Friday, November 19, 2010

Anyone know how to change a thermostat out?

Mine's old, crappy, and died yesterday.Anyone know how to change a thermostat out?
It's rather simple. Put the switch in the OFF position and take the cover off of the thermostat. There will be a screw on either side. Remove the screws and gently pull the thermostat away from the wall. Some wires will be following. They're low voltage so don't worry about getting shocked. There will probably be a red, yellow, green, and orange wire connected to the thermostat. The screw holding the wire will have an R for red next to it, a Y for yellow, etc. etc. Remove the wires and install the new thermostat. Red wire to R, yellow wire to Y, etc. etc. Reattach the new thermostat to the wall and turn it on.Anyone know how to change a thermostat out?
For just a furnace they are fairly easy. They come with instructions.

For a heat pump it can be more complicated or if you have a/c.

But since you didn't think to mention what kind of system you have, you might want somebody with more experience to do it.

And digital ones have batteries and they tend to go dead during power outages. Did you check? And are you sure it is the thermostat?

The thermostat for a simple furnace is basically an on and off switch. They hardly ever just go bad by themselves. It is more often the heater.
recommend honeywell programmable yours heat only or heat/ac??..if heat only ,there should only be 2 wires connecting to old tstat...just connect the 2 wires to the new tstats subbase [ the part that attaches to the wall]..the wires should go to the ';R'; terminal and the ';W'; terminal....the ';R'; terminal might be ';Rh'; on some tstats.. it doesnt matter which old wire goes to which terminal on new tstat,,but if old tstat had similar terminals,,just put the wires at the same terminals as the old one....if your tstat is heat %26amp; a/c...then it will have 4 wires on the terminals R,W,Y,G..just put the old wires on the same terminals on the new tstat...if the wires arent color coded [i.e. green wire goes to G terminal,red wire goes to R terminal,etc] then label them with tape as you remove them from the old tstat....the new heat/ac tstat might have two R terminals,,Rh and Rc....the red wire can go to either of these because they should have a jumper wire between them,either the jumper comes with it,or you need to install a piece of wire there....attach subbase to wall with the screws it comes with..use wall anchors if no wood behind drywall........dan
Thor is right. The problem usually is not the thermostat but the furnace itself. But to change a thermostat is easy. Usually 4 color coded wires. I recomend White Rodgers. Honeywell is crap.
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