Monday, December 12, 2011

Can you change the thermostat on an electric water heater without turning the breaker off?

Also, if not, how can you tell that the electric to the water heater is off? I am not sure which breaker goes to what.Can you change the thermostat on an electric water heater without turning the breaker off?
If you mean by CHANGE the thermostat, that you want to replace the entire thermostat with a new one, then NO. If you mean can you change the temp. on a water heater thermostat without shutting off the breaker, YES you can. However, most newer heaters have a non-adjustable, factory set top thermo, so the only one you could change would be the bottom one. If you're changing the entire thermostat, look for double breakers of at least 30 amps in the box. There shouldn't be that many of them, shut them all off. Most generally, the only four appliances in a home that would run on 220 volts would be an electric range, which would require a 50 amp double breaker, or a dryer, the water heater, or a water pump. It shouldn't be terribly inconvenient to have all of these shut down for the 10 - 15 min.'s it takes to change out the thermostats. When you're done, just turn them all back on.Can you change the thermostat on an electric water heater without turning the breaker off?
you can if you like to get electrocuted. ALWAYS turn the power off when changing anything on a water heater
never do anything to electrical equipment or appliances without first disconnecting the power supply. failure to follow this instruction may result in injury or death!!!
You should not need to ajust your temp, however, if you must never put above 125 on the dial, now with the cover off and flashlite in hand kill the main breaker and the whole house is dark no power to anything flat screwdriver for the ajusting screw. Turn power on main back on after done. To find out which breaker is which, turn off all and one at a time look and listen for power in house. To be sure you find which is water heater, after you turn off all switches drain hot water, if your pump needs to run you will have to find that breaker first. When heater is full of cold and you turn one at a time on then listen for hissing heater boiling sound may be heard also.
Get a 12 year old an a power drill and have him or her run to every plug in the house and start flickin 4 hours later you should be done with the plugs next do the same with the oven and dryer and keep goin till they are all done good luck
Yes, you can. There is probably a plastic shield over the whole thing that must be moved and there may be insulation between the cover and the terminals and thermostat. You might want to use rubber gloves which will insulate your hands from the electricity.

The breaker will most likely be a double. Turn all double-handled breakers off if you wish.

If the water temperature seems to have reduced lately or you don't have enough hot water, it may be that one of the heating units is no longer working.
You can, but it's dangerous. You can buy small 110 testers that will tell you if the powers on. It sounds as if you should take a basic couse first. It could save you both a shock and burning out equipment.
I wouldn't.

you get a voltage tester to test for power.
Call an Electrician.
Yes you just turn the thermostat knob slightly to the left..
If you don't know what you are doing call an electrician, messing around with electricity is very dangerous
Safely no. If you have some experience using an volt meter to check if you have power to the electric water heater, you can verify that your power is off. use a volt meter first, and verify your power is off before proceeding.
You need a voltage meter to check it to be safe.

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