Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How long will it take an electrician to change the thermostat?

......on a newly installed combi boiler? And will they have to go in your bedroom to change it?How long will it take an electrician to change the thermostat?
10 - 15 minutes under most circumstances, unless they need to run new wires to the spot of the thermostat.How long will it take an electrician to change the thermostat?
not long and its very easy to do yourself
15 min
That would really depend on if the boiler was in your bedroom. If it was and you don't let them in it will take ages.
About 20 minutes to half an hour. And no they don't need to go into your bedroom. That would be unprofessional, unless you wanted the thermostat installed there.
15 minutes
15 minutes to change it.Why would they go in your bedroom?
depends.. as it's a tricky one.. e.g. what type of electrics? as for boilers you have to be corgi registered to work on some things. if it's directly involving the boiler.

as for the bedroom.. hhmm is there anything in there, wiring or controls for it or anything that relates to that.

always good to go up there with them, just check things incase they are light fingered.
if that is where it is at yes and around 15 minutes to a hour depends if they have another one with them or not.
20 minutes
if you look at the thermostat and get the name go to a plum centre and get one less than 1 min if it is the same tipe you can phone the electrician and tell him you have one redy

how do you know it is the stat they are prity reliable

all the best dai
20 minutes and the only reason they would need to go into the bedroom is if you needed your thermostat checked.

My guys tell me this happens more than you'd believe!
15 minutes, minimum call out fee.

he might just go around other rooms to check the rads are heating up, or he may be wasting time.

Assuming the system worked before ( apart from the stat ) he jsut needs to check the rad in the room where the stat is works, thats it.
Great answer Steve in NC!! LMAO!!
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