Monday, December 12, 2011

Yugie 29???? / Ironhand????

I chose either one because you both seem to know your cars. I have an 85 buick somerset regal ltd. I can drive it for one or two trips and it will run fine on the freeway, but not around town. After that, it acts as if its overheating. It stumbles, sputters and stalls out all the time. I have replaced fuel filter, egr valve, cleaned TB, tune up, even repaired faulty ground conn to battery, TPS. Car has a 3.0 w/ elec ign, so timing isn't adjbl. Also if I can get on the freeway and get some air to it, runs fine. Hesitation when throttle is applied. doesn't overheat (digital gauges) and fan is working properly. Coolant recently changed. Thermostat not changed. Possibly reset min idle speed and how? Can't seem to figure this one out any help is greatly appreciatedYugie 29???? / Ironhand????
GOOD choice, POWDER!Yugie 29???? / Ironhand????
You say it acts like it is overheating, but it DOESN'T actually overheat?

The symptoms you describe for the performance sounds to me like a MAF sensor intermittent failure or un-metered air somewhere.

Have you retrieved any codes after it acts up? you can do this without a scanner.

Go here--------%26gt;

...and scroll down below the descriptions of the trouble codes for the procedure. Follow it closely and remember that the codes will display three times each in order, then repeat. When you get the second ';12';, you have them all.

Then refer to the descriptions for the circuit to address.

REMEMBER-----%26gt; You are addressing a circuit or system, not necessarily a specific component. Diagnose the whole circuit.

If you need more info I will be in and out most of the day. Try e-mail at either or

Good Luck

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