Monday, December 12, 2011

F150 engine cooling problem?

'97 Ford V6 4.2 F150, closed cooling system.

Began over heating, changed thermostat. still over heating...found and cleaned *strained bird* on the radiator. still overheating, changed water pump. Still over heating.

unsure if a hose is collapsing. have yet to flush motor and radiator.

What gives? is there air in this system, and how does one remove it? is there a bleeder valve?

Thank you in advance!F150 engine cooling problem?
When do you notice it overheating?It is during anytime?During idle?If you want to bleed the system most vechicles have a bleeder screw right on top of the thermostat housing.Just start the truck up,open the vavle untill you have antifreeze coming out.If there is no bleeder than you will have to open the radiator cap and let the car warm up to operating temp and keep an eye on the fluid level it might need to be topped off once it burps out the air in the system.GLF150 engine cooling problem?
Are you losing coolant? You might have a blown head gasket.

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