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Does anyone know the different reasons a 88 chevy silverado 350 engine could be getting hot??

have changed thermostat..could it still be sticking?? it hasnt got hot enough to crack head so im sure its not that but we can start it drive it one block and its out of water and getting hot could it be water pump and how can i tell if it is water pump any other reasons whyDoes anyone know the different reasons a 88 chevy silverado 350 engine could be getting hot??
Ok I milled over in my head what is the common possibility here and I really think its the pump because the the truck is of coarse RWD you probably wouldn't get smoke from the because the water pump isn't located near the exhaust and if the leak is at the bottom of the gasket you could just simply be leaking down, some leakes aren't apparent until the car is running because of the lack in pressure and when the car is at normal operating temperature this pressure is exponentially higher liek you said your heads are probably not leaking and if they were you would probably be having worse problems also old radiator seals can leak like this, I would run the car and look underneath from a safe distance to see if you are losing water this way, the only way your coolent can be leaking and not come out of the front of the car is from the heater core and if it was comming out of yoru heater core, you would know it trust me.Does anyone know the different reasons a 88 chevy silverado 350 engine could be getting hot??
time to buy a new truck
water said its loosing water...but dont know where it is could be a head gasket leak...just because its not leaking into the oil does not could be leaking into one of the exhaust ports...
bad fan clutch or missing fan shroud
It could still be the thermostat. You could test it by putting it in boiling water. The water pump could be the culprit. A mechanic can tell if it's the problem. Are there any holes in the radiator? What about the hoses?

Check the connections at the hose ends as well. There might be a crack in the water neck, where the hose connects to the radiator.

Is there a visible evidence of a water leak? Underneath the truck? The worst scenario would be the heater core. The heater core is usually and unfortunately, behind the passenger side dash board. Quite difficult to get to. Water from the engine passes through this to provide heat to the passenger area when needed.

It looks just like a miniature radiator and can suffer from the same problems of mineral buildup. If that is the problem, it can be bypassed but you'd have no heat should you need it.

Have a mechanic check for all possible problem areas. Good luck!
You can't be losing all the water in one block and have no symptoms!

Make sure you have filled the block and bleed the air. Not hard on Chevy, just start it cold with radiator open. Fill radiator until it will not take more water.

I have had two small blocks of similar age blow the head gasket on the drivers side at the back and burn the water in that cylinder, but not leak or show in the oil. If it was NEAR as bad as you say, it would however produce a LARGE amount of steam from the tail pipe. NO it is not the water pump, it cannot lose water through the bearing breather hole that fast.

As talked about above a bad clutch or shroud will cause heating but you are describing something else.

I guess I could add one more thing..a clogged converter would cause quick overheating, but the engine would run terrible, particularly during acceleration.

Good Luck
Get a manual and troubleshoot the problem from the book!

How do I change my Honeywell thermostat from Farenheit to Celsius?

check and see if there is a reset button and press it, also check and see if there is a switch and try that. also if you have a technical support number call it and or go to the store where you bought it and ask someone who knows there or just call them faster and easier sometimesHow do I change my Honeywell thermostat from Farenheit to Celsius?
there is a jumper on the PC board of the thermostat. it will be marked but not in the manual. you will either have to cut the jumper or solder it back together.How do I change my Honeywell thermostat from Farenheit to Celsius?
check the owners manual.
What model number is the stat,, also, there is literature that comes with the t-stat that is for the installer... In it there is a section called installer setup,, You have to push the right combination of keys to enter it,,, this is where you set the C/F at,, among other the model number and i will try to get the answer for you.
What model #.

I need a diagram that shows me how to change my thermostat on my engine?

I have a 2003 VW Jetta 1.8T GLS and I need to replace the thermostat and the temp sensor. I don't want to bring it into a shop unless I have to. And my dad and I were gunna work on it together. But we're not sure where the thermostat is. So I was wondering if someone has a site I could go to that's FREE and shows me where I can locate those things.I need a diagram that shows me how to change my thermostat on my engine?
That's probably the easiest thing to replace.

On the front of the engine by the water pump, there's what I believe is a plastic neck that comes out and has two bolts in it holding to the block, the hose should lead to/come off of the radiator. Take the hose off, take the two bolts out and that will remove the plastic piece, and your thermostat is right behind it. Replace the O ring while you have it outI need a diagram that shows me how to change my thermostat on my engine?
The vast majority of thermostats are under a ';goose neck'; where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine.
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  • When changing the thermostat is it a must to?

    put sealant on the gasket? And about how much do you use? I just took off the thermostat housing and there was no thermostat in there. I guess that's why it always ran cold. So Im not positive how the thermostat goes in the housing. Should the spring part be facing down, away from the upper radiator hose? The car is a 1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.5 liter.When changing the thermostat is it a must to?
    The pointed part should be facing toward the outside of the thermostat housing. Sealant is a good helps keep the thermostat in place whil your put the neck back onWhen changing the thermostat is it a must to?
    there is a reason there was no thermostat in your car. it was running hot. you better back flush your cooling system. get new antifreezee

    When changing the thermostat is it a must to?

    put sealant on the gasket? Or do you even put sealant on a gasket? And about how much do you use? I just took off the thermostat housing and there was no thermostat in there. I guess that's why it always ran cold. So Im not positive how the thermostat goes in the housing. Should the spring part be facing down, away from the upper radiator hose? The car is a 1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.5 liter.When changing the thermostat is it a must to?
    Ok.. the thermostat spring portion should be positioned so it's inside the engine block. It's really the only way it can go in.

    If the gasket is paper material, then DEFINETELY use a gasket sealer on both sides. If you don't, you run the risk of a leak and get to do the job all over again.

    IF the gasket is rubber, you put nothing on it. If the gasket is an o-ring only, you put nothing on it.

    ONLY if it's a paper gasket.When changing the thermostat is it a must to?
    The spring faced downward.

    The upper half of the housing is likely too small to accommodate the thermostat if it's improperly installed.

    Use only a gasket, no sealant ever.
    the spring goes towards the engine, the pointed end goes towards the radiator,and you probably wont have to use a sealant on the housing if its in good shape,it never hurts though to check it and add some if needed,i usually don't have to use it on those car though they seal up pretty good,good luck.
    Dodge man and eric are right, and no sealant if gskt is rubber and if you used paper yes sealant and use a thin amount both sides. You don't want excessive sealant getting into the thermostat

    Good Luck

    How much does it cost to change a radiator thermostat in an Xterra at a repair shop?

    Should I go to the dealer or is a regular repair shop ok?How much does it cost to change a radiator thermostat in an Xterra at a repair shop?
    You are looking at about 1/2-3/4 hr. labor at about $80/hr. They will probably charge you $20 for a $5 thermostat. And most likely will add coolant to the job and hit you for ~$12 for a gallon. (Should only need 1 or 1 1/2) They might try to throw in hose clamps or some other small item.Just make sure a thermostat is your problem. If you haven't had it checked out by a professional, you should. Maybe you could find a local radiator shop that would check it out for free.How much does it cost to change a radiator thermostat in an Xterra at a repair shop?
    the dealer is not always your best bet go to a shop that does A/C repairs or a good local shop, cause an A/C shop deals with this on a daily bases, why the Vehicle is pretty new why does it need a radiators , accident maybe ?
    First, are you still under warranty? cause it shouldn't cost you anything if so. If not, dealers are going to be the most expensive for work, and parts too. Generally at a shop you are looking at 40-50 dollars an hour for labor , and whatever they are going to charge you for parts. They will probably log a thermostat charge at about 1-2 hrs, so check around. Also ask how much they charge for the part, you also have the option of buying the part first and bringing it to them to install it, however some shops don't gaurantee work if you bring your own parts, so check on that too. Lastly , if you are up to it - you could consider getting a repair book for the Xterra and tackle replacing the part itself, something like a thermostat isn't usually a hard job, and you'd save major money there.
    Repair shops generally charge $70 an hour plus or minus. Probably an hour for the repair. Thermostats are not difficult to replace. Offer $50 to a competent neighborhood mechanic to get it done. And why do you think the thermostat is faulty ?

    How easy is it to fit a thermostat on a fridge?

    had it checked by an engineer who said it needed the thermostat changed. I know where it is located and wondered if i could do the job myself,How easy is it to fit a thermostat on a fridge?
    Just because the engineer said you need a thermostat, dosen't make it so. Very rarely do thermostats fail. If the ref. is not cold enough, you could have one of three problems. defrost, compressor, or the light in the ref. section is staying on 24/7. Only suspect the thermostat if it is too cold. I'm sure you already checked your door gaskets. Not knowing where your thermostat is located it would be a hard question to answer.How easy is it to fit a thermostat on a fridge?
    unfortunately these kind of thermos cannot be repaired or recalibrated.if the termao is not keeping the fridge at least 40 deg then chaning it is the only solution. it is a hassle changing them in newer models.

    How do i know if it is time to ';Change'; a Thermostat?

    I mean, if i can see the Coolant level ';Go Down'; when the Fan comes on then i know its working, also if i DO have Heat, right? Is this an either ';The Thermostat Works or the Thermostat does not work'; Item?How do i know if it is time to ';Change'; a Thermostat?
    Correct. You can also put the thermostat in boiling water, if it opens, it's working. If it doesn't, it's NOT working. Water boils at a temperature higher than most thermostats, so if it stays closed, it's toast ...How do i know if it is time to ';Change'; a Thermostat?
    Yeah for the most part the thermostat either opens or it doesn't. When it doesn't you'll overheat ... You could just change it out because of mileage... It's definitely a part you don't want to go bad.... And doesn't get replaced often unless it just goes bad...

    Kind of like your transmission filter.... I bet it's never been changed... Ever! right?
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  • I need a free diagram on how to change the thermostat on a 2000 dodge intrepid 2.7l?

    my answer is try to check on this site there you find itI need a free diagram on how to change the thermostat on a 2000 dodge intrepid 2.7l?
    go to and look-up the repair information for your vehicle, you have to register with the site to view the repair guides but it is free.

