Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Changing thermostat on Fridge?

I need to replace my thermostat on my AMANA fridge. The freezer is not working at all. I got the part in the mail and need instructions as to how to do it. Please!!! SQD26VW is the model # of my fridge.Changing thermostat on Fridge?
The cold control or thermostat is usually just a two wire device and just acts as an automatic switch that brings on the compressor in response to temperature.If the compressor is working then the cold control is also working.If the frige section is working yet the freezer section is not then heavy frost or ice is the problem.It will have to have a hard defrost by emptying it,unplugging ,and leaving the doors open for a day.Changing thermostat on Fridge?
Did you bypass the thermostat to test it?In other words are you sure that is the problem.

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