Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to change temperature on thermostat?

I live in a condo and we use the Honeywell T6570/T8570 thermostat. There's no Heat/Cool switch. The only switches available are OFF/ON, FAN (ON/AUTO), and FAN SPEED (1-2-3).

How do I change the temperature, so that the AC blows cool air?How to change temperature on thermostat?
read the manual to change temperature on thermostat?
There should be 2 buttons on that thermostat, with up and down arrows.

Pressing those buttons controls the temperature on the thermostat.

The temperature Read-Out should change accordingly
Aphello has it right. You may have to press and hold the button to make it change the temperature.. Now look for a button that says hold and the temperature will stay.
go to this web page and read. It gives you the entire breakdown of your thermostat.
the temperature may controlled remotely from a outside location or that may for a attic vent fan
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