    Is It OK to drive a car without the thermostat? If yes, for how Long?

    I'm assuming that my thermostat sensor or something is not functioning properly. When I drive my car, the top radiator hose is hot but the bottom isn't. My car tends to overheat about an hour of driving it. I change the thermostat but the problem still exist. What could be the problem?Is It OK to drive a car without the thermostat? If yes, for how Long?
    I'll just give you the simple answer good for ';most'; vehicles..... yes, it's ok..... but in winter it will take much longer for your heat to work, as you aren't letting the water to heat up long enough to produce heat. without the thermostat, the water/anti-freeze will free flow through your engine and radiator.Is It OK to drive a car without the thermostat? If yes, for how Long?
    this is a bad idea. you will definitely see some adverse effects in this situation. the coolant will take quite a while to warm up . this will cause a big change in your fuel economy. it sounds like you have a blockage in the radiator. if the upper hose gets hot (like it should) but the lower end stats cool you either have a blockage or a failed pump. on some of the newer cars you can find an electric water pump this could present a problem in your situation if nothing else is obvious, like stiff steering or a charge lamp that stays on. this would all signify a thrown belt.
    Are the radiator fans coming on? If so, you could measure the temp of the upper rad hose with a laser thermometer and see what the actual temp is. maybe your gauge is not reading right.
    Could be a huge airlock or blocked rad core.
    Again, I wish you'd have included the year make and model of your car. If it has electric fans are they switching on? If so do you have the original radiator? How old is the car? Do you have a silicone filled thermostatic mechanically driven fan hub? Do the blades speed up as the temperature rises? Have you ever used any products along with the antifreeze such as Barr's Leak or ant brand of stop leak? Do you still have plenty of heat coming from the heater?

    As a general rule of thumb drain the radiator and flush the system with a Prestone flushing T in the return hose from the heater core. Flush till the water is clear. Drain the radiator of the clear water. Dump two 33.5 oz. plastic bottles of **Prestone Super Radiator Cleaner in the radiator. If it will not all fit. Pull off your coolant recovery tank and clean it out with Wisk and a round bristle brush. Dump the remainder of the cleaner inside the coolant recovery tank. Auto Zone and Advance Auto has this product. Do not substitute with anything else!

    This cleaner is unlike the other Prestone product: Prestone Radiator Flush. The instructions say to actually drive a minimum of 200 miles with the cleaner inside the cooling system. At the end of the bare minimum 200 miles flush and drain again till the water is clear.

    At this time install a new Stant or AC-Delco thermostat (correct heat range) and a new closed system radiator pressure cap -minimum 13 lb. If this car were mine I'd drive it a week with nothing but pure water and a bottle of NAPA'S cooling system anti-rust so as not to waste expensive antifreeze if the radiator, radiator hoses are collapsed in the center or radiator core is seriously plugged with corrocion, rust or stop leak. If the motor runs within its normal heat zone for a week or two, drain and flush and do your antifreeze thing.

    Please be sure you're using the proper type of antifreeze. Buy a couple gallons of 100% antifreeze. When ever you re-fill any cooling system look in your handbook in the specifications page and find the cooling systems capacity. Pour exactly half the capacity first with 100% antifreeze. Make sure the coolant recovery bottle is clean. fill the coolant recovery bottle with any antifreeze you were unable to fill in the radiator. For the first week or two keep the coolant recovery bottle nearly full with water only after half the capacity of the cooling system has been met with 100% antifreeze. The coolant will drop noticeably during the first week or two of driving keep it a minimum of 3/4 filled at all times. The heat cycling of the coolant purges air from the cooling system causing the water leval to drop. This will stop at the end of 100 -200 miles of on and off driving.

    Changing a thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?

    Can anyone comment on how difficult is it to change the thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?? Parts run $25 bucks, but I would like to save labor if possible. Thanks.Changing a thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?
    its pretty easy find the radiator the big silver thing in the frontthen find the upper hose and find where it meets the engine there there will be a couple of studs take those out lift it off and pull out the thermostat out of the hose and then put in the new one THE RIGHT WAY and put the hose back on and make sure the temp of the new thermostat is the sameChanging a thermostat on a '99 Plymouth Neon?
    follow the top radiator hose to the motor. unscrew the tobolts and take off the hose clamps. lift the metal spout the two bolt were holding down and theres the thermostat. You'll lose a little antifreeze, so you need to add back. I recomend the pre-mixed stuff.
    it not something you can do, if you aint familar with car and tools

    How hard is it to change a thermostat please.?

    We have a Honeywell Thermostat in our house, combination cooling and heat, looks like it has gone out as we have redid the pilot light and the cool will not come on,nor the heat, therefore, we think it is the thermostat, is it very hard to change, it looks like you just unscrew it and disconnect the wires and reconnect a new one in the same place. It is only 3 yrs. old, we also changed the batteries with no luck,it doesn't look like it would be too hard, a little scary for someone who has never done it. Any help appreciated, just daughter and mom living here, no expert in sight. Thanks much. How hard is it to change a thermostat please.?

    The big question is why did the pilot light go out in the first place.

    It has nothing to do with the thermostat. The local utilities will

    come to your home and check it out for you, most likely, it will

    be free of charge. Just speak with a representative when you call

    them. Are you sure the pilot light is still lit ? Don't wait till you are

    freezing or your pipes freeze.

    Good luck to you..How hard is it to change a thermostat please.?
    Yep, its easy. They come with instructions. I got a little scared because the wires weren't EXACTLY the same color shades, so I called their help line and they were very nice and talked me through the whole thing. You can do it!
    You are right about removing and replacing the wires. That is all there is to it. They are low voltage so you don't have to worry about being shocked. New ones come with instructions. Take your time and you will be fine. Good luck.
    wrong forum, but the new one will come with a wiring diagram.

    It is simple

    OK, I Just changed my thermostat and had my Taurus flushed and filled (radiator)and still no heat from heater?

    So my next guess is the heater core, if so, where is it and how hard is it to change ?OK, I Just changed my thermostat and had my Taurus flushed and filled (radiator)and still no heat from heater?
    Bandit is correct despite the thumbs down someone gave him. You have to flush the heater core seperatly from the radiator, just disconnect both hoses at the fire wall and runa GENTLE stream of water through it in both directions. You will see how much rust and gunk comes out. Don't use too much pressure or you could damage the core causing it to leak into the car interior.OK, I Just changed my thermostat and had my Taurus flushed and filled (radiator)and still no heat from heater?
    Its not the heater core. Means there is still air in the cooling system. Have to find that bleed port, on the highest point of the cooling system, and slowly open it to get the air out.
    make sure you run the car long enough to get the engine warm. otherwise it will not blow heat. i know it is simple but sometimes i overlook the simple things.
    There is a valve on the hoses that supply coolant to the heater. It is probably not working. Usually vacuum operated.
    if you just flushed the radiator then that,s not going to help the heater core. you need to flush it too.
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  • How to change a thermostat in 1992 BMW 325I?

    read this to change a thermostat in 1992 BMW 325I?
    so i gave you the best answer, and you chose indianajones as the best answer?? hahaha....

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    How to change a thermostat in 1992 BMW 325I?
    the engine drain plug is under the exhaust manifold, likely under cyl 4 or 5, but it is under cyl 2-3 on some BMW engines. Just look under the car and you should see a plug on the block. it should be a 19mm hex head on the plug, but sometimes people use other plugs.

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    the bleed screw is a plastic screw, usually right next to the radiator cap.

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    This is not too bad of a DIY job. I would recruit a friend to help and allocate about 3-4 hrs.

    0. turn on the car, set heater to full hot, and fan to some low setting. this opens up the heater core for the coolant drain/flush.

    1. make sure the car is cooled. You don't want to work on a hot engine and you don't want hot coolant all over yourself.

    2. jack up the car on the appropriate jack stands. bring it as high as you can for more clearance as you have to get under the car.

    3. drain the coolant from the radiator

    4. drain the coolant from the engine block

    5. remove the air duct at the front of the car

    6. disconnect the upper radiator hose

    7. remove the fan (left hand threads on the 32mm nut)

    8. disconnect the expansion tank overfill hose

    9. raise the expansion tank with the plastic frame

    10. disconnect the heater coolant hose from the bottom

    11. disconnect the coolant level sensor plug

    12. now remove the entire plastic frame and expansion tank

    13. remove the two 13mm bolts from the engine hook and remove the hook. one of the bolts holds the thermostat housing.

    14. disconnect lower radiator hose

    15. remove 3 more 10mm bolts from the thermostat housing

    16. remove thermostat housing

    17. remove thermostat and replace with new one w/ O-ring

    Then just reverse the steps. Apply silicone sealant to the thermostat housing. the 10mm bolts are torqued to 10Nm, the 13mm bolts are torqued to 22Nm. The engine block drain plug is torqued to 25Nm. Always use a new aluminum crush washer for the engine drain plug, this is what seals it so coolant doesn't leak out. The radiator plug should just be hand tight. Make sure all hoses are connected securely and tighten the hose clamps accordingly. Make sure to bleed air out of the cooling system after refilling the coolant. Add more coolant until you have it at the right level. Make sure your heater is blowing hot which helps as an indicator that you don't have air pockets.

    For the next few days, keep an eye on your engine temp. If it creeps up above normal, stop the car and let it cool down. Relieve cooling system pressure slowly through the bleed screw. Then open the expansion tank and add more coolant/water as necessary.

    Side note: on the 328i I just worked on this weekend, i had to remove the pre-cat O2 sensor for cyl 4-6 in order to get the drain plug off the engine block. on other BMW engines, i never had to do this, but you may run into the same obstacle. in which case, just remove the O2 sensor with a 22mm oxygen sensor socket. cover up the O2 hole with duct tape before you drain the engine block so you don't get coolant into your pipes. when re-attaching the O2 sensor, apply a little bit of anti-seize and torque it to 50Nm.

    Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?

    the thermostat recently went on my civic so i went and bought a new one im pretty sure i know how to change it but i just want to make sure im right?? what is the correct way to change it?Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?
    SOME of them are on the LOWER hose - not sure about yours.Changing the thermostat for a 1998 Civic?
    The side with the spring goes towards the engine.
    make sure your car is cold before u start the job. empty your radiator and turn the heater control to hot, and try to blow out as much coolant as u can to prepare the system to be flushed as now is the time to do it. follow the lower radiator hose up to the thermostat housing, remove the clamp and then the hose. there will be 2 10mm head bolts holdong the housing on as well as a third bolt holding ground wires, remove the ground wires and then the holding bolts. shove a garden hose down all your openings and flush till clean water comes out. put the new thermostat with a new gasket into place and reverse the removal steps. the TRICK to filling up the coolant. a couple of inches behind the thermostat, on the housing, is a bleeder for the coolant. because u flushed with water, pour pure coolant up to 3/4 of a gallon in to the radiator. mix whats left with water to 50/50 and top off. fire up your car and look for any leaks. good luck

    How to change a thermostat on a 2.2 acura 1997?

    Follow the top radiator hose back to the engine. It connects to a fitting that bolts on to the engine with two or three bolts.

    Don't unbolt it until you have purchased a new thermostat and have a new gasket.

    Now unbolt those three bolts and tug the thing off of the engine. The thermostat is right there and is easily removed.

    Be sure the mating surfaces of the housing and the head are smooth. After using a putty knife to remove the old gasket, carefully use a fine file to make the surface smooth. If you can't get a file onto the head surface, just do your best. If it is not as smooth as you'd like, use red silicone when putting the thing back together. Don't glob it on! If it pooches out and breaks off into the cooling gallery it has been known to cause blockages that can result in localized overheating. A very thin film on a mating surface is all that's needed.

    Place the thermostat in the recess, put the gasket in place (with or without silicone) and put the housing back in place, insert and snug up the two or three bolts finger tight. Now use a wrench to get them moderately snug. If you overtighten the bolts you can easily snap off an ear from the housing. It's only aluminum, not titanium.

    If you'd like you can test your old thermostat by putting it in a pan with some hot water. Turn on the heat and watch the thermostat. It should open before the water boils. If it does, you replaced a good thermostat. If it doesn't open, you just fixed the problem.

    I always drill two 1/8 inch holes in the surface of a thermostat for a couple reasons. The first reason is that it makes it easier to fill the radiator. The second reason is that the warm water from the engine will get to it quicker if a little water is already flowing through it. The third reason is that when it goes bad you'll have at least a little water flowing so you can at least drive at low speads until you can replace it.

    If you want the best coolant in the world, buy it at the Mercedes Benz dealer. All coolants have a lubricant in them to lubricate the water pump bushing. Most brands use silicone suspended in solution (silicone is a solid). As the silicone precipitates out of solution it clogs your radiator and stops lubricating your water pump. MB coolant has a liquid lubricant that never precipitates out of solution . . . problem solved. Just FYI.How to change a thermostat on a 2.2 acura 1997?
    You sure it's bad. Lot's of thermostats changed for no reason. If your car is running hot take it to a RADIATOR SHOP and have it checked, save you a lot of time and maybe money. NEVER replace any part till you know the problem.How to change a thermostat on a 2.2 acura 1997?
    If you need 2 ask then dont attempt it - you could f it up by using wrong sealer or something

    How do I get to the thermostat on a 1995 VW Golf?

    I am trying to change the thermostat on my VW Golf but can not figure out how to get to it. Please help How do I get to the thermostat on a 1995 VW Golf?
    It's installed on the bottom of the water pump housing. It has the lower

    radiator hose attached to it. Make sure you observed the position of

    the thermostat and seals during removal. You will need to go to your

    dealer and get the thermostat, gasket, coolant. Approx 1 hour to replace. And another 30 minutes to fill and bleed the cooling system.

    You do know how to bleed the system don't you? Torque specs on the housing bolts are 10NM. Good luck!

    Accidently changes digital thermostat to Celcius?

    I have a maple Chase thermometer 09500 how do i change it back to farenheit?Accidently changes digital thermostat to Celcius?
    There is a small button ';convert'; which switches the C掳 to F掳 and a host of other options.
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  • Where is the thermostat in My Mazda 6s?

    I saw the ';how to change the thermostat the easy way'; and the Ehow tutorial and neither of them make much since to me. Ive just moved and have nowhere to go that wants less than 150 for what i understand is a simple job. Can anyone explain where it is is my car. Please and thanks very much.Where is the thermostat in My Mazda 6s?
    You follow your upper radiator hose (i think), and it will lead to a housing, inside that housing is your thermostat. Take the housing off and dont forget to put sealant on it when you put it back on. You might want something to catch anti-freeze with also, it will make a little mess

    How to change the thermostat on a 1999 jeep cherokee?

    top radiator hose on motor side 2 or 3 bolts clean old gasket off and replace the thermostat and gasket refill with coolant / water mix and your good to go

    How to change a thermostat on a fiat punto mrk 2?

    model 2000,1.2 16vHow to change a thermostat on a fiat punto mrk 2?
    Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine block. It is attached to a housing that has 2 bolts that connect it to the engine block. Unscrew the bolts, remove the housing and there's the thermostat. Reverse the procedure to install the new thermostat.

    How do I change the heater core on a '95 chevy caprice?

    I have no heat in the car. I changed the thermostat then flushed the heater core then flushed radiator. I put cardboard in front of radiator. Still no heat! Cold in michigan!

    Do I need to change the core or is there something I'm missing?How do I change the heater core on a '95 chevy caprice?
    The only time you should have to change the heater core is when it's leaking. I would have to look at it to exactly know, but you should check the following:

    Does your heater motor work?

    Is your coolant level up?

    Is there an air lock? do you need to bleed the system?

    Does the engine run hot? ( you might have a bad water pump)

    What is the heat range on your new thermostat?

    Lastly, if anybody was fooling around under the dash they may have un plugged one of the vacuum lines that go to your heat selection switch. Try to get under there or remove the board that the switch is on and carefully inspect the back of the switch. You want to make sure that all the vacuum lines are plugged in without un plugging anything.

    Good luckHow do I change the heater core on a '95 chevy caprice?
    NATHANIEL G has some good points and covers good areas however, I have seen heater cores in need of replacement due to plug up. In most cases it has been on GM vehicles because of the lack of performing coolant flushes. GM claims one can go 5 years or 100K miles before flushing the system out because dex-cool is supposed have longer life. Anyone thats been in the business long enough knows otherwise and thats why we recommend to our customers that the coolant be power flushed as soon as their GM warranty expires. That stuff turns to gel and causes all sorts of problems.

    On a final note, NATHANIEL G suggested you check the heater control valve. Thats actually the first thing I would have checked, I'll walk you through it. Now I'm going assume that this is your only problem since you were not too specific in regards to weather or not the car is actually reaching operating temperature. Once your car is fully warmed, locate your heater control valve which should be toward the firewall on your right side in the engine compartment. Now physically turn that valve to the opposite direction and hold it there while someone sits in the car with the heater on. Did warm air come out? If yes, then now you have to find out why; Is there a vacuum hose broken? etc. If not, thats the best I can do without you giving us further information and even then it's hard to diagnose things without physically being there. Good luck!
    should be passenger side up under the dash,

    How to change temperature on thermostat?

    I live in a condo and we use the Honeywell T6570/T8570 thermostat. There's no Heat/Cool switch. The only switches available are OFF/ON, FAN (ON/AUTO), and FAN SPEED (1-2-3).

    How do I change the temperature, so that the AC blows cool air?How to change temperature on thermostat?
    read the manual to change temperature on thermostat?
    There should be 2 buttons on that thermostat, with up and down arrows.

    Pressing those buttons controls the temperature on the thermostat.

    The temperature Read-Out should change accordingly
    Aphello has it right. You may have to press and hold the button to make it change the temperature.. Now look for a button that says hold and the temperature will stay.
    go to this web page and read. It gives you the entire breakdown of your thermostat.
    the temperature may controlled remotely from a outside location or that may for a attic vent fan
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  • Trying to figure out how to change this thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit.?

    Digital Cadet thermostat. See photo: Any ideas?Trying to figure out how to change this thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit.?
    Try cycling through the program menu. It may be a mechanical switch. Remove the T stat and check.Trying to figure out how to change this thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit.?
    In your head, double the fahrenheit number and add 30 and you will be pretty close

    How do I change the antifreeze on my car?

    How do I change the antifreeze on my car? I had to put in water over the summer when the car overheated and I changes the thermostat. But now, with the cold weather, I need to empty the water and put in 50-50 antifreeze.

    How do I accomplish this?How do I change the antifreeze on my car?
    drain it and refill with 50/50 making sure you dont get any trapped air bubbles, look for a bleed plug at the highest location.

    and remember not to drain it into a storm drain, it is a biohazard :(How do I change the antifreeze on my car?
    There's a drain on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the radiator, and then pour in the antifreeze.
    probably go pay to have it drained, flushed, and filled. If you want to do it yourself, find the drain plug, put a container under it, drain, flush with a garden hose a couple times, put plug back in, refill. If your have an older car, I suggest you do it yourself, if you really dont know much and it is an expensive one, put out the 100 bucks or whatever to have it done by professionals.
    you drain out enough water so that you can replace it with anti freeze. I think you remove the bottom radiator hose to allow the water to flow out. there may be a plug somewhere but I don't think so
    turn the stopcock under the radiator to drain and the cap atop the radiator is usually for filling unless you have an extended hose to offset the infill cap
    At the bottom of the radiator should be a nut which, when loosened will let the radiator empty. Alternatively, you can disconnect the bottom hose and empty it that way.

    As a quick point, it is not a good idea to run plain water for too long - as anti-freeze is used not only to prevent freeze-ups but ALSO contains a corrosion inhibitor.

