Monday, December 12, 2011

Fiesta zetec s overheating.?

changed thermostat and heater control valve. Heaters now stuck on cold?? (go hot now and again)Think i have an airlock any ideas how to get rid of it?Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
if both top and bottom rad hose gets warm your theromsats working fine.

drain again and........

fill very slowly, i mean really slowly.

once you think youve got it run the engine for 10 mins.

the coolant should drop as it circulates.

fill again slowly.

now comes the fun part.

remove the header tank cap and have the engine hot. don a pair of thick gloves and start by squeezing the the bottom rad hose gently, then move to the top rad hose.

the top rad hose tends to be where fiestas get the air locks as the pipe is curved and not exactly horizontal.

you should notice air coming up through the header tank.

the other air lock is where the hot and cold water enters the car through the bulkhead, this is a vertical climb then drop for the water. on the bulkhaed should be a valve with some jubilee clips and multipug. loosen these jubilees off and start working the pipes until air then water comes out, retighten.

incidently your symtoms dscribe the problem i had with my zetec-s, as i said in my other answer (top answer, thank you) the problem for me was with this valve on the bulkhead and the wiring.

it is a common fault, i spent ages in the scrap yard looking for one and most had been taken, says a lot doesnt it.

the problem is the valve gets stuck open or closed. mine was blowing hot contantly. but my fault lay in the multiplug on the valve, not the vlave itself.

easy to change, try it. common to any fiesta N - 02 plate.

trick with coolant is to take your time.Fiesta zetec s overheating.?
Sorry dont know try asking here:
Top up water , remove rad cap run car untill all the overflowing stops and water sundenly diserpears then top up to high mark
there is air lock valve near matrex or on the water hoses in the engine compartment that come from bulk head or near the thermostart whitch you unscrew off and let all the air out.
Engine not running remove rad cap .Then remove one of your hoses going to your hot and cold mixer valve on the bulkhead.

Then fill up the header tank with coolant as this is the highest point all the air will come out .

Please do this with the engine cold i would not want you to burn yourself

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