Monday, December 12, 2011

98' Oldsmobile Cutless Thermostat Help?

I'm not very good with cars, so if anyone could give me step-by-step instructions of how to change the thermostat on this car it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.98' Oldsmobile Cutless Thermostat Help?
Make sure to buy a new gasket or O ring and make sure the thermostat is the right one for your car. Also, make positively sure you know how to insert the new thermostat so it's not backwards. It's labeled for the direction of coolant flow. Remember how the old thermostat was installed.' Oldsmobile Cutless Thermostat Help?
Easy. Go to the auto parts store in your town and get an 8 dollar chilton's repair manual for your car. It has many repairs in everyday language and lots of photos.
its easy to change rember to geta gasket or O ring, have the spring on the thermostat facing outward and MOST of all when you tighting it up trun it a few times on one side then the other other wise it will break were the hose connects to... any questions e-mail me at yahoo
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