    You might well find your water is a little rusty looking when you drain down, don't panic unduly, but you might then want to put the garden hose i the top of the radiator and keep it running until the water is running clean. THEN drain down. put pipe back on (or tighten up the bolt) and then refill.
    start your engin. open the peacock valve on the bottom of your radiator, let all the water run out including the water in the block. watch you temp. guage. do not over heat to a boiling point. shut off engin, let cool, install anti freeze depending on the size of your raditor. then top off with half water.
    what you need to do it to take off the bottom hose on the radiator to drain it %26amp; aslo remove bottom hose on radiator reservoir ot drain it if you can. once all drained reconect %26amp; fill her up. Guy.
    dont flush it if it is an old car. sediment builds up and actually plugs holes in your radiator. flushing it will flush that out and give you leaks.
    There should be a plug at the bottom of your radiator. You should be able to flush out the system that way.
    Unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of your radiator and let the liquid come out them flush the radiator out with a water hose or special flush liquid from the cap on top of the radiator put the plug back in and fill the radiator back up with 50/50 put the cap back on and there you go!
    there should be a drain on the bottom of your radiator that would be the quickest way
    on the bottom of the radiator theres a relise mechanism that looks similar to a wing nut turn it till the old antifreeze starts coming out then let it all drain out and then tighten it back up and add the new antifreeze till its full then start you car let it warm up then cool off and check it you will prolly have to add some more antifreeze and thats it nothing to it good luck catcha later bro
    Simply lay on your back, shimmy under the front of the car where the radiator is(pull a nice size flat pan under with you to catch the fliud you are going to let out) search for a butterfly shape valve(adjustable wench needed) to open the radiator drain valve and let the water drain into the pan untill the radiator is empty. Close the valve and, come from under the car and refill your new concoction through the top of the radiator after taking the pressure cap of. Note; use eye goggles when working underneath and check for any leak at the drain valve and you don't have to remain under the car while it is draining.

    How can I get my downstairs gas furnace to kick in quicker when I increase degrees on the thermostat?

    When I wake up in the morning the temperature in the house may show 69 degrees on the thermostat. I increase the thermostat to 74 degrees to get some heat. It never comes on. I switch the fan from auto to on and then back and it may come on. I take the door off the furnace, put it back, I hear a click, then it kicks in. The colder it gets the longer it takes to come on, sometimes as long as 15 minutes. No problem upstairs, change the thermostat the heat comes on instantly. My house has high ceilings.How can I get my downstairs gas furnace to kick in quicker when I increase degrees on the thermostat?
    adjust the anticipator.How can I get my downstairs gas furnace to kick in quicker when I increase degrees on the thermostat?
    check the location of your thermostat if it located in a warm spot allready it may need to be moved or it is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced
    the blower shouldn't come on until the furnace heats up other wise it will be blowing cold air, so there should be a delay between raising the temperature and the blower coming on however if the furnace is warmed up and the blower is not on then the limit switch might need adjusted or replaced.
    I would suggest getting a programmable digital thermostat to put on your system; that way, you can program the thermostat to turn your system on just before you usually get up. Most gas-fired systems have to warm up before coming on, so that's probably the delay you're experiencing; it has to heat the air that's already in the system before the blower comes on, or you would have COLD air coming out of the vents. Your upstairs is almost certainly warmer than your downstairs most of the time, so that may account for the differences. If you still think there's a problem, then certainly it would be a good idea to have the system checked by a reputable repair service.
    Your relay maybe sticking have it replaced
    Are the burners burning clean and the full length and evenly ?

    They should be a blue flame and not much yellow if any at all.
    It sounds like you need a new thermostat

    Can anyone give detailed instuctions on how to chage a thermostat or give a link?

    I have a 2003 chevrolet impala 3.4L V6 and I am having a problem with the engine temp right now and need to change the thermostat.I heard it is pretty simple to where I do not need to go to a mechanic. If someone could please post the instuctions or post a link to where I can find (free) repair instuctions I would greatly appreciate it.Can anyone give detailed instuctions on how to chage a thermostat or give a link?
    Buy either a Chilton or a Haynes repair book for your vehicle and it tells how to do it.

    1. Raise the hood.

    2. Look at your engine.

    3. Underneath the intake manifold there is a triangular piece of metal that has 3 bolts that connects it to the other piece of metal and it has a black hose coming out of it.

    4. Remove the hose and tuck it out of the way before you do anything.

    5. Take the 3 bolts out of this triangular piece of metal.

    6. When you remove this piece the thermostat should just fall right out of the whole that was behind the triangular piece of metal.

    7. Insert the new thermostat where the old one was.

    8. Hold the triangular piece with one hand while starting the first bolt with your hand.

    9. Once the first bolt is started start the other 2 bolts.

    10. Now tighten all the bolts.

    11. Put the hose back on.

    12. Crank the vehicle to make sure everthing is running ok.Can anyone give detailed instuctions on how to chage a thermostat or give a link?

    It is very simple job!!
    get a book about your car at the auto part store and it will tell you step by step good luck
    if you r gona b working on your car get a shop manual from advance/autozone/o'reilly parts store...u will learn a lot abt ur car...even if u don't do the work urself u can keep the mechanic honest...
    See if Haynes or Chilton has any info online. Both are reputable sources for car repair info. Also, your local library might have these in stock.
    just follow the top hose line from your radiator to your engine. it will lead you to the thermostat housing.. undo the hose from the housing and then take the 3 boltz out of the housing unit. and lift it off. inside you will find your thermostat.

    To check to see if it is working properly or not before replacing it. you can stick in in a pan of boiling water and see if it opens like it should. if it doesnt then replace. if it opens. then that is not your problem. Also make sure that you are using the right kiind of antifreeze. some cars take a different type and if you use the regular antifreeze that is green, you can ruin your engine. That too will cause your overheating problems if you use the wrongkind. then you will have to burp it and all kinds of fun stuff to fix it. check your owners manual or it should tell ya on the radiator.

    If you find that it is your thermostat. replace it where the other one was at in the same direction. and then you have to have some sealant that you put around the housing along with the gasket that comes with it. make sure that you have a real tight seal when you put the housing back on the motor and then tighten down the housing and then put back on the radioator hose and tighten. That simple. Good luck!

    And just because I am female, don't mean I dont know how to do mechanics. I repaired my 78 chevy truck myself for 5 years. I miss my truck
    1. Thoroughly clean the thermostat housing.

    2. Remove the bolts holding the top cover.

    3. Remove the old thermostat.

    4. Clean the housing of any residual gasket pieces or sealant.

    5. Replace the new thermostat. Use the correct gasket and approved sealing compound.

    6. Replace and tighten the bolts.

    7. Start engine and check for leaks.

    Good luck

    As a general rule, if you follow the top hose from the radiator you will find the thermostat housing at the other end. It will be dome shaped and held down by three bolts.

    Before you do anything, turn the heater control FULLY ONTO HOT, to minimise the chance of an airlock, remembering that if it is electrically controlled, you may need to switch on the ignition to power the heater control, and then switch it back off after the adjustment.

    Before you undo the bolts, pull the bottom hose from the radiator and drain the cooling system down by about half in order that the level falls lower than the thermostat, then refit the bottom hose.

    Remove the three bolts, remove the old thermostat, clean the mating surfaces, fit the new thermostat with the supplied new seal, and refit the thermostat housing with a new gasket.

    Next you must top up the cooling system again with a mixture of antifreeze and water (preferably de-ionised water) as follows:-

    Top up the coolant to the max level, and with the coolant cap still removed, run the engine until the fan comes on.

    Whilst the engine is running, keep a close eye on the coolant level as it may go down slightly, if so, top it back up. Look for leaks around the thermostat housing and hose, and around the radiator bottom hose.

    Once the cooling fan has been on once or twice, switch off the engine and replace the coolant cap.

    Job done!

    Very best regards

    well i dont know of any free instructions but i would buy a repair manual from hanyes or something like that it teaches you alot about your car and performing repairs on it but remember GM recommends a fluid flush and fill when replacing the thermostat

    How can I tell if I need a thermostat or a new water pump for my 94 Honda Accord?

    The engine is overheating after about thirty minutes of driving.

    The oil and anti-freeze levels are fine.

    The top radiator hose gets hot, as does the radiator itself.

    The heater works fine, blows hot air.

    From advice I received, I am gambling on changing the thermostat, but would like to be sure I'm not wasting time and money.

    Also, does anyone know of any links which have videos or diagrams of how to change a 94 Honda Accord thermostat?

    Thanks!How can I tell if I need a thermostat or a new water pump for my 94 Honda Accord?
    start with a thermostat and see.

    all you have to do is start at the top hose on your radiator and follow it to the top of your engine. under that spot of the hose is the thermostat. loosen that and take out the thermostat.

    Make sure you Have a thermostat and gasket Prior to taking it apart, unless u have another way to an auto store.
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  • 1997 Hinda Accord thermostat problem?

    My car wasn't blowing air hot enough, so i thought maybe it needed a new thrmostat. Yesterdat I changed thermostat on my 1197 Honda Accord 2.2 VTEC 4cyl sedan and now when i start it, the RPM keeps changing from 1000 to 3000 continously untill the car heats up. I havn't noticed any changed in overall temperature. Please let me know what might be causing the RPM to continously jump from 1000 to 3000 and how can I fix it. Thanks.1997 Hinda Accord thermostat problem?
    You've created an air bubble in the cooling system. After the car is cool enough to open the radiator cap do so. With the engine off crack the bleeder screw that's on the thermostat housing and pour coolant into the radiator until you see it stop spitting air out and there's a constant flow of coolant coming out the bleeder screw then tighten up the bleeder screw put the radiator cap back on and your done. Good luck and hope this helps.1997 Hinda Accord thermostat problem?
    is there a ground you left off that is held on by the thermost bolts
    Check all the wires in the area you were working in. Make sure you didn't accidentally disconnect a wire or rip one off its connector.
    When you changed the thermostat you introduced an air bubble into the cooling system. That keeps coolant from getting to the thermo-lift (cold idle) valve at normal idle speeds, which causes the valve to open and raise the idle. Then the higher idle gets hot coolant to the valve, which closes and lowers the idle. The cycle starts over again.

