Monday, December 12, 2011

Bolt on thermostat housing broke?

We need some desperate advice on how to get a bolt out of the thermostats intake manifold. The head broke off while trying to change the thermostat and all that's left is a flat surface with nothing to grip onto. My husband HAS tried drill bits but it won't budge and bits keep breaking. He has been using the high dollar bits. It is like the darn thing has been welded in or something. A simple job of changing a thermostat has turned into a nightmare. This is our daughters truck (94 Chevy s10 ) and she doesn't have the money for a mechanic and we can't help on the cost either. So we are here to get suggestions from anyone who can help. Thanks so much.Bolt on thermostat housing broke?
Myself I would center a nut over the broken bolt and weld in the center and let cool then remove it with a wrench. The heat helps brake it loos and works better then welding a bolt. the bolts tend to break to easily. With the nut you get the chance to try try again. Good luckBolt on thermostat housing broke?
tell him to get his self a good bit, drill straight down into the broken bolt and use a easy out but don,t break that off or you will be in a mess. if it won,t come out that way then you probably will have to drill it clean out and tap the hole and use a bigger bolt.
What i would do.. is weld another smaller bolt to it..then back it out. weld it good... you only get one shot.
Sounds like he made need to start with a very small bit then step it up to a bit that will allow him to use an EASY OUT bit. Should be able to find at auto parts store or local hardware store. The easy out bit will turn in reverse and grab the broken bolt. Also he may want to get drill bits that drill in reverse. Good luck.
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