Monday, December 12, 2011

F150 engine cooling problem?

'97 Ford V6 4.2 F150, closed cooling system.

Began over heating, changed thermostat. still over heating...found and cleaned *strained bird* on the radiator. still overheating, changed water pump. Still over heating.

unsure if a hose is collapsing. have yet to flush motor and radiator.

What gives? is there air in this system, and how does one remove it? is there a bleeder valve?

Thank you in advance!F150 engine cooling problem?
check and see if there is anything stuck between the radiator and your a/c condenser. are the heater hoses getting hot? if not you are air locked and have to bleed the system=i usually use one of the heater core hoses to bleed by taking one off when it is running and purging the air out. but i would check a shop manual also because im not that familiar with the 4.2--dont see many with the v6F150 engine cooling problem?
Check the cap,you didn't change that it could be the problem and fill it with the engine running so you see whats going on with the pump to make sure it's pulling in the water or if you get air bubbles,you could have a leak in the head gasket were oil and water are not mixing,that's the good news.I have the v8 and it still runs.You have any leaks?
try the fan cluth on the fan if u spin it if it spins more then a few times thats ur problem

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