    To fix it, open the bleed nipple on the top of the thermostat housing about half a turn with a 12 mm socket on an extension. Close it when a steady stream of coolant comes out. Life is good.

    Thermostat furnace change?

    I would like to change my thermostat from the wired in type that I have now to a wireless type. Is it hard to install? How do I do it? My furnace is oil/hot air.Thermostat furnace change?
    First make sure you have a thermostat that will work with your kind of heat. (gas, electric, heat pump) Then turn of the power to your unit so you do not blow the transformer. You will need a small straight blade screwdriver and then just follow the directions.

    How to change a thermostat on a 2003 hyundai tiburon and where is the thermostat at on my car? please someone

    Take it to the mechanic.How to change a thermostat on a 2003 hyundai tiburon and where is the thermostat at on my car? please someone
    it depends on if its a 4 cyl or a v6. On a 4cyl its located right above where the transmission connects to the block. If its a v6 it is located behind the inlet fitting and connects the two heads together. Follow the upper radiator hose from the radiator and you will find it.How to change a thermostat on a 2003 hyundai tiburon and where is the thermostat at on my car? please someone
    The thermostat is usually located in the housing where the top radiator hose is attached to the engine. I

    How to change a thermostat on a 1993 Nissan Quest Van?

    Follow the hose from the top of the radiator to the engine block. It will go into a housing attached to the block...should be heald on with 3 bolts. Remove all 3 bolts, lift up housing, pull out old thermostat, replace thermostat and gasket.

    When finished, flush the cooling system to remove junk so you wont be replacing another one.

    good luck, hope this helps.How to change a thermostat on a 1993 Nissan Quest Van?
    the actual question is my quest heater is not getting hot? or my van over heats do you think I need to replace the theromstat? Yes however the water bypass C shaped hose between the CYl heads in the middle of the timing cover and long top radatior hose need to be removed. You will need a thermostat silicone sealant 12mm universal socket several extentsions patience and those hoses mentioned before. Wire brush on a grinder is especally useful grinding off corrosion and gasket material from the thermostat housing. Don't forget to shine a flash light thru the radatior core see if it is plugged up with cottonwood seeds or chaffe. Sometime just washing the junk out cools off a van. sometime you will be replacing the entire cooling system water pump timing belt and all. Good luck 1993 is 15 years old.How to change a thermostat on a 1993 Nissan Quest Van?

    How to change old thermostat 2 wire to new thermostat?

    The assumption is that this is a heating thermostat!

    The wires are connected to the R or RH and the W terminals.

    If this is a Cooling thermostat, then the wires are connected to the RC and the Y or Y1 terminals.

    This is strictly generic information and may not apply to your situation, more info would be helpful.How to change old thermostat 2 wire to new thermostat?
    The new Thermostat will have directions in the package. If not or if you lose them, The red wire in the wall is + and the balck is - .How to change old thermostat 2 wire to new thermostat?
    I have a wireless thermostat installed. Never had any trouble with it. It interfaces with a receiver stationed on the furnance unit. No wires.
    If your old thermostat only had two terminals, it was either direct current, or heating only or cooling only. You will need to replace with the same type of thermostat. If direct current, check the polarity of the wires BEFORE hooking any up. If it is heat or cool only, it really doesn't matter which side of the switch you put the wires.
    Your question is not very clear.

    may be able to help you. See if you spot your specific problem there.
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  • How to change a thermostat on a 98 honda passport?

    digram of a thermostat on honda 98 passportHow to change a thermostat on a 98 honda passport?
    Some quotes from

    ';...thermostat is right in front, under the coil packs and connected to the lower radiator hose by a ';chevy style'; water neck.

    I know because I replaced it about 2 weeks ago during a cooling system service. The part was about $23.00 at the dealer. I get a discount there, so my cost was a few dollars less.

    The coolant gauge was indicating halfway or better on the scale, now it goes up to about a third and stays there. The radiator hoses aren't nearly as hard with pressure as they used to be and the engine is much happier with adequate cooling.

    When I was flushing the system, I couldn't run the engine with the radiator cap removed, the water would gush out like an erupting volcano. This was before I replaced the thermostat.

    Another thing- the radiator's drain plug is located in a terrible position and is virtually useless. I ended up pulling the lower radiator hose to drain the water / flushing solution, this worked much better.';

    How to change a thermostat in a1990 f-250 diesel?

    You will need to follow the top radiator hose out of the radiator and to the block. Unhook the hose from where it attaches to the block and there will be two nuts holding the fitting to the block that the water hose fits on. Underneath this fitting is the thermostat. Just undo the bolts and replace the thermostat. Pay attention to the way that the thermostat is laid into the block and be sure that you get it back in the same way. Also be sure that the truck has cooled as there will be some antifreeze spillage and that stuff create nasty burns. You should be able to do it be yourself without any problems.

    I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango and need to change the thermostat...where is it located and how do I change it?

    Im not sure where it is located or how to get to itI drive a 1999 Dodge Durango and need to change the thermostat...where is it located and how do I change it?
    follow the upper rad hose to the thermostat housing, let the cooling system cool down drain the cooling system remove the upper rad hose remove the thermostat housing remove the thermostat and clean all gasket mating surfaces reinstall the stat with the pointed end up! install the housing and hose fill with coolant and bleed the air from the system by reving the engine to around 4500rpm this should remove the air traped in the block I hope this helpsI drive a 1999 Dodge Durango and need to change the thermostat...where is it located and how do I change it?
    Follow the upper rad hose to eng, it is at the bottom of hose, you'll probably need a socket and long extension to get at it the two bolts.
    Please look under your hood as in most cars its easy to find..

    the above answer is the best, the only thing I would add is to remember which way the thermostat is situated in the housing.

    You do not want to install it upside down.

    If you have mimimal experience this is an easy replacemet to do.

    Just remember which way the thermostat is oriented inthe housing!!!!!!
    If you have a V8, you will have to remove the a/c compressor, because there is not enough room to remove the hose clamp holding the top hose to the thermostat housing. If you haven't done one before, it can be a daunting situation. You have to unhook the electrical connections from the compressor, remove a nut holding the hose bracket near the alternator. There is enough slack in the a/c hoses to move the compressor to the right side out of the way with out discharging the refrigerant.

    The thermostat housing is steel and held on with two bolts, after removing clean all the old gasket off the manifold and housing. Place the thermostat in the manifold long side down, put on the gasket and bolt everything back like you found it. Do not overtighten and strip those bolt holes in the manifold, and tighten both sides evenly.
    Its located at the dealership's repair shop.
    It is not a bright idea for you to do it.

    Considering you don't even know where it is located or how to do it; I'd say you don't have any experience with tools or engines.

    Don't mess with it, risk of doing it wrong are high.

    Consecuences are expensive.

    How do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?

    I NEED HELP TO CHANGE THE THERMOSTAT, HI LIMIT IN A MAYTAG DRYERHow do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?
    GIVE US THE MO NO AND SER NO TO GET THE RIGHT ANSWER. ALSO WHAT IS IT DOING WRONG?How do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?
    It's simple. First purchase the new limit switch. Then remove the two screws that hold the old one on. Remove the old wires one by one and connect to the new thermostat. Replace the thermostat with the two screws and your finished.
    There are other possibilities for it not heating but I'll give you what you asked for. With a puty knife push in two clips located between the top and front front panel. You have to feel for them. They are approx. 1 inch in from both ends, Push in one at a time and hold in while lifting that corner. Older model dryers have two phillip screws 4 inches up from the bottom of the front. Remove those and pull out on the bottom and lift off. Remove two 5/16 screws to allow the top to lift up. The high limit is located behind the drum,top rear. You will see 2 thermostats. They both come in the same kit. The large one is the high limit. The small one is a thermal fuse. Both must be replaced. The thermal fuse will have a pink or yellow dot. The kit comes with a pink and yellow thermal fuse. Replace with the same color. (One is for gas, the other for electric). Word of caution: Attach the wires before reinstalling in case you drop it. The kit is about $25.00. If the vent is blocked or the operating thermostat is stuck closed. Plan on doing it all over again.
    what makes you think high limit is bad...most time the cycling limit is the one goes bad or the thermal to get to these depends on what model maytag dryer you have....on some the back comes off and all of these are fairly easy to get to....on others you have to pop top up remove front panel take tub out and then replace....on some the bottom front is hinged and it just pulls down and you can see the heating element..high limit is always mounted on the cannister the heating element is in...cycling limit and thermal fuse is usually mounted on the exhaust vent so they can sense tub tempertaure...

    How do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?


    If I can get specifics. What to remove and where. This would help. What am I looking for, I have a general idea from certain websites, but they really don't help at all.



    3 WIRE 120/240 V ~ 60 HZ. I PH.

    MODEL NO. - PYE2300AYW

    REV. - 10

    MAYTAGHow do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?
    Have you tried the Repair Clinic. It has a diagram and troubleshooting page that might help.If not you can call them for free help and advise.How do I change a thermostat, hi limit for a Maytag dryer?
    you can test the high limit.. mine was a hotpoint but then again ge makes about all of them. my high limit was on the back wall inside.. raised up the top and you can see it back there. round with 2 screw holding it and 2 wires.. test it with a cotinuity(sp) tester.. should hear the beep.. no heat can be bad elements also. you can pretty much look at them and see if you have a bad one. i doubt its the t-stat or controller
    This is a very good and expensive dryer---also fire prone if you wire the wrong things together. Call a Maytag man! please.
    You would also want to check the door switch, alot of times that can be the coulpret, But the thermal fuse is along the side of the element box that is located on the top left ubder the top of this machine. I beleive there may be a couple of snap clips under the lid in the front that you can release with a putty knife to raise the lid and get to the parts you will need to test.
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  • How much to fix a heater core?

