Monday, December 12, 2011

Fiesta zetec s overheating.?

changed thermostat and heater control valve. Heaters now stuck on cold?? (go hot now and again)Think i have an airlock any ideas how to get rid of it?Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
Try parking the car facing up a steep slope,leave the filler cap loose so it don't build up pressure and run it for a while,keep an eye on the temp and water level and add it as its needed. If it is air locked it more than likley in the heater matrix so facing it up hill should help.Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
Undo the pipe going to the rad, let water escape as you pour more into the reservoir, make sure it has anti freeze in it.
Dont buy a ford (Fixed Or Repaired Daily) is what ford stands for :)
Start the car from cold with the filler cap off, leave the car run for a while, eventually the thermostat will open, pour warm water in as the all the water in the header tank disappears. Then leave the car run for a while until all the bubbles stop appearing, keep an eye on the temperature gauge so your car doesn't cook, then quick road test, job done.

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