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How do i re-fill my car radiator without getting any ait locks?

can anyone help? i have a 1998 ford escort 1.6 16v zetec and i need to change my thermostat, i have no problem doing that its just i know im going to get an air lock as soon as i loose water from the thermostat when i change it, i just need to find out how to re-fill my radiator without getting an air lock, can you please help???

thanksHow do i re-fill my car radiator without getting any ait locks?
after fitting thermostat fill radiator turn your heater to hot dont need blower on leave top off expansion tank and let the engine idle you will see the water rising as air is escaping keep topping water up until no more air comes out the main reason for air locks is because people forget to turn heater up to hot this stops the small radiator inside the car from filling.How do i re-fill my car radiator without getting any ait locks?
Run it up to Temperature with the water cap off

When its up there ';squeeze'; the water pipe below the rad so that the air bubbles come out in the opening of the water cap

When the bubbles stop and its just water coming to the surface then you've got rid of the air lock

Good luck
Fill it up, run it a while, and it should blow any air up to the top of the system, CAREFULLY..release the air by CAREFULLY removing the cap on the header tank, and then top up when it has cooled down a little.

Wiring a!?

I have a heat pump heating system and I decided to change my thermostat. My old thermostat had the yellow wire connected to both the yellow and white terminal. However, the new thermostat i bought only allows me to connect one wire to one terminal at a time, you can't wrap the wires around the terminals. So I could only connect the yellow wire to the yellow terminal but not the white terminal. Will I encounter any problems by doing this? How could I fix this? Is this dangerous?

Btw, The heating system is working fine.

Thanks for your help!Wiring a!?
You did good, the new thermostat is also of a newer design. It may look the same physically, but internally it's a little different.The yellow and white terminals are connected together in a manner that is not visible to the naked eye.Therefore eliminating the need to connect a wire to both terminals. The proper terminology is they are connected by a jumper.Wiring a!?
Yes, the directions should have several diagrams. If you're saying there's not a way to wrap the wire at all, you need to make a ';jumper wire';, which is a short piece that will connect your white and yellow terminals together. Just take a short piece of that wire and expose the metal on both ends by about 1/4 inch. And no, this is not dangerous. The controls operate at a relatively low voltage (24v), so you shouldn't be able to electrocute yourself. Good luck!

Question about my thermostat?

Ok I've have an engine light on for quite some time. Now the last time I checked it was telling me the problem was possibly the evap canister, or hose, purge or vent solenoid, or vacuum leak at engine. I was aware of that. Now I just did a coolant change and I accidentally got the green antifreeze for my car. Now it is able to use that kind as well even though the '; dex cool '; type is better. Now we didn't drain the engine antifreeze. And I'm getting a trouble code that my antifreeze is always cold. My question is could it be that because I didn't drain the coolant left in the engine, I have too much coolant in the system? I added 8 quarts and their is a 10 quart capacity. The question is how much of that goes into the engine? Because if a lot of it does, I know my system has too much coolant. Or could it be the slight mixing of the coolant is causing the coolant to stay cool? Or the last thing is a faulty coolant sensor. But I think it strange that it pops up right after screwing with the fluid. Now I don't know if this trouble code was here before because my engine light has been on for awhile now. So that complicates things. If it wasn't reading that before I did my coolant change I'd know there is the problem. But my car seems to be operating normal and at operating temperatures. But a trouble code is telling me my coolant is always cool. Can someone help me with this complex matter before I just change everything for no reason? Because my first instinct is to just drain the fluid again this time from the radiator and the engine, then have them reset the trouble code and see if it pops up again in a week. I know the engine light will come back on, but if the coolant trouble code doesn't come up then I'll know that was the problem. Now if it comes up again I'll have to change the thermostat and maybe the temp gauge sensor. But both seem to be working fine to me.Question about my thermostat?
my brother had put the wrong antifreeze in his car. a mechanic told him there would be problems, such as it started leaking thru the heater core. i am guessing that you cant mix the two. i would flush the system and put in the correct fluid, and get your engine light problem checked againQuestion about my thermostat?
Hello, if you mixed dex-cool and regular green coolant you may have cause the problem sometimes when you mix the two coolants you can cause the fluid to become thick which will cause the thermostat to stick open. A few other possible causes are: bad sensor or bad thermostat. I would recommend flushing the entire system with clean water including the heater core, block, and radiator. Then add any kind of coolant you need, and if this doesn't fix the problem you may need to go the a repair shop. Good Luck

Bolt on thermostat housing broke?