    I have a Ford Tarus 99 how much would it be to fix a heater core??? Plus if we have changed thermostat, flushed ratiator and heater still don't work it the heater core definatly the problem????How much to fix a heater core?
    Ok a few questions for you. Does the blower blow air? And did all the air get out of the system? If it didn't it could be causing a air pocket that won't let the fluid flow. but if all of that is good then it really shouldn't cost that much depending on where you liveHow much to fix a heater core?
    When you had done all of the items. When you where running the car did you turn on the heater? It will take some time for the new fluids to make its way back into the core. Start car and turn on the heater. Open radiator cap first to get a good flow. Warm up car. Check after about 10 min. to see if you have good flow in radiator. When there is a good flow. Then check to see if you have heat. Replace radiator cap. Then recheck heater. If not working still, Then check for a collapsed heater feed line hose.
    The labor time needed to make a heater core repair is 5 hours per ALLDATA. The factory heater core is $74.00, so this is not a really quick or cheap repair. I'm guessing from what you have done so far on the vehicle that you are having overheating problems. The only thing that really happens to heater cores is they begin leaking when they get older. If you are having overheating problems....the first thing to check (since you have replaced the thermostat) would be to make sure the electric fan is kicking on like it is supposed to....these are controlled with by a module and I believe they operate at 2 different speeds. I hope this helps.

    2005 Dodge Neon keeps overheating even after changing thermostat?

    One day my car started overheating and the heat stopped working. Did a check online and figured it was my thermostat. Changed thermostat but its still doing the exact same thing.

    Did a thermostat check in boiling water and it works

    Water pump does not appear to be leaking or making any unusual noises

    Car runs fine, other than overheating and no heat

    Drained radiator for the first time in 4 years today. Color was orangish red (not sure what the original antifreeze color was). Very small amount came out, just drops in fact. I've never noticed any external coolant leaks.

    Refilled it with water, ran for a few minutes, saw no leaks, drained again and it all came out. Top and bottom radiator hoses are both hot when engine is hot.

    After refilling radiator with water, did a bleeding technique by running car on moderate incline with radiator cap off, saw lots of air bubbles for several minutes (looking into thermostat housing where radiator cap leads to). Not sure how long I should have let it run but I did it for about 4 or 5 minutes, then got impatient waiting for the bubbles to cease (seemed like it should have been done bubbling but Ive never done this before)

    Water comes out of exhaust pipes but only occassionally, chalking it up to condensation. Did notice a VERY VERY TINY amount of white smoke today, but it went away and I chalked it up to it being about 40 or so degrees out today. Hopefully just steam.

    Oil looks fine, no milky white or bubbly look to it at all.

    Coolant resovoir does not smell like exhaust, nor does it bubble to my knowledge.

    I noticed when I popped radiator cap off I had some reddish orange grime built up on it and a little on the inside of the thermostat housing.

    I've done all of these checks and spent the last week trying to figure it out on my own. I am now resorting to help from others ;-) It's still doing the exact same thing. It doesn't really get too hot if I'm just idling, its when I start driving that it shoots up. It takes about 5-8 minutes for it to get close enough to the red to make me shut it off. The temp has been between 20 and 40 degrees here since this has happened.


    I would really appreciate any help. I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. I go from thinking its compression problems, to the thermostat, to the water pump, to a hose leak, to a head gasket....I can't figure it out. I don't have a lot of money. I do have a 7 year powertrain warranty but have no idea if this kind of stuff is covered in it, and I'm nervous to take it to the dealer because I don't have insurance and I have had some late payments in the recent past.2005 Dodge Neon keeps overheating even after changing thermostat?
    Get as much resource as you can maybe is one option,however it could be quite time consuming,here

    is one resource i have had good experience.2005 Dodge Neon keeps overheating even after changing thermostat?
    LOL, this is the best answer?

    Sorry, but this seems like spam, but I appreciate your input.

    It turned out to be just air pockets in my cooling system. After doing a proper bleeding technique I was able to fix the problem. Car runs great now! Thanks to all who replied!

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    Call up the dealership and have the vehicle towed and fixed under the warranty that you payed for.
    i think when you was installing the thermostat in it you might have cracked the housing or the intake on it,you need to check this because that will make it run hot on you and also make it loose coolant,you wont hear a head gasket making any noise on it,you,ll only notice a slight amount of smoke or steam from it ,you could have got a bad thermostat or that one is gone bad ,run a compression check on the engine and that will tell you if its got a blown head gasket or not on it without tearing the engine apart,the thermostat doesn't have anything to do with the compression on it,since its covered just take it on and let the warranty cover it,you could have also bought a bad thermostat to put in it also,it happens a lot these days,good luck.
    I agree with the other poster, I think the head gasket is leaking. Have it towed to a Chrysler dealer. It's still under warranty, so they will fix it. The fact that you are late on some payments is irrelevent to the service department. Headgaskets are covered, and the tow is covered as well. It won't cost you a dime.

    Good luck.
    If you had a bad head gasket, you would definetly get the milky color in you oil.

    You have to finish bleeding out the air in the cooling system.

    You said that you ';ran out of patience, waiting for the bubbles- I never done this before';. THAT was your mistake.

    In order to bleed out all of the air....

    Fill up the radiator with antifreeze, if not full already.

    Leave off the cap and start the engine.

    Wait for the coolant to rise up and out of the radiator (with engine running)

    When the thermostat opens up - the coolant level in the radiator will drop suddenly. (this takes 10-15 min, depending on how cold it is outside and whether the engine is a little warm or completely cold)

    **At this point (level drops suddenly) the remaining air that's trapped will release into the radiator and you can see the coolant circulate inside the radiator-when you refill**

    That's when you refill the radiator with more antifreeze. leave some for the reserve tank, because of the air trapped in the heater core.

    replace the radiator cap and turn off the motor. Done.......

    I've talked to others that use the ';bubble method'; for bleeding out air, but I prefer the method that I just gave you, because it always works.

    Sure it's a little messy, it wastes a little antifreeze and it's not for wimps.

    But it ALWAYS WORKS.
    You really did a good check, however im sorry to say that your problem is either a blown head gasket or a cracked head, the combustion gases in the water jacket are creating a vapor lock type of condition stopping the flow of coolant (that's why the heat quite working) those neon's are known for head gasket problems. it's a pretty major task to replace the head and or gasket, I've done a bunch of them and there always a pain in the azz, but yea, that's what the problem is.

    How to change a thermostat of 1994 pontiac grand am

    Well, if it's the 3.1 V6, and it's anything like the 95' Grand AM i had (yeah, i said HAD, LOL!), you got your work cut out for you. The thermostat housing just may be located in the area underneath the throttle body housing, so you'd need to remove all the rubber air intake junk (not hard to do). But after that, it's going to take a lot of patience and some nimble fingers to get the housing off to expose the actual thermostat. You will NOT get a socket in there - i remember i think i used the correct size small closed loop box wrench to get the 2 small bolts out, and it was like 1/4 turn at a time - this job took me about one full afternoon - but i never factored in the time i spent cussing , throwing stuff, and kicking things, and the couple brewskis i had to ingest to chill me out. Good luck

    How to change a thermostat of 1994 pontiac grand am
    Follow the top rad hose from the rad and you'll find the thermostat housing , basically you must disconnect the hose clamp , then unbolt the thermostat housing and then the thermostat will be sitting inside of it.Pop the thermostat out , shove a soft clean cloth into the hole the thermostat came out of.

    Scrape the surface of the housing where the hose is attached to and I recommend taking the hose right off of it so you can clean it better easiar.Scrape the other part of the housing and be sure all the old thermostat gasket is removed.

    Make sure all the surfaces are clean and dry and use the factory recommended thermostat , install the thermostat right way up and apply a small beed of a high temperature gasket maker along the thermostat housing , then pop back the top housing into place , rebolt the housing , attache house and tighten clamp, add some anti freeze to over flow or rad, start up vehicle check the coolant level and watch for any leaks.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way the gasket maker is excellent to use bec it prevents most leaks and seals excellently.Plus get a service manual on your vehicle or go to the right parts outlet and you can get the free instructions and diagrams printed out to do this job too.

    Does anyone know how to reset a computer in a Suzuki Aerio 2003?

    Changed thermostat and now the car turns on but shuts off after a few minutes like its stalling itself out.Does anyone know how to reset a computer in a Suzuki Aerio 2003?
    To reset the ECU, just disconnect the positive battery terminal and then press the brake pedal a few times to drain any residual charge. Then reconnect the battery terminal. You can also pull the fuse for the ECU, which is usually located in the fuse box located under the hood....Does anyone know how to reset a computer in a Suzuki Aerio 2003?
    normally you need a special OBD2 scan tool. you can disconnect the negative battery cable with the headlamp switch turned on for about 10 minutes. this will erase the computers memory and drain power from the capacitors. just be aware that this will also make you lose all the memory on your radio.
    Take it to an auto parts store,most of them have a diagnosis computer that will clear all the codes.They will usually do this for free...good luck
    I used to have a car that the transmission would mess up and I would have to reset the computer occasionally. All i had to do was unhook the battery cables and put them back on.
    Disconnecting the battery will not clear the code. Suzuki is aware of it, because when I called to make an appointment of the ';chek eng'; light,they knew right away on the phone what the problem was. Told just to stop by anytime and they will clear it

    How difficult is to change a thermostat in 2002 VW PASSAT 1.8T automatic? Can I do it by myself?

    It's not all that difficult if you've got some basic mechanical ability. If I remember right, it's at the front of the car, on the left (from the front of the car) side. You'll need some decent channel-lock pliers or a pair of hose clamp pliers to pull the radiator hose off, then a largeish flat blade screwdriver to remove the squeeze clamp from around the thermostat itself, then it's just elbow grease and persuasion to get the old one out.

