Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ford orion thermostat change?

Hi, Ihave a Ford orion with a 1600 CVH engine, And i need to change the thermostat. How hard is it and how do i do it? Thanks.Ford orion thermostat change?
piece of cake,2 or three bolts should be undone from the thermo housing which should be located on the top of the engine block,undo the rad pipe first,then take out the bolts,if the housing does not come away then gently prise using a medium screwdriver.once the housing is off ,take out the old stat and replace with new on,make sure it is the Right way round as you will not have any cooling if it is closed all the time,then once you have replaced the part .replace the housing using a liquid sealer .and sortedFord orion thermostat change?
you may need to drain the radiator and coolant expansion tank first,otherwise you might find yourself and the engine having a anti-freeze/coolant shower ,it is recommended as good practice to drain then flush the entire cooling system

and refill with new coolant and water after the thermostat has been refitted ,also make sure you get the gasket with the thermostat,they have a habit of going missing from the box

as i have made the mistake of not checking and getting home to find its not there in the box,some are cardboard or rubber or both.

ps:when i say drain and flush the entire cooling system i mean a forward flush with the radiator in the car

that is not including a reverse flush on the radiator

to do this you normally need to remove the radiator from the car.[its done to remove rust blockages and suchlike]
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