We need some desperate advice on how to get a bolt out of the thermostats intake manifold. The head broke off while trying to change the thermostat and all that's left is a flat surface with nothing to grip onto. My husband HAS tried drill bits but it won't budge and bits keep breaking. He has been using the high dollar bits. It is like the darn thing has been welded in or something. A simple job of changing a thermostat has turned into a nightmare. This is our daughters truck (94 Chevy s10 ) and she doesn't have the money for a mechanic and we can't help on the cost either. So we are here to get suggestions from anyone who can help. Thanks so much.Bolt on thermostat housing broke?
Myself I would center a nut over the broken bolt and weld in the center and let cool then remove it with a wrench. The heat helps brake it loos and works better then welding a bolt. the bolts tend to break to easily. With the nut you get the chance to try try again. Good luckBolt on thermostat housing broke?
tell him to get his self a good bit, drill straight down into the broken bolt and use a easy out but don,t break that off or you will be in a mess. if it won,t come out that way then you probably will have to drill it clean out and tap the hole and use a bigger bolt.
What i would do.. is weld another smaller bolt to it..then back it out. weld it good... you only get one shot.
Sounds like he made need to start with a very small bit then step it up to a bit that will allow him to use an EASY OUT bit. Should be able to find at auto parts store or local hardware store. The easy out bit will turn in reverse and grab the broken bolt. Also he may want to get drill bits that drill in reverse. Good luck.
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  • How to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?

    I changed the thermostat-it didnt make a difference-still blowing only warm air-not hot air. when i turn temp setting to cold there is a temp changeHow to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?
    heater core could be plugged enough to limit hot coolant through it to give out good heat,or the ducting could be opening ,closing wrong also.what does the engine temp Gage say.if it reads normal its not the engine,its in the heater system itself.How to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?
    change the thermostat
    Sounds like your heater core needs to be flushed or changed.
    move to california then you won't need the heat!
    get a new heater core, you'll be toasty
    u just need to get a new car, b/c my sister has one of those, but don't make it too hot cuz then the car will over heat. or buy a condenser fan, they cosst around 90 bucks.
    the flapper may not be working properly probably something fell down your defroster
    Could be a blend door problem in the ductwork or water valve problem if so equipped to regulate hot water flow to the heater core. Make sure the a/c is not turned on and check the hoses going to the heater core under the hood...they should be hot when engine is fully warmed up. If they are hot, something inside the car ductwork is not letting fully hot air get to the vents....blend door problem maybe. If the hoses aren't hot, check for a bad water control valve..if the car has one...or a flow problem...possible plugged heater core. Covering the radiator front with a section of cardboard helps warm up....cover no more than a third of the radiator and remove in spring.

    How do I drain/flush the radiator of a '96 mitsu. eclipse. I've never done this, how much coolant do I need ?

    Please give step-by-step details. I have to drain, flush, add a sealant and change the thermostat to seal a leaking head gasket.How do I drain/flush the radiator of a '96 mitsu. eclipse. I've never done this, how much coolant do I need ?
    there is no way for you do do this properly in your driveway. change the t-stat first, then get it flushedHow do I drain/flush the radiator of a '96 mitsu. eclipse. I've never done this, how much coolant do I need ?
    the easiest way if you dont no how to do it is take it to someone who does, because if you do something wrong you will @!%%26amp; up your engine then your in for a big bill
    Get a repair manual (they arent a bad idea to have around anyways) or go on Pretty much you open the radiator and engine drain valves (the repair manual will show the locations). Worse can you can just pull the lower radiator hose, but it wont really drain the engine. Generally the sealant stuff will have directions in what order to do everything, and they generally have you run the motor without the trhemostat, and stuff like that. Then you probably need around three gallons of water/coolant mixture. Any autoparts store (or that pesky manual) will have the capacities.
    check your owner's manual for how -to and amounts and dispose of the old anti-freeze at a chemical re-cycling center or a gas station.
    Take it to shop and they'll do a radiator flush for you. Drain and fills suck cause they're not getting the majority of old coolant out of the system. Flushing it is the way to go as far as any fluid exchanges go on your car (tranny, power steering, coolant). They're probably gonna charge around $80 but its worth it.

    What is wrong with our heating system, it starts only at high temperatures.?

    We live in a condominium which is 11 years old. Our heating starts only when we raise the thermostat to 25 degree celsius. It really gets hot then. When we put the thermostat ( manual, not digital ) at lower temperatures, the heating sytem won't operate. What is the problem, do we need to get heating service done or should we just change the thermostat ? How often should one get heating service done ?What is wrong with our heating system, it starts only at high temperatures.?
    either a bad thermostat or possibly a bad heating yur furnace electric or gas ??? if it is gas chech the regulator inside...usually in the front where the gas lines come in or out..if itis electric you might have a problem with the heating coils or the voltage regulator..either way the regulators pretty much controls the actual heat coming on or off at certain temps..a bad thermo could also give yur reulators a false temp reading...another this forced air furnace (blower) or is it a gravity type furnace ???? should haveyur furnace checked annualy...good luck...beam me up scottieWhat is wrong with our heating system, it starts only at high temperatures.?
    Yes get a heating service done you will be glad you did.