Monday, December 12, 2011

How to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?

I changed the thermostat-it didnt make a difference-still blowing only warm air-not hot air. when i turn temp setting to cold there is a temp changeHow to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?
heater core could be plugged enough to limit hot coolant through it to give out good heat,or the ducting could be opening ,closing wrong also.what does the engine temp Gage say.if it reads normal its not the engine,its in the heater system itself.How to increase the heat in my 1995 geo prizm.?
change the thermostat
Sounds like your heater core needs to be flushed or changed.
move to california then you won't need the heat!
get a new heater core, you'll be toasty
u just need to get a new car, b/c my sister has one of those, but don't make it too hot cuz then the car will over heat. or buy a condenser fan, they cosst around 90 bucks.
the flapper may not be working properly probably something fell down your defroster
Could be a blend door problem in the ductwork or water valve problem if so equipped to regulate hot water flow to the heater core. Make sure the a/c is not turned on and check the hoses going to the heater core under the hood...they should be hot when engine is fully warmed up. If they are hot, something inside the car ductwork is not letting fully hot air get to the vents....blend door problem maybe. If the hoses aren't hot, check for a bad water control valve..if the car has one...or a flow problem...possible plugged heater core. Covering the radiator front with a section of cardboard helps warm up....cover no more than a third of the radiator and remove in spring.

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