Monday, December 12, 2011

Changed the what?

I just bought a used car and am wondering what I can do to warm it up. MI is cold in the winter (right now it's 6 degrees). We replaced the thermostat yesterday, but it didn't change very much. My dad said there may be a leak in the radiator because there was some steam-very little-coming out. Is there anything I can do to make it work properly? Eventually it did get warmer and the gauge went up, but how long should it take? Can this be repaired without going broke?Changed the what?
Believe it or not, some auto's are built for the area they are sold in.

Where is the auto from?

First, where was the steam coming from? If the housing of the thermostat was not seated properly, the gasket may be leaking.

Or it could be as simple as tightening a hose clamp.

Try it.

Radiator leaks are pretty easy to spot. If you don't see water coming out once the auto's been warm and you've turned the car off, there probably isn't a leak there.

Keep an eye on your overflow reservoir.

As for the thermostat, when the car is cool. Remove the radiator cap, crank the auto, turn the heater and fan on high. Watch to see if the water is circulating. It may take a few moments

(5-10 minutes) if or when the water starts moving the thermostat is working properly. You're OK there.

Another thought. Is it the original radiator? Sometimes if the radiator is larger than the engines requirements, it seems to take forever for the auto to become warm. If the radiator is to big, warm is all you'll get.

Try allowing the car to warm up before you actually plan to drive.

10-15 minutes should do the trick.

Unless you need to change the radiator, I see little or no cost here. Just patients.

I hope this helps you.Changed the what?
Um see a mechanic and keep blankets and coats in your car
Hi, the first thing that comes to mind is to use commercially available radiator sealant. This is inexpensive and can get the radiator sealed until more permanent repairs can be made. It will last quite a while in some cases depending on how serious the leak is. It's basically a liquid that you add to the radiator. You have to follow the directions very closely as it only works when the water in the radiator is at a certain temperature.

You should not use this product more than once as it can, in the long run, cause the radiator to not be as efficient (especially in summer).

The leak could be in a hose and the repair could be as simple as tightening the hose connectors or replacing the hoses. If the radiator itself is leaking, then the best solution is to replace the radiator. There are some shops that can repair leaking radiators but sometimes simply replacing the radiator is not much different in price than repairing it (but this depends on the shop you go to).
Replace the radiaditor cap and make sure it a pressure cap.. If you have a drop light you can throw it under the vehicle engine at night to keep some warmth on it. Bout a 10 minute warm up without some kind of heat.If you find out the radiator has a leak get some stop leak and add it to your radiator until you can replace it. And solid antifreeze. Im a diesel mechanic for the government.
Your coolant level could be a little bit too low add some antifreeze to it. Low coolant level will starve the heater core especially at an idle.
A properly working cooling system should keep the car warm when in operation. I would have the cooling system checked out by a reliable mechanic or garage.

I would not put any sealer in the raditator. I have replaced to many radiators, and heater cores from people that have.
make sure coolant level is ok and watch for leak if everything ok then get yourself a piece of cardboard and put in fr5ont of grill that will warm your car quicker and keep it running warmer but keep an eye on temp guage if it it gets too hot take out cardboard
If there is a little steam coming out that means that the coolant is heating up just fine. Does the heater blower work ok? That blows air through a real small radiator called the heater core. There are two small radiator hoses that go into the firewall under the hood on the passenger side and from there to the heater core. They are about an inch thick. When the car does warm up feel those two hoses. They should be hot. If not it means that the coolant is not circulating through the heater core properly. If the radiator is leaking you really need to have it repaired. Putting any kind of sealant into the radiator is not a good idea.
If the engine is not getting warm enough for you pay close attention to the degree thermostat you have installed. The higher the degree thermostat, such as a 195 degree, the warmer the engine will stay, allowing better heat. As far as a radiator leak, this would not cause the engine to run colder. If the radiator was leaking, this would allow the coolant to leave the system, and the engine to eventually overheat. In the cold, such as 6 degrees, if the car is outside, it will take a good 15 minutes for the engine to start warming up. I would say in 15-25 minutes from a cold start the engine should be a noraml operating tempature.
Try replacing the temprature switch, and also sometimes there is an aditional thermostat somewhere on the side of the radiator.

Make sure your fan hasn,t been wired to come on constant.
Could be a lot of things. Does it heat up when sitting but not heat up when driving? This is a common problem on older cars when it is VERY cold out. Cold air flowing over the radiator when driving (think 6 degrees with a 55MPH wind) can keep it from heating up properly. What type of car is it? You could also have a blocked/cracked radiator or heater core. Have the radiator pressure tested. Many reputable shops will do this for free or a small fee. Have the coolant tested while you are there.

I let my car warm up for 10-15 minutes before driving it if it is really cold. This not only helps with the heat but allows the oil to ';thin'; a little before straining the engine.
Check your heater valve, it is in-line with your heater hoses under the hood, make sure the vacuum line is hooked upto it and the valve moves, isn't frozen.
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