Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change a thermostat valve on a radiator.?

I need to change a thermostat valve on a radiator. How do I go about it and what valve,water needs to be turned off. Cheers.How to change a thermostat valve on a radiator.?
Is it a combi boiler system or a conventional tank system?How to change a thermostat valve on a radiator.?
If you are just changing the thermostat, you just unscrew it and replace!

The valve is separate.
i assume you are talking about a car , turn off car , let cool down completely,loosen and remove two or more bolts holding in thermastat, remove therm. replace with new one, putting it back in exactly as it came ouy. reinstall housing and bolts, snug down good , dont overtighten,remove radiator cap, start motor, when water flows out of rad. you are full. put rad.cap back on/ there, you are done.....simjk1refill with reg. water
This will require the system to be drained and refilled and recommissioned after changing the valve. Sounds like you've never done it before so I recommend getting someone in or at least get someone to show you what to do.
Full system drain-down. You'll also need to put some Fernox inhibitor to replace that lost.

Alternatively, you could rent a couple of pipe-freezing kits which clamp round the inlet an outlet pipes. Two of you lift the radiator off the wall, put your fingers over the holes and drain into a bucket. Make sure the whole system is cold when you do it.
it really looks like u dont know wot ur doing.

honestly, get a plumber in, it should,nt take more than 2 hours and thats pushing it. no more than 拢50 or he is ripping u off
someone else who cant be bothered to answer the follow up questions which allow an answer to be given.

dont even bother making a suggestion, people are doing you a favour here you realise

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