Monday, December 12, 2011

98 dodge intreped thermostat problems?

am trying to change the thermostat in my 98 intrepid 2.7. The housing unit on top of the motor where I am told the thermostat is in, seems to have a metal pipe that runs down and around the bottom of the housing unit and in between the middle of the motor. Anyone know how to change a thermostat in this vehicle? And how to get that housing unit up and out of the motor?98 dodge intreped thermostat problems?
when you remove the bolts from the housing you should be able to move the line aside enough to remove the housing ,it will come strait off,and the thermostat is in under the housing ,take your time with it,and don't get in a hurry ,you,ll do ok,good luck.98 dodge intreped thermostat problems?
The thermostat is not under the water outlet housing on the top of the engine, Even though the upper housing is bad to leak. The thermostat has its own housing, on the drivers side of the engine block and its really hard to get to .

To remove the upper housing, you need to remove the upper intake manifold , disconnect the heater hose at the back and remove the screw from the support bracket. The upper radiator support needs to come off so you can slide the long tube out from under the intake.

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