WHAT IS IT DOING WRONG?How do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?
It's simple. First purchase the new limit switch. Then remove the two screws that hold the old one on. Remove the old wires one by one and connect to the new thermostat. Replace the thermostat with the two screws and your finished.
There are other possibilities for it not heating but I'll give you what you asked for. With a puty knife push in two clips located between the top and front front panel. You have to feel for them. They are approx. 1 inch in from both ends, Push in one at a time and hold in while lifting that corner. Older model dryers have two phillip screws 4 inches up from the bottom of the front. Remove those and pull out on the bottom and lift off. Remove two 5/16 screws to allow the top to lift up. The high limit is located behind the drum,top rear. You will see 2 thermostats. They both come in the same kit. The large one is the high limit. The small one is a thermal fuse. Both must be replaced. The thermal fuse will have a pink or yellow dot. The kit comes with a pink and yellow thermal fuse. Replace with the same color. (One is for gas, the other for electric). Word of caution: Attach the wires before reinstalling in case you drop it. The kit is about $25.00. If the vent is blocked or the operating thermostat is stuck closed. Plan on doing it all over again.
what makes you think high limit is bad...most time the cycling limit is the one goes bad or the thermal to get to these depends on what model maytag dryer you have....on some the back comes off and all of these are fairly easy to get to....on others you have to pop top up remove front panel take tub out and then replace....on some the bottom front is hinged and it just pulls down and you can see the heating element..high limit is always mounted on the cannister the heating element is in...cycling limit and thermal fuse is usually mounted on the exhaust vent so they can sense tub tempertaure...

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