Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change thermostat 1994 chevy suburban? why isnt temp gauge working?

i need to know how to change thermostat 1994 chevy suburban... i heard its easy but i have never done it before, also wondering if anyone knows why my temp. gauge isnt working and what would make it work?? my car overheated today and i heard i should change the thermostat but i also would like to get the temp gauge working so i know next time there is a problem lol thanks in advance!How to change thermostat 1994 chevy suburban? why isnt temp gauge working?

There's the full owner's manual, it shows and tells you how to do it pretty much step by step :)

-omgyay_dotcomHow to change thermostat 1994 chevy suburban? why isnt temp gauge working?
There could be a lot of reasons for OVERHEATING.

1st reason (Low fluid level)

2nd reason Thermostat isn't working properly

3rd reason (Fluid needs to be replaced)

4th reason (water belt is loose)

5th reason (air compressor was aerating and getting air pockets )

6th reason (Air Fan doesn't work properly)

Try to remove the thermostat and drive for few days and if everything will be okay than just replace the thermostat with new one.

You can get thermostat from any parts store or on ebay.

Gauge needs to be fixed too, check the fuses.
it is very easy. just two bolts. what you will do is basically fallow the upper radiator hose too a little metal piece comming off of the front of your block. take this off and the thermostat is sitting inside there REMEMBER WICH WAY IT IS SITTING SO YOU DONT PUT IT IN BACKWARDS!! LOL(most likely the front) before youe take this out though take the radiator cap off just to relieve pressure in the system if there is any. and colant will spill out obliviously so get something to catch it. and your gauge is most likely not working because your ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor is not working. this also can cause your engine not to run to its peak performance. some cars have two ect's and some have one: one to control a gauge, and one for an input for the computer. but that is just a hunch at what could be the prob. good luck hope this helps
Can we assume its a 350 ';V8';..the Thermostat can be found at the opposite end of the ';Top Radiator Hose looking from the radiator, in other words where the radiator hose hooks to the engine. Its a Aluminum adapter plate with two machine bolts. You remove those two bolts after you have removed the hose and you will find the thermostat. Notice how its mounted in there..and replace with a new one with a new gasket.

The Temperature gauge sensor will be on the right side as you face the engine, near the first spark plug. It looks like a brass plug with a wire connected to the center of it...

Both parts are very easy to replace.

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