    The very most important part about this job, make sure you get the right kind of coolant to put back in the car! You'll need VW G12, G12+, or G12++ type coolant, and yes, there is a difference between the VW stuff and the junk you can buy at your local auto store. Totally different make up, the everyday stuff, especially mixed with VW stuff, can eat straight through seals and gaskets.How difficult is to change a thermostat in 2002 VW PASSAT 1.8T automatic? Can I do it by myself?
    The previous poster is partially right, however the front end (bumper cover) needs to be removed. This is a difficult job. Keep in mind you need to flush and fill with G12, G12+, or G12++. Careful though, if you get air in the system, that will cause major problems.
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  • How to change the thermostat on a 2001 2.7l chrysler sebring?

    need to know where it is located and how to replace itHow to change the thermostat on a 2001 2.7l chrysler sebring?
    Have it done at a shop Its not easy you'll have it towed there any wayHow to change the thermostat on a 2001 2.7l chrysler sebring?
    i acually did this the other day. its kind of behind the radiator where the hoses are connected to. the ones that go to the radiator. the thermostat is under that metal cover piece thing its got like 3 bolts on the cover. its easy all you have to do is first drain the anti freeze(get under the car and loosen the petcock), this may take a few minutes. when its drained disconntect the two hoses. then take off the metal cover and its inside there. be careful with the cover though because its very easy to break the gasket but its easy enough to get a new one.

    good luck.
    The following instructions come from my Hanes Repair Manual #25040 for the replacement of a thermostat on the 2.7 L engine:

    1. Raise the vehicle and place it securely on jackstands. Remove the right front wheel. Remove the accessory drivebelt splash shield.

    2. Remove the accessory drivebelts.

    3. Remove the lower alternator mounting bolt.

    4. Lower the vehicle.

    5. Disconnect the alternator electrical connectors.

    6. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the air conditioning compressor.

    7. Remove the oil dipstick and the dipstick tube. Plug the hole in the oil pan with a clean shop rag to prevent debris from entering the pan.

    8. Remove the rest of the alternator mounting bolts and then remove the alternator.

    9. Loosen the hose clamps and then disconnect the two hoses from the thermostat housing cover.

    10. Remove the thermostat housing cover bolts and then remove the housing.

    11. Note how the thermostat is installed, with the ';jiggle valve'; at the 12 o'clock position, and then remove the thermostat.

    12. Remove all traces of sealant from the housing and coverr with a gasket scraper.

    13. Install the thermostat housing cover and then tighten the bolts to the correct torque.

    14. Reattach the hoses to the thermostat housing cover. Make sure that the hose clamps are still tight.

    15. The remainder of the installation is the reverse of the removal.

    16. When you're done, refill the cooling system.

    17. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperature, then check for leaks and proper thermostat operation.

    Any one know how to change the thermostat on a Hotpoint ff72p fridge/freezer?

    The thermostat is basically the knob that you use to set the required temperature. Take the knob off, take the cover off, and you will see a switch with 2 wires on it plus an earth connection. Remove the wires, remove the fixing nut and follow the copper tube to the end, removing it as you go. You should finish up with a switch in your hand that has a copper tube attached to it. Take it to your local spares place, get a replacement, and fitting is a reverse of removal. Should take no more than half an hour.

    2005 Chevrolet Cavalier / Thermostat change

    I have a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier that needs a new thermostat. I can't believe where it is located. You need to remove the exhaust system in order to access the thermostat. Has anyone else dealt with this headache? The dealer wants a minimum of 4 hrs in their GM shop and a hefty $250 or better to replace this damn little $8 part. Should I attempt this on my own? Has anyone else done one of these? If so, how? Are there any short-cuts other than removing the exhaust system?2005 Chevrolet Cavalier / Thermostat change
    Your thermostat is beneath the exhaust manifold which must be removed in order to access it. The job takes approx. 2.2 hours and it would be a good idea to drain the coolant before starting. However, on an 05 Cavalier you shouldn't be replacing The thermostat this soon. If its overheating, be sure that the cooling fans are kicking on whenever the temperature gets high. This would sound like a more reasonable issue.

    Best of luck.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    How to change the thermostat in a 1982 Corvette?

    Assuming you have a carbureted 350(even if it is crossfire, same should apply). Remove the upper radiator hose that goes into the intake manifold. There should be two bolts holding the thermostat housing down. make sure the engine is cool and remove the two bolts. under the housing there will be a round metal diaphram lookin thing and thats the thermostat. you can just take it out with your hand and put the new one in. then put in the new gasket and hook it all back up.

    How much will it cost to change a thermostat gasket on a ford thunderbird at a shop its leaking on the bottom?

    is a 3.8 lxHow much will it cost to change a thermostat gasket on a ford thunderbird at a shop its leaking on the bottom?
    It shouldn't be more then 30 to 60 mins of labour fees and I'd have them install a new thermostat at the same time but I'd buy it myself and bring it into the shop with the vehicle.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way call around or go to the shops with the vehicle for quotes.I'd also have them use high temperature gasket maker instead of the reg gasket on that.How much will it cost to change a thermostat gasket on a ford thunderbird at a shop its leaking on the bottom?
    look at this guy 215.00??? wowzers what a rip off. where is his shop so we can al avoid this monkey?i would do it at your house foe 20 bucks plus the part. People should be honest more. this guy is a clown

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    I could give you the exact figure from alldata but you forgot to mention the year, so just guessing it's .7 labor @ 100.00 an hour 70 labor, thermostat and gasket with markup @ 25.00 and a coolant flush @ 90.00 figure about 215 plus tax with a flush.
    Don't bring your own parts, that is a no,no in any shop. It should cost around 40 to 50 dollars.
    your looking at about 30-50 dollars
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  • How to change a thermostat on a 1997 buick century?

    remvove throttle body. remove thermostat housing. replace thermostat reinstall all, bleed air from cooling system

    I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango and need to change the thermostat...where is it located and how do I change it?

    Im not sure where it is located or how to get to itI drive a 1999 Dodge Durango and need to change the thermostat...where is it located and how do I change it?
    it's on top of the intake.... follow the upper radiator hose to the motor block, it will set right where the hose connects to the motor block. The hose neck connection covers the thermostat. 2 bolts should lift the hose neck to reveal the thermostat.

    Hope this helps..... Good Luck =)I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango and need to change the thermostat...where is it located and how do I change it?
    Raise the hood and follow the upper radiator hose, that is where the thermostat is. Depends on whats in its way for you to move out the way, then change.
    if you,ll follow the top radiator hose down,,to the housing ,the thermostat is in under that housing,,you,ll need to drain off some of the anti freeze from it ,other wise it will run out on you ,,about a gallon will be enough to drain off of it,,then remove the housing,and clean the old gasket off of it,,and replace the thermostat,,don't over tighten the bolts that hold the housing on,,it will crack if you over-tighten it,,fill it back up,and your done,,check it good for leaks,,and that should be it,,good luck with it,,hope this help,s.,,happy new years also.

    Is there a way that I can find out how to change the thermostat in a 89 olds cutlass cierra?

    These instructions are for Olds Cierra 82-96. They will help you in changing the thermostat regardless of which engine you have and where on the engine it's located. there a way that I can find out how to change the thermostat in a 89 olds cutlass cierra?
    need engine size.they offer 2.5l, 2.8L, and 3.3L.engine.they are located in a different location

    How do i change the thermostat on a 1991 jeep cherokee inline 6 , 4.0 litre?

    is it something easy or should i go to the shop for it?How do i change the thermostat on a 1991 jeep cherokee inline 6 , 4.0 litre?
    Drain a little antifreeze or it will leak from around the thermostat when you remove it. There should be a drain at the bottom of the radiator.

    IF I remember correctly the thermostat is under the large hose that comes out of the top of the radiator and goes to the engine. Follow the hose from the radiator to the engine and THAT is where the thermostat should be.

    Loosen the clamp that holds the hose onto the housing and slip the hose off.

    There are two bolts in the housing that must be removed and the thermostat is supposed to be in the housing.

    Pay attention to which way the spring is sitting. Toward the engine or away?

    Clean the surface and use either silicone sealant or a gasket. Place the thermostat in the opening on the engine and position the housing over it and install the bolts, the slip the hose back on and tighten the clamp.How do i change the thermostat on a 1991 jeep cherokee inline 6 , 4.0 litre?
    yea asian technician
    It shouldn't be too hard for you. The easiest way to replace it is to drain the coolant. Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. Remove the hose from the engine. There should be 2 bolts holding the housing to the engine. Remove these and the housing. Remove the thermostat. Clean all the gasket material from engine and housing. Install new thermostat, gasket, and housing. Reinstall hose, fill coolant. Run engine and keep coolant level where it should be.
    just open the hose ! its on the head !just under the oil change!
    Be careful when draining the anti-freeze! At least with my 93 Wrangler with the 4.0, it drained out and hit part of the sterring stabilizer or something (A thin metal bar running the width of the suspension in the front) and got EVERYWHERE, and this stuff is really, really really toxic to all mammals, and dogs and cats think its very tasty stuff! It only takes a few teaspoons to kill a cat.

    The antifreeze (ethylene glycol) crystallizes in the liver... bad news.

    You can get pet safe anti-freeze, Prestone makes it, its made of propylene glycol, same stuff thats found in a lot of processed foods and shampoos and stuff. Not ';good'; for you, but not poisonous, and safer for animals if you ever have a water pump blow, or a leak, or are just klutzy like me. It works just as well or Prestone wouldn't sell it I am sure.

    [I did clean it all up BTW]

    No heat in my 97 ford f150... changed thermostat..?

    i have a 97 ford f150 4.6L.. i had the heat stop working.. so i went to auto zone and they suggested that i change the thermostat.. i did soo. drove it around all day doing odds and ends.. the heat got alittle warmer but not like it should be.i was wondering if i was to flush the heater core if that would solve my problem and how well will that work... could there be anthoer problem.. help plz.. its like -12 here i would love to have heat when i have to go back to work on monday...No heat in my 97 ford f150... changed thermostat..?
    No need to spend money on a radiator without first testing some things.

    Feel both heater hoses, they should be close to the same temperature. The larger 3/4'; hose is the inlet and should feel slightly warmer than the smaller 5/8' outlet. On most full size pick up trucks, the positioning of the heater core places it higher then the radiator fill and can trap air in the heater core, this will usually give some heat for a moment then go cold. This doesn't sound like what you are explaining.

    It sounds like there is some blockage in the heater core. Flushing the heater core actually is a good idea, but make sure to back flush it too.

    When purging the coolant system, make sure the heater, not defrost, is on and the fan is on low. this will open the heater control valve and allow air to be forced out of the heater core.

    The only other thing I can think of that could be a problem, is a bad or weak radiator cap.

    Hope this helps. ChristopherNo heat in my 97 ford f150... changed thermostat..?
    probably have a blend door broken, or blend door motor frozen, if you're lucky its the heater control switch
    Question have you ever flushed out the cooling system and put in anti freeze yet?The problem you might have is that the radiator might be plugged up, you think of changing the radiator for a new one.Because if you haven't flushed it out in awhile like years it might be that the reason for a plugged up radiator is the radiator get stuff built up on the inside of it and can't pass the coolant very well through the inside fins of the radiator and secondly when you refilled the radiator did you leave the engine run while filling it up because you might have air trap inside the cooling system and this can cause it not to heat up either but leave the heater on high while filling it up with anti freeze this will push the coolant through the system and get the air out and hope to get the heat you need.These are good type of engine that don't get the coolant through them very well air get trap somewhere in the system and can't get out while refilling them with anti freeze or coolant.Try these methods and see what happens.Good luck!
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  • Thermostat change in MX3?

    My car doesn't ever seem to warm up or takes a very long time doing so. Someone has suggested that the thermostat is not working, but after doing some research I found that someone else changed theirs with no change. Could there be anything else wrong? It runs perfectly, but even though the heat gauge shoots up to half way shortly after running, it does not generate heat until it has run for quite some time, and even then very sparingly. Any idea how I can resolve this please?Thermostat change in MX3?
    Drain the coolant out of the radiator. Take the radiator off the car and fill it up with water and see if it comes out of the bottom of the radiator. If not the radiator is blocked which is causing your problem i have ahd this problem 4 or 5 times on mx3s and early mx5sThermostat change in MX3?
    it could be the heater matrix
    The radiator, in extreme cold, cools the coolant faster than the engine can heat it so your thermostat is closed more than open and coolant does not circulate properly. Therfore the heater can't put out warm air. You can partially cover your radiator to reduce the air flow and it will run hotter. Ever notice trucks with radiators partially blocked ?

    I have a 2005 chevy colbalt and i need to know how to change the thermostat. HELP?

    I have tried many times to fit the pipe from the water pump to the thermostat but i can not get it to fit can someone tell me how to fix it please. asapI have a 2005 chevy colbalt and i need to know how to change the thermostat. HELP?
    hello. there must be a Chilton-like manual that'll show you. good luck

    I have an 1988 Nissan Sentra and I need to change the Thermostat and Alt Belt,?

    If I should take the car to a Mechanic, How long should it take too do, If Mech. Charge by the hour?I have an 1988 Nissan Sentra and I need to change the Thermostat and Alt Belt,?
    Well normally 60-80 an hour but why take it to an auto mechanic when it's totally easy to do it yourself. 2 hours of work and that's totally pushing it!

    How to change thermostats on 1999 jeep Cherokee sport?

    This is for the 4.0 engine since you didn't mention which engine you had. However the 5.2 will be very similar



    DO NOT WASTE reusable coolant. If the solution is clean, drain the coolant into a clean container for reuse.

    (1) Drain the coolant from the radiator until the level is below the thermostat housing.


    CAUTION: A number or letter is stamped into the tongue of constant tension clamps. If replacement is necessary, use only an original equipment clamp with matching number or letter.

    (2) Remove radiator upper hose and heater hose at thermostat housing.

    (3) Disconnect wiring connector at engine coolant temperature sensor.

    4) Remove thermostat housing mounting bolts, thermostat housing, gasket and thermostat. Discard old gasket.

    (5) Clean the gasket mating surfaces.


    (1) Install the replacement thermostat so that the pellet, which is encircled by a coil spring, faces the engine. All thermostats are marked on the outer flange to indicate the proper installed position.

    (a) Observe the recess groove in the engine cylinder head.

    (b) Position thermostat into this groove with arrow and air bleed hole on outer flange pointing up.

    (2) Install replacement gasket and thermostat housing.

    CAUTION: Tightening the thermostat housing unevenly or with the thermostat out of its recess may result in a cracked housing.

    (3) Tighten the housing bolts to 20 Nm (15 ft. lbs.) torque.

    (4) Install hoses to thermostat housing.

    (5) Install electrical connector to coolant temperature sensor.

    (6) Be sure that the radiator draincock is tightly closed. Fill the cooling system to the correct level with the required coolant mixture. Refer to Refilling Cooling System.

    (7) Start and warm the engine. Check for leaks.

    How do you change a thermostat on a 1989 buick lesabre 3.8 liter v-6?

    I have never seen a thermostat housing like this. There is only one bolt. I got it apart but it will not go back together. It cocks when I try to tighten the bolt.How do you change a thermostat on a 1989 buick lesabre 3.8 liter v-6?
    Grease up the '; O '; ring at the bottom of the thermostat Housing with a Petroleum Based Grease Like Vaseline.

    Twist the Housing left to right whilst pushing downwards on it until the housing mates firmly with the engine WITHOUT any gap , Then put the bolt in %26amp; tighten it up.

    If that doesn't work , Replace the '; O '; ring and try again as it has likely swelled larger than the engines seating point.
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  • What to change my thermostat from manual to digital?

    new thermostat has for 6 wire as follows: G, RC, RH, Y, W and my old one has 7 wires as follows: W2 white, Y yellow, G Green, E brown, R red, O yellow and C blue. How can i know which one goes whereWhat to change my thermostat from manual to digital?
    Green is fan inside, white is heat w and w2, rc and c are the same they are common, y is air conditioning turns on the compressor for a/c mode, E is emergency heat Red is the hot wire 24 volts it won't hurt if you touch it, O is orange for reversing valve in the heat pump is the valve it you set for heat it slides one way if you set for a/c it goes the other way, you need a thermostat that has that or you heat pump won't work properly. Let me know if you need more help.What to change my thermostat from manual to digital?
    your old is a heat pump stat, new is not you can not use if you a heat pump
    To start off does your new thermostat have more wires other than G, RC, RH, Y, W ? Cause the old thermostat sounds like you have a heat pump? If so and the new thermostat has the O on it which is for the reversing vavle then just put the wires back color for color to the letter that you wrote and configure the thermostat for a heat pump, but i need more info to do you have heat pump or just electric heat or gas furnace to help with wires and configuration.
    better off leaving the old manual one on

    if the power goes out or fluctuates it will not work and will have to be reset
    Go down to the furnace and find the wires they will be lettered at the furnace, Connect them on the new thermostat the same way.

    How do I change my thermostat in my '05 Impala 3.4 V6..I changed the water pump so I need the thermostat info

    Hot Coolant Temp light came on. So when I turned the heat on full blast, nothing but cool air came out. If I'm not mistaken that means the thermostat needs to be replaced. She was leaking fluid, but I changed the water pump and that stopped. Soooo, any help I can receive will be greatly appreciated.How do I change my thermostat in my '05 Impala 3.4 V6..I changed the water pump so I need the thermostat info
    On this type engine (3.4) the coolant system has to be bleed while refilling with replacement coolant. If you still have a problem, visit

    Can i see a visual picture of how to change a thermostat on 2004 dodge intrepid?

    Go to autozone or the library and look up the chilton's or haynes manuals. They make a book each type and year of car. Its based on a complete teardown and rebuild so its great for anyone starting out. Tey take you step by step for pretty much everything. They have the pictures too.

    Changing thermostat in a 5.9 cummins diesel

    I have a 04.5 2500 dodge with the 5.9 HO cummins how hard is it to change the thermostatChanging thermostat in a 5.9 cummins diesel
    It is pretty much a piece of cake, book time is only 1.0 hours, you can do it....

    Anyone know how to change a thermostat out?

    Mine's old, crappy, and died yesterday.Anyone know how to change a thermostat out?
    It's rather simple. Put the switch in the OFF position and take the cover off of the thermostat. There will be a screw on either side. Remove the screws and gently pull the thermostat away from the wall. Some wires will be following. They're low voltage so don't worry about getting shocked. There will probably be a red, yellow, green, and orange wire connected to the thermostat. The screw holding the wire will have an R for red next to it, a Y for yellow, etc. etc. Remove the wires and install the new thermostat. Red wire to R, yellow wire to Y, etc. etc. Reattach the new thermostat to the wall and turn it on.Anyone know how to change a thermostat out?
    For just a furnace they are fairly easy. They come with instructions.

    For a heat pump it can be more complicated or if you have a/c.

    But since you didn't think to mention what kind of system you have, you might want somebody with more experience to do it.

    And digital ones have batteries and they tend to go dead during power outages. Did you check? And are you sure it is the thermostat?

    The thermostat for a simple furnace is basically an on and off switch. They hardly ever just go bad by themselves. It is more often the heater.
    recommend honeywell programmable yours heat only or heat/ac??..if heat only ,there should only be 2 wires connecting to old tstat...just connect the 2 wires to the new tstats subbase [ the part that attaches to the wall]..the wires should go to the ';R'; terminal and the ';W'; terminal....the ';R'; terminal might be ';Rh'; on some tstats.. it doesnt matter which old wire goes to which terminal on new tstat,,but if old tstat had similar terminals,,just put the wires at the same terminals as the old one....if your tstat is heat %26amp; a/c...then it will have 4 wires on the terminals R,W,Y,G..just put the old wires on the same terminals on the new tstat...if the wires arent color coded [i.e. green wire goes to G terminal,red wire goes to R terminal,etc] then label them with tape as you remove them from the old tstat....the new heat/ac tstat might have two R terminals,,Rh and Rc....the red wire can go to either of these because they should have a jumper wire between them,either the jumper comes with it,or you need to install a piece of wire there....attach subbase to wall with the screws it comes with..use wall anchors if no wood behind drywall........dan
    Thor is right. The problem usually is not the thermostat but the furnace itself. But to change a thermostat is easy. Usually 4 color coded wires. I recomend White Rodgers. Honeywell is crap.
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