Sunday, November 21, 2010

1997 Hinda Accord thermostat problem?

My car wasn't blowing air hot enough, so i thought maybe it needed a new thrmostat. Yesterdat I changed thermostat on my 1197 Honda Accord 2.2 VTEC 4cyl sedan and now when i start it, the RPM keeps changing from 1000 to 3000 continously untill the car heats up. I havn't noticed any changed in overall temperature. Please let me know what might be causing the RPM to continously jump from 1000 to 3000 and how can I fix it. Thanks.1997 Hinda Accord thermostat problem?
You've created an air bubble in the cooling system. After the car is cool enough to open the radiator cap do so. With the engine off crack the bleeder screw that's on the thermostat housing and pour coolant into the radiator until you see it stop spitting air out and there's a constant flow of coolant coming out the bleeder screw then tighten up the bleeder screw put the radiator cap back on and your done. Good luck and hope this helps.1997 Hinda Accord thermostat problem?
is there a ground you left off that is held on by the thermost bolts
Check all the wires in the area you were working in. Make sure you didn't accidentally disconnect a wire or rip one off its connector.
When you changed the thermostat you introduced an air bubble into the cooling system. That keeps coolant from getting to the thermo-lift (cold idle) valve at normal idle speeds, which causes the valve to open and raise the idle. Then the higher idle gets hot coolant to the valve, which closes and lowers the idle. The cycle starts over again.

To fix it, open the bleed nipple on the top of the thermostat housing about half a turn with a 12 mm socket on an extension. Close it when a steady stream of coolant comes out. Life is good.

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