Monday, December 12, 2011

Question about my thermostat?

Ok I've have an engine light on for quite some time. Now the last time I checked it was telling me the problem was possibly the evap canister, or hose, purge or vent solenoid, or vacuum leak at engine. I was aware of that. Now I just did a coolant change and I accidentally got the green antifreeze for my car. Now it is able to use that kind as well even though the '; dex cool '; type is better. Now we didn't drain the engine antifreeze. And I'm getting a trouble code that my antifreeze is always cold. My question is could it be that because I didn't drain the coolant left in the engine, I have too much coolant in the system? I added 8 quarts and their is a 10 quart capacity. The question is how much of that goes into the engine? Because if a lot of it does, I know my system has too much coolant. Or could it be the slight mixing of the coolant is causing the coolant to stay cool? Or the last thing is a faulty coolant sensor. But I think it strange that it pops up right after screwing with the fluid. Now I don't know if this trouble code was here before because my engine light has been on for awhile now. So that complicates things. If it wasn't reading that before I did my coolant change I'd know there is the problem. But my car seems to be operating normal and at operating temperatures. But a trouble code is telling me my coolant is always cool. Can someone help me with this complex matter before I just change everything for no reason? Because my first instinct is to just drain the fluid again this time from the radiator and the engine, then have them reset the trouble code and see if it pops up again in a week. I know the engine light will come back on, but if the coolant trouble code doesn't come up then I'll know that was the problem. Now if it comes up again I'll have to change the thermostat and maybe the temp gauge sensor. But both seem to be working fine to me.Question about my thermostat?
my brother had put the wrong antifreeze in his car. a mechanic told him there would be problems, such as it started leaking thru the heater core. i am guessing that you cant mix the two. i would flush the system and put in the correct fluid, and get your engine light problem checked againQuestion about my thermostat?
Hello, if you mixed dex-cool and regular green coolant you may have cause the problem sometimes when you mix the two coolants you can cause the fluid to become thick which will cause the thermostat to stick open. A few other possible causes are: bad sensor or bad thermostat. I would recommend flushing the entire system with clean water including the heater core, block, and radiator. Then add any kind of coolant you need, and if this doesn't fix the problem you may need to go the a repair shop. Good Luck

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