Monday, December 12, 2011

1984 Toyota... No heat into cab.?

Flushed Radiator, Burped system, Changed thermostat, changed hoses. Back Flushed heater core. Heater control switch on firewall opens/closes. Hoses coming into/out of heater core are hot. Yet I get very little heat if any. Radiator is full, all air is our of system.

How should the flow in the radiator be with the thermostat open?

Just asking for other places to look, -15F here tonight and I have 140mile drive to go :(1984 Toyota... No heat into cab.?
check the inside control unit it sounds like its not opening up all the blend doors the right way and that will stop you from getting good warm heat,that one should have a real good heater in it with all you have done to it,it has to be a blend door not working right,that will cause it not to give off good heat,you may have a cable or a hose gone bad that helps control all of this,i did own one of those a few years ago and it had a real good heater in it,good luck with it.1984 Toyota... No heat into cab.?
something is blocking the air tube that takes the hot air from the heater coil and blows it thru the car/truck, it could be full ov anything from paper to leafs, you will have to take it apart
If your front window fogs up when you turn the heater on, its your heater core those are real fun to replace,whether it fogs or not it sounds like the core .good luck
just a ?

is the blower working?

cause if its not coming on then it could be the blower motor, the switch, fuses, or wiring.

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