Monday, December 12, 2011

Help! Antifreeze going somewhere?

My antifreeze is disappearing. I don't see any visible leaks anywhere. The car heater hasnt been heating right but havent got to changing thermostat. Was told it might be the head gasket. how do i know? There was a smell of antifreeze today after shutting the car off from outside.. Help! Antifreeze going somewhere?
Check your coolant overflow bottle. It may be leaking. That would explain your antifreeze ';disappearing';. When the engine heats up to normal, coolant expands and is vented into the overflow tank. It is the drawn back into the radiator when the engine cools. However, if the tank is leaking, it won't be there when the engine cools, and the system will allow air to be drawn into the radiator. The smell of antifreeze could be from even a very small leak in the tank, draining onto the suspension members of the car, and maybe not even reaching the ground. Hope this helps.Help! Antifreeze going somewhere?
It sound like you got a blown head gaskit.If it is not going into the oil it could be blowing out your can let go different ways either your oil goes into the radiater or the water goes into the block or out the exhaust,either that you got a leak but if you are not leaving puddles were you park most likely its the headgaskit.good luck
It could be head gasket but to know for sure check to see if there is any oil in the coolant reservoir. More like it is a coolant hose with a pinhole leek or a poorly fitted joint at a coolant hose fitting. Check to see if the fittings are tight and if there is any sign of leakage at those joints.
I think that the head gasket is the problem. Check the oil to see if you

can smell antifreeze in it. if so, it is a head gasket. Your coolant and the oil mixes.

From past experience.
Have a shop pressure test the system and do a block test. We charge 20 bucks for this and it will pinpoint your problem